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Super Bowl score predictions + Super Bowl updates thread: (24/35/45)

I expect 24 to be the main theme today, Nick Foles can stay on 24 wins all-time on 2/4, he may throw a pick on his 24th pass or the Patriots/Eagles will have 24 points in the game.

Just like how 21 was the theme against the Seahawks when Russell Wilson threw the interception on his 21st pass attempt to #21 Malcolm Butler on 2nd and 1 with 21 seconds left in the game on the date 2/1.

25 was the theme last year against the Falcons=25 who blew the 25 point lead on the date 2/5.

Some scores I think could happen are:

35-24 Patriots (Tom Brady=35, Patriots going for their 35th playoff win, today is the 35th day of the year, date is 2/4, Belichick is 24,035 days old today)
24-21 Patriots (The exact same score as their Super Bowl 13 years ago. Thirteen=45, 45 total points)
38-24 Patriots (Minnesota=38, US Bank Stadium=38, would be 62 combined points with Brady becoming 6-2 in Super Bowls)

And for an out there score 46-26 Patriots (Patriots=46, Flag=26, AFC going for 26th Super Bowl win, would be 72 combined points, Brady could be 7-2 if he wins next year's Super Bowl also.

Midway through the 2nd quarter the Eagles are up 15-6, remember the game started 3-3.

Thirty Three=156

The field goal by New England to make it 15-6 was a 45 yarder, New England=45.
Thirteen=45, this is the rematch of the Super Bowl from 13 years ago that ended 24-21 for a sum of 45 points.

Alshon Jeffery of the Eagles just made me lmao. No reason to bat that ball back inbounds, catch it or let it hit the ground.

After this the Patriots got a defensive penalty to extend the drive and they got a TD to make it 15-12 after another missed extra point.

The Eagles went for it on fourth down and Foles caught the touchdown to make it 22-12

Eagles=22, playing against #12 Tom=12

Quick touchdown for the Patriots to start the half:

The Patriots had a repeat of how they fucked the other Pennsylvania team (The Steelers) at the start of the 2nd half. 3 or 4 straight passes to Gronkowski with him being wide open and got the touchdown.

41 total points.

The halftime show included a prince projection/hologram and Prince performed the halftime show for Super Bowl 41.
Super Bowl=41
Gostkowski=41 and he kicked the extra point to make it 41 total points.

The Eagles and Patriots traded touchdowns to make it 29-26

55 total points in Minneapolis=55
Flag=26, AFC going for 26th Super Bowl.

The Eagles added a field goal to make it 32-26

58 total points, Patriots in 58th season.

The Patriots have taken their first lead of the game with a touchdown to make it 33-32

65 total points, Philadelphia=65

33 points for the Patriots, the game started out 3-3.

This should echo something I've been saying, reverse gematria isn't as relevant, Minneapolis=62 and it didn't mean jack in terms of the outcome.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Greg Monroe signs with Celtics: (22/85/35/33)

The Celtics have signed Greg Monroe today on 2/2 which is a huge Boston and Basketball number:

Monroe and the Celtics connect through 35:

The Patriots are playing in the Super Bowl in a couple days, they're playing on the 35th day going for their 35th all-time playoff win with Tom Brady=35

Today is a fitting day for a Massachusetts team to make a key signing because it's the 33rd day of the year:

If the Celtics make it out of the Eastern Conference, remember this signing.

February Second=156

If you want to see why Jayson Tatum was drafted by the Celtics and why he's had a good rookie season read this old post of mine from June:

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Super Bowl Decode and Discussion Thread: (65/98/131/223/146/62/24/35)

Eagle's Case:

Everyone is seemingly leaving out how Brady could get his 65th loss all-time against Philadelphia=65

Belichick is 65 years old.
Robert Kraft's birthday is 6/5 just like Mike Zimmer who just lost to the Eagles.

Jeffrey Lurie, the Eagles owner, has a 9/8 birthday for the 98th NFL season.
Pink who is singing the National anthem shares the 9/8 birthday.

Doug Pederson's birthday is 1/31 just like Justin Timberlake who's doing the halftime show.

Super Bowl=131

Nicholas Foles=57
Fifty Seven=131

Brady would be stuck on 223 all-time wins if he loses in the Super Bowl which is one of their favorite numbers to use.
Thomas Edward Patrick Brady=2023 Jewish gematria
Philadelphia=223 reverse ordinal

Patriots would be stuck on 523 all-time wins with a loss, 523 is the 99th prime
New England=99
Next year is the 99th NFL season.

*Flag Day is 131 days after the Super Bowl, Super Bowl=131, Championship=131

Meaning the flag is only 240 years old since it's not June 14th yet.
The Super Bowl is on 2/4.

If the Eagles won they would be 8-6 against the Patriots
Meaning the Patriots would've won 6 of 14 against the Eagles.

The Flag and Trump's birthday is 6/14
N=14, F=6
Nick Foles=146 Francis Bacon
Pennsylvania=1406 Jewish gematria, where the flag was sown.
Thomas Edward Patrick Brady=146 reverse reduction

Brady would be 5-3 in Super Bowls with a loss,  he's playing the team from Pennsylvania=53
Patriots=53 reverse reduction

Patriots would be 34-20 in the playoffs with a loss, Foles=342 Sumerian.

Patriot's Case:

Brady is trying to become 6-2 in Super Bowls
Super Bowl LII=62
Doug Pederson=62
Pennsylvania=62 S-exception
Minneapolis=62 reverse reduction
Gene Steratore=62 is reffing the game.

Last year the Patriots won the Super Bowl 34-28, a sum of 62 points.
Brady threw 62 passes in the game.

Belichick's boat gets updated every time he wins a ring, he'd have 8 Super Bowl rings with a win this year (6 with Patriots, 2 with Giants)

He would update it to VIII Rings=62

Earlier in the year Belichick wore a shirt on 11/27/2017 that says "VI Rings"

I didn't think much of it at the time because it's an old shirt since Belichick has 7 rings already including the ones as an assistant coach, but he is going for his 6th ring (VI=6) as a head coach.

VI Rings a lot like Vikings, the team who plays in the Super Bowl stadium.
VI Rings=98
Tom Brady=98
Patriots=98 reverse ordinal
New England Patriots=98 reverse reduction
It's the 98th season of the NFL.

He can get #6 on 2/4, 2+4=6
Six=52, this is Super Bowl 52

If Pats win then Brady gets win #224 on 2/4:
Two Hundred Twenty Four=101

Belichick will be 24,035 days old on the Super Bowl:

Date will be 2/4
Tom Brady=35
Patriots going for 35th all-time playoff win.
The Super Bowl is on the 35th day of the year.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=305 Francis Bacon
Game is 350 days before Foles next birthday.

It would be back to back Super Bowl wins for the Patriots:

Back to Back=24
Game is on 2/4

Nick Foles can stay on 24 wins on 2/4, Foles=24 reverse reduction
And get loss #19
Flag=19 reverse reduction
Patriots can stay on 19 playoff losses.

To add to the flag narrative their last Super Bowl match-up was on 2/6
AFC going for 26th Super Bowl this year.

Patriots won their final regular season game 26-6, and the Eagles lost their game 0-6.
Patriots going for 6th Super Bowl win and AFC's 26th Super Bowl win.

The WWE Royal Rumble winner was Shinsuke Nakamura, he won in Philadelphia:

Notice his height, 6'2", Brady will be 6-2 in Super Bowls if he wins this year.

Nakamura=26, to go with the Flag=26 narrative

His birthday is 2/24

Tom Brady is going for his 224th all-time win in Super Bowl 52 on 2/4.
Bill Belichick is going for his 242nd win with the Patriots, 2/24 can also be written as 24/2.


The abbreviations at the top of the screen are going to say NE PHI all game which is perfect for Super Bowl 52:

To highlight the Eagles have a lot of syncs to be in this Super Bowl, but it's likely they're in it to lose against the Patriots again.

The most important things are the 65/24/35/62/146 connections.
Foles staying on 24 wins on 2/4 seems like the big key with this game.

I'm probably not betting on this Super Bowl, unless the NFL wants to gift bettors a ton of money two games in a row by having the Patriots be down early again like they were against the Jaguars.

85-90% chance the Patriots win this game, a lot lines up for them and ultimately I can't see the league's star losing to a backup QB in the Super Bowl.


Pat Shurmur and Baker Mayfield connections + Mike Vrabel Super Bowl parallels + Bears coach hired on 1/8/18 (414/12/39/18)

Pat Shurmur was hired as the Giants new head coach:

Shurmur's birthday is 4/14 which is also Baker Mayfield's birthday, and the Giants will likely be drafting a QB this year even if they keep Eli for a few more seasons.

Shumur's last head coaching job was with the Cleveland Browns and think about how Mayfield has been compared to Johnny Manziel in terms of maturity and Manziel was drafted by Cleveland.

Keep in mind the draft is on April 26th which is 12 days after their birthdays and the Giants pick is Round 1 Pick 2

Sooners=102 Francis Bacon

If he went pick #2, Two=58, Baker Mayfield=58

He would be going from the Oklahoma Sooners to the New York Giants:

Mayfield would be a good fit for a New York team, so don't be surprised if the Giants/Jets/Bills draft him.

Shurmur born on a day with 39 numerology:


Mike Vrabel just got the Titans head coaching Job and think about how he caught a touchdown as a linebacker for the Patriots against the Eagles in the Super Bowl and now we have a repeat of that Super Bowl.

Vrabel=39 reverse reduction, he caught a TD in Super Bowl 39

Mike Vrabel=98, gets a head coaching job in the 98th NFL season.

I covered on twitter how 1/8/18 was a good day for the bears to hire their new coach:

Most of the info I don't put on the blog ends up there if it's something small that doesn't warrant a full blog post on it.

If you guys want to follow me on Twitter here's the link:

I should have a Super Bowl decode+discussion thread up in a day or so.

Dick Rehbein, QB coach sacrificed for New England Patriots dynasty (86/35/45)

First off I was obviously wrong on the Steelers and Saints, (but my main team was the Steelers, Saints were just a team that matched up well with the Steelers due to 167/39). Earlier on in the year I was liking the Patriots in the AFC, especially with the death of Terry Glenn, but then I saw a lot for the Steelers and changed my pick to them. I should've stuck with my gut instinct. Difference is I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong unlike some others. If you guys want me to make a narrative for every team and then never be wrong I can do that too, let me know 😉 .

Anyway this post kind of fell in my lap when I was looking at Wikipedia about the Patriots 2001 season.

Before the Patriots dynasty began in 2001, their QB coach Dick Rehbein died at age 45 right before the season started.

He died on 8/6:


Dick Rehbein=35 Chaldean

Rehbein died 35 days before the season opener:

He died at age 45, this is the New England number:

Posts are gonna be sporadic, but I do have a few coming up after this one is posted.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Taking a break...

In short, I'm taking a break:

I've been considering this the last few weeks, but I wanted to finish out the NFL regular season before deciding. I've put in the work, wasted my time, been aggravated and in the process seen others do much worse yet seemingly get more praise. There's real snakes in the grass in this community, until they're weeded out I'd rather not come back. Doing this work can make you bitter and I want to take a step back for a while and focus my attention elsewhere. For those criticizing do it yourself, I guarantee you won't hit at a much higher clip. Thanks to everyone who's read the blog the last year and a half. My goal when I started the blog was to share the info I found and build a dialogue and I think I've achieved that.

Also for those asking, my Super Bowl pick is this:

Steelers win the Super Bowl, probably over the Saints.

Roethlisberger can win his 151st game in the Super Bowl and keep Brees on 151 wins if he makes it to the Super Bowl, Pittsburgh Steelers=1051 Jewish gematria

New York sports coaches and why everything in New York connects to 39/111

I've had this post done for a while and didn't want it to go to waste so putting it out before my next post.

Pretty much all New York coaches connect to the number 39.

New York was founded on a date with 39 numerology:


The Yankees new manager Aaron Boone is born on 3/9:

The Bills coach is Sean McDermott:

Look what date McDermott was hired, he was hired on 1/11:

The Giants interim coach (possibly holds onto the job) is Steve Spagnuolo:

The Jets coach is Todd Bowles:

167 is the 39th prime.

The Knicks coach is Jeff Hornacek:

The New York Rangers coach is Alain Vigneault which is just a bullshit name so you know damn well it matches New York perfectly:

The Buffalo Sabres coach is Phil Housley, who shares a birthday with Aaron Boone, another coincidence I'm sure.

The same coding even goes for Soccer teams in New York:

The Red Bulls coach is Jesse Marsch:

Using the S-exception which is relevant because S is the only letter you have to reduce twice to make it a single digit, red bulls equals thirty nine:

Marsch has 39/111 birth numerology also:


New York City FC's coach is Patrick Vieira:

Again 167 is the 39th prime, but if that's not enough for you...

He was hired on 11/9/2015 at age 39 also:

Also another reason for Head Coaches in New York/sports in general being connected to 39:

Again this is not complicated and I'm not using 50 ciphers or connecting it to the first full moon in 1772 to make my point. New York is all about 39, I mean look at all these coaches connected to 39 in New York. The only teams that didn't make the list are the Islanders/Nets/Mets (So 9/12 teams in NY connect to 39 what are the odds of that in a non orchestrated way?)