Thursday, October 19, 2017

Chiefs @ Raiders preview: (25/52/88)

Chiefs @ Raiders

Date Numerologies:

10+19+20+17=66 (Carr=66 Francis Bacon gematria)
10+19+2+0+1+7=39 (Alex Smith=39)
10+19+17=46 (The Raiders can get all-time loss #406 on a day with 46 numerology.)

The Chiefs could fall to 5-2 or the Raiders could become 2-5.

The game is in California:

The Chiefs lead the series 60-51-2 or 62-52-2 including playoffs:

The Chiefs could win and get their 61st series win and improve to 6-1 or lose and get their 52nd loss and become 5-2.

From this game to their next match-up is 52 days.

Alex Smith can get regular season loss #58 in Oakland=58 tonight.

Alex Smith can lose this week and get his 87th win next week on Monday Night Football=87

Jack Del Rio can stay on 88 regular season losses in California=88, Jack Del Rio=88

He can also pick-up his 22nd win with Oakland in Oakland=22

Andy Reid already has 22 losses with KC so he could stay on that total.

Their last game was a sum of 34 points, the Raiders can improve to 3-4 tonight:

I didn't have time to finish this post so it's not as conclusive as they usually are, but I like the Raiders also. I can't see the Raiders dropping 5 in a row. Plus If KC loses, it makes the home field advantage race a bit tighter, which is what the league wants.


Check out Zach's post on the game here:

And Piotr's decode on the game:

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Celtics-Cavaliers preview: (117/125/79/168)

Going to take a crack at an NBA decode since it's opening night.

NBA=17, starting on the 17th.

The Celtics are in Ohio to face the Cavaliers.

Date Numerologies:


Today connects to Ohio in a couple ways.

The season is starting on 10/17. a lot like 117

The game is on the 290th day of the year:


It also leaves 75 days left in the year, Cleveland Ohio=750, Kyrie Irving=75

The series is 124-78 in favor of the Celtics all time.

Tyronn Lue=144, the Celtics could win and get all-time win #144 against the Cavaliers.

The Celtics could get #125 in Cleveland:

And the Cavaliers could stay on 78 in Cleveland:

Tyronn Lue also has 78 career wins, so he could stay on that total.

If the Cavs won it would be win #79 against Irving=79

79 is the 22nd prime:

Cleveland Cavaliers=220 Francis Bacon gematria

Tyronn Lue is coaching 168 days after his birthday:

Cleveland Cavaliers=168

If you don't include the end date it is 167 days and Brad Stevens is going for his 167th win:

167 is the 39th prime, Brad Stevens=39

This game is a tough one to call since the date connects to Ohio, but there is some numbers that point to a Celtics upset. I'm leaning Celtics especially if Lebron isn't going to play because of his injury. They do like to screw the home fans, also won't be surprised if Kyrie has a big game in his first game back.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Colts @ Titans Preview: (34/54/14)

Colts @ Titans

Date Numerologies:

1+0+1+6+2+0+1+7=18 (Mariota could stay on 18 losses) (Brissett=1008 Sumerian) (Tennessee Titans=1080 English gematria)
10+16+17=43 (Brissett could become 4-3 with a win) (Titans could win 430th all-time game)

The Colts lead the series 31-13 in the regular season, 31-14 all-time

This will be the 45th regular season game between the two, Thirteen=45, Titans could stay on 13 wins and Mariota could stay on 13 career wins.

The Colts can stay on 31 wins with Brissett=31 or get #32 against Mariota=32

Brissett is 3-3 coming into the game on MNF:

Game is on the 16th, Sixteen=33

Either the colts or the titans will win and become 3-3.

Indianapolis=333 Jewish gematria

If Brissett loses he would become 3-4

Game is 34 days before Mularkey's birthday.

Chuck Pagano has 34 losses and could stay on that total and pick-up win #52 against Tennessee=520 English gematria

Pagano has 37 losses overall and could pick up #38 in Tennessee=380 Jewish gematria

Pagano has 54 total wins and could stay on that total against the

Tennessee Titans=54
Mike Mularkey=54
The colts have 504 all-time wins coming into this game.

The game is 14 days before Mariota's birthday and he could pick up his 14th win.
Mularkey is looking for his 14th win coaching the titans.
The game is also 14 days after Pagano's birthday.
The titans could pick up their 14th win against the colts in the regular season.

October 16th leaves 76 days left in the year, Brissett=706 English gematria

I'm taking the titans in this one, due to the 14/34/54 connections.


Saturday, October 14, 2017

NFL Week 6 Previews: (35/33/112)

Packers @ Vikings

10+15+20+17=62 McCarthy has 62 losses, could stay on that total)
10+15+17=42 (Keenum=420 English gematria)
10+15=25 (Zimmer can get loss #25)

The Packers lead the all-time series 59-50-2, (60-51-2 including playoffs).

This will be the 112th all-time game regular season game, Rodgers=112, Francis Bacon gematria.

Rodgers is looking for win #95 in the regular season, Keenum=95 Francis Bacon gematria.
Rodgers can stay on 37 road losses with a win, Vikings=37 or lose and get #38 in Minnesota=38

October 15th leaves 77 days left in the year, Green Bay=77

Keenum is 6-8 at home, if he loses he would be 6-9, Keenum=69, Green Bay Packers=69

I'm taking the Packers against Keenum. Might be a close game, but I think the Packers should get the job done.


Patriots @ Jets

10+15+20+17=62 (Belichick=62)
10+15+2+0+1+7=35 (Tom Brady=35) (Bowles birthday 35 days after game)
10+15+17=42 (Patriots or Jets can improve to 4-2) (Josh McCown=42)
10+15=25 (Belichick going for his 205th win with the Patriots)

Josh McCown will get loss #45 against New England=45, Thomas Brady=45

The Patriots can get their 480th regular season win against the New York Jets=48

The Series is 59-53 in favor of the Patriots (60-54 including playoffs) If jets win they get #54 Jets=54 or if Pats win they get #61 overall, Bill Belichick=61

Nothing points to an upset for the Jets in this game, the Pats will win and have a chance to become 5-2 next week against the Falcons who they had the 25 point comeback against (25 is 52 reversed)


Browns @ Texans

10+15+2+0+1+7=35 (Hue Jackson=35)
1+0+1+5+2+0+1+7=17 (Hue Jackson=107)
10+15=25 (O'Brien can get his 25th loss in the regular season)
Bill O'Brien=115 Francis Bacon gematria like 10/15

The Texans lead the series 5-3 if they win they can take a 6-3 lead in the series:

Bill O'Brien=63

Kevin Hogan will be the Browns 28th different starting QB since 1999, Browns=28

The Texans can pick up their 112th all-time win at home in Houston=112 and stay on 137 regular season losses, 137 is 33rd prime, Cleveland=33

The Texans are in their 16th season, sixteen=33

Texans can start 3-3 against Cleveland=33 the Browns aren't starting Kizer=33 this game which is a bit concerning since he fits the narrative a bit better.

Watson is playing 31 days after his birthday, Houston=31, O'Brien is looking for his 31st win overall

Texans should get the win against the Browns at home.


Dolphins @ Falcons

10+15+2+0+1+7=35 (Quinn's birthday 35 days before game)
10+15+17=42 (Falcons=420 Sumerian)
10+15=25 (Falcons=25) (Cutler=25) (Dolphins=97, 97 is 25th prime)

Jay Cutler=115 like the date 10/15.

The series is in favor of the Dolphins 8-4

This will be the 13th game in the series, thirteen=45/99, Miami=45, Quinn=450 Sumerian, Miami=99 English gematria.

If the Dolphins win it'll be 9-4, Dan Quinn=94

If the Falcons win it'll be 8-5, National Football League=85, Ryan=58, Gase=58 Francis Bacon gematria. Matt Ryan also has 58 regular season losses and could stay on that total.

Ryan could pick up his 27th home loss against Miami=27

Jay Cutler could get his 75th all-time loss against Quinn=75 and stay on 70 wins in the regular season against the Falcons=70

Cutler could pick up his 33rd road win on the 33rd parallel.
Week Six=33

Gase is 12-9 including playoffs, if he wins he would be 13-9, Adam Gase=139 Jewish gematria, Atlanta Falcons=139

There is coding for a Dolphins upset but I can't in good conscience pick them with Cutler and the Falcons coming off a loss already. Plus I would think the league will want both the Patriots and the Falcons coming off wins for their primetime game next week.


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Ezekiel Elliott's suspension reinstated: (211/52/83/43/151)

Ezekiel Elliott's suspension has been reinstated today.

Today is 10/12:

211 is 112 reversed.

He will end up serving the six game suspension in the year of Super Bowl 52:

This news is also coming during week six of the NFL season.

Today is 83 days after Elliott's birthday:

'Suspension' and 'Dallas Cowboys' match up in both base ciphers:

Monday, October 9, 2017

Vikings @ Bears MNF Preview: (33/46/37/13)

I wasn't going to decode this game, but a lot stands out with it.

Bradford is coming back from an injury (likely faked when you see his record) and the bears are starting their franchise QB in Trubisky so it won't surprise me if he shines tonight in his debut.

Bradford is 33-45 in the NFL:

He may stay on 45 losses against the Bears=45 and Fox=45

Or Sam=33 could stay on 33 wins on MNF=33

And pick up his 46th loss in Chicago

Mitch Trubisky can bring the Bears and Vikings to 2-3 with a win at age 23:

John Fox is going into his 37th game coaching Chicago=37 against the Vikings=37

Fox has 137 total wins including playoffs, he could stay on that total because 137 is the 33rd prime, MNF=33

Fox is going for his 130th win in the regular season against Bradford=41, the 13th prime, and 91 is the 13th triangular, Chicago=91 English gematria, Chicago Bears=91, Vikings=91, today is 10/9.

The Vikings will either improve to 10-0 against #10 Trubisky or drop to 9-1 on Leif Erikson day:


Fox has 10 wins with the bears and could stay on 10 with #10 Trubisky starting or Trubisky can start 1-0.

Zimmer is on 28 wins going against Fox who has a 2/8 birthday.

Today is 10/9 a lot like 19, 19 is the 8th prime, Bradford wears #8
109 is the 29th prime, Zimmer is looking for his 29th win.

I'm picking the bears since they have the better coding, but the game will ultimately depend on if the league wants Trubisky to be a decent QB in the NFL or not.


ESPN uses Jemele Hill to further race war agenda: (91/74/60/33)

Jemele Hill has been saying controversial things on Twitter for months now, so why did they wait til today to suspend her?

Today is 10/9:

Today is 74 days before her birthday:

She's been suspended for two weeks which means she'll be back on the 23rd which is 60 days before her birthday, the number coded across black celebrities:


Jemele Hill has the right birthday for someone furthering the race war agenda:

Hill=41, making news while 41 years old


Their reasoning for her suspension is for her failing to meet their Social Media guidelines: