Friday, December 30, 2016

Virginia Tech bowl game recap, tribute to Keion Carpenter (59/67/39)

This is a follow-up post to the Keion Carpenter post. Carpenter went to Virginia Tech before he went into the NFL and they played in a bowl game today. The game seemingly was a tribute to him. Virginia Tech won it 24-35, they won after trailing 24 to 0. They scored 35 unanswered to beat the Razorbacks and put them at 7-6 at seasons' end like I said could happen.

Also want to point out how their 18th ranking at the time of Carpenter's death connects in gematria:

A lot lined up with the bowl game and carpenter's death in the info above.

Now for the game a few things stand out:

The game summed to 59 points, Carpenter died 59 days after his birthday.

Also the razorbacks scored 24 points:

167 is the 39th prime number, Carpenter died 39 days before the Super Bowl at 'NRG'=39

This just shows how college is scripted also, not on the same level as the NFL, but to a certain extent. I'm guessing coaches/refs and maybe a QB is all they would need for it to be controlled, less moving parts than the NFL.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Former Falcons, Bills safety Keion Carpenter dead at 39 (59/131/39)

Former Falcons and Bills safety Keion Carpenter has died at the age of 39.

He is dead 59 days after his birthday, a number coded across black celebrities throughout history.

It is also 8 weeks and 3 days after his birthday (Football=83)

59 also connects to 'Kill'

He died on 12/29/2016:

12/29/16 = 12+29+16 = 57 (Fifty Seven=131, Super Bowl=131, Championship=131, he has a birthday of 10/31)

They're saying he died due to a 'Freak Accident' which connects perfectly to this month and his name.

He died in a 'Miami' hospital, remember he also played for the bills during his career.

His last birthday is 97 days before the upcoming Super Bowl, this is the 97th NFL season. 97 is the 25th prime, why the Super Bowl is on 2/5, he played for the Falcons.

In the article they make sure to mention he was 205 lbs when he entered the league like the SB date.

Also note he has a 10/31 birthday, 131 is the championship number.

Including end date it is a span of 14 weeks, 'Fourteen'=41 R (Super Bowl=41 R)

Carpenter had 14 interceptions in his career, connecting back to 41, also he played in 83 career games (Football=83)

He started 61 games ('Thirty Nine'=61 R)

He is dead at the age of 39 years old, this year's Super Bowl is all about 39:

The Super Bowl stadium also broke ground on 3/9/2000.

He started 39 games with the falcons in his career out of 46 (Carpenter=46 R, Sacrifice=46 R)

From his death date to the Super Bowl is also 38/39 days.

'Death'=38 and he is dead 38 days before the Super Bowl.

Including end date it is a span of 39 days, NRG=39, dead at the age of 39.

If the falcons do make it to the Super Bowl this death will be the reason why, with that being said I don't see the falcons making the Super Bowl.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Debbie Reynolds dead at 84, possible Super Bowl sacrifice (67/112/39)

Debbie Reynolds has "died" a day after her daughter Carrie Fisher "died". Most will say due to heartbreak of her daughter's passing led to this, but both of them likely wanted to escape celebrity and go off and live the rest of their lives normally.

She is dead at 84, 'United States of America'=84, 'Jesuit'=84

I also believe she is a sacrifice for the upcoming Super Bowl in Houston, Texas  due to her birthplace and her name gematria. We'll get to that though.

Her name = 67 in gematria, remember her daughter Carrie Fisher just died 67 days after her birthday. (Blood Sacrifice=67 R)

She is from "El Paso, Texas":

137 is the 33rd prime number.
Death=38, she's now dead and is from a place with 38 gematria.

She is dead 3 months 4 days before her next birthday, her name connects back to 34

139 is the 34th prime number, also she is dead at 84, 'Eighty Four'=134 O

Now for the possible Super Bowl connections:

She was born in 1932, 19+32=51, Super Bowl 51 coming up soon.

4/1/1932 = 56 (Dead on day with 56 numerology, 12+28+16=56)
4/1/1932 = 20
4/1/1932 = 37

She is from Texas where the Super Bowl is being played.

They're saying it likely was a 'Stroke' which led to this, 'Stroke'=25 R like the Super Bowl date.

She is born on 4/1 a lot like 41 (Super Bowl=41)

4/1 is also the 91st day of the year, her full name = 91

Her last name and birth place connects to Houston:

She has the same gematria as Houston where the Super Bowl is being hosted and the way you would write El Paso, Texas on an envelope and how google has it, it also = 112.

FYI I don't really think the falcons will make it to the Super Bowl, just showing a connection. I think with some of these teams, the connections are weak and they're meant to serve as a team the eventual winner of the conference is meant to play as part of the ritual.

Her death comes 39/40 days before the Super Bowl.

"NRG"=39 this is Super Bowl LI, L=3, I=9 (New York=39)

Including end date it is 40 days (Reynolds=40 R)

Or it is 5 weeks 5 days (December=55, Santa=55)

From the Super Bowl on 2/5 to her upcoming birthday on 4/1 is 55 days, or 1 month 27 days

Debbie Reynolds whether she faked her death or not was likely a ritual sacrifice for the upcoming Super Bowl.

UFC 207: Dominick Cruz vs Cody Garbrandt (133/146/83/51)

Dominick Cruz will be fighting Cody Garbrandt for the Bantamweight title belt at UFC 207.

"Dominick Rojelio Cruz"=230 O

The fight will be on 12/30/2016

12/30/2016 = 78 (Dominick=78)
12/30/2016 = 51 (Bantamweight=51)
12/30/2016 = 15 (Cruz is ranked #1 and Garbrandt is #5 in the rankings)
12/30/2016 = 58

Cruz is 22-1
Garbrandt is 10-0 (Ten=39, Cruz has a 3/9 birthday)

Cruz will either become 23-1 or 22-2 (This will be his "twenty fourth" fight)

Cruz's initials are DC which breaks down to 4 and 3 (Las Vegas, Nevada=43 R)

167 is the 39th prime, Cruz is born on 3/9

He could get loss #2 or his 23rd win on a date with 58 numerology: 

"Twenty Three"=55 which is a fitting number this month:

Garbrandt will either become 11-0 or 10-1

Garbrandt's initials are CG which breaks down to 3 and 7 (December=37 R)

Cody Garbrandt is from Ohio and this fight is in Nevada:

Cruz is on a 13 fight winning streak, "End"=14 ("Dominick Rojelio Cruz"=104 R)

Cruz could win his 14th fight in a row on 12/30 with a date numerology of 51:

Garbrandt's nickname is "No Love"

Bantamweight = 123 like the date of 12/30, date numerology of 51 (Bantamweight=51 R)

Bantamweight also lines up in Jewish gematria:

Garbrandt is fighting 132 days after his last fight:

It's 132 days or a span of 133 days:

It is 4 months 10 days or a full span of 4 months 11 days (Assassin=411 Jewish gematria) (Tickets went on sale 11/4, which is 411's reflection)

Additional Notes:

UFC has the trailer "Bragging rights" out which connects to both fighters:
Also notice the time stamp, it's really 1:46, youtube adds a second to every video when you click it it becomes 1:46.

UFC also has this one out for Cruz with a time stamp of 11:01/11:00 (Garbrandt can beat him and become 11-0)

Garbrandt is also fighting 133 days after his last fight.

Does Garbrandt get the knockout and improve to 11-0
Or does Cruz get a decision win, 12/30/2016 = 78 (Dominick=78).

There's a lot in favor of both fighters. Garbrandt is the more powerful puncher, but Cruz has the speed that can dance around punches. Garbrandt will win if it ends inside five rounds, but if it goes a full five rounds Cruz will avoid punches and get the decision.