Saturday, December 24, 2016

The mockery within the NFL (25/112)


Today was mocking day:

12/24/2016 = 12+24+20+16=72 (Mocking=72 O)
12/24/2016 = 12+24+2+0+1+6=45 (Mocking/Mockery=36/45 K-exception)

Look at this bullshit they pulled to mock everyone:

Game summed to 58 points, when Carr beat Luck in high school the score was 31-27 a sum of 58 also.

Unbelievable, both the colts and the vikings scored 25, blatant mockery, Super Bowl is on 2/5.

Houston won on a missed field goal and the score ended up being 10-12 (Houston=112)

I don't give a fuck if I, RFG, Zach, Jeremy, Bobby, Tony were all wrong, these games are fucking scripted by the numbers, let me repeat, BY THE FUCKING NUMBERS.

Also look at the article out today:

They did change the script, I didn't think so before, but now I do. That fat fuck probably got paid a lot to write that article. Also heard from a few people the raiders pregame show mentioned numerology/gematria to pick the colts, way to discredit the work.


  1. They are totally fucking scripted and its obvious once you see it, cant tell that to any of the sheep that think its legitimate though. The vikings packers game was likely the last game I'll willingly watch. Just cant do it anymore

  2. the picks aren't happening now but no way i'm taking this as a loss, all you guys have been great doing the decodes. much thanks man

  3. Without doing any decodes, I have been correct on every NBA and NFL game today (of course, I didn't bet).

    Is it because it is Christmas and the rulers are giving out freebees?

    KC over DEN
    DET over DAL

  4. So we get a video out there that decoded a game to prove NFL scripting...a week later, after already suppressing the view count, the video suddenly gets 5 downvotes out of nowhere, and the NFL even mentions gematria on their pre-game show?

    Holy crap! Talk about changing the reality you live in. I think we just accomplished that. Plenty of proof of influence.

    1. Like RFG said this was a win, just not the one we were looking for. We made them go to a 2nd choice i'm 99% sure of it, which I'm happy about if that's the case, I just wish they would've kept one of the teams in the running. I still have some giants bets active, but not much, I mainly bet parlays with colts/giants colts/vikings. Plus the giants bets I have are mainly to win the SB, I have to assume the pats will win this one if they meet, Brady is 39 the NY number.

    2. All that says to me is that they are promoting it. They want people to know. I bet if anything they are surprised it has taken this long for people to catch on.

    3. I've always wondered this myself, how do they not get bored with getting to run the world with most not noticing, I almost feel like they want it to be more challenging for them to have free reign on everyone. No one is putting up a fight right now, they must want some people to give them a tough time, that's my input on it anyway.

  5. Any case for a Raiders vs Packers Super Bowl as those were the teams the Colts and Vikings were sacrificed to with 25 scores. Raiders with 33 and Packers 13 pt win. The Carr injury was so fake and now noone will bet the Raiders. Gotta look deeper...

  6. Guys I also believe that these games are rigged by the numbers but before really watching carrs injury I thought he was faking also. If you really watch the replay he picks his leg up and you can clearly see it is fucked up. I believe that players like Ben Simmons and teddy ridge water are faking injuries but Derek Carr legitimately broke his leg.

  7. I think these rituals and numbers go deeper than we think. They are the keepers of knowledge and will be one step ahead at this point

  8. I guess but wouldn't he be in instant pain. He was waving them over and then like 5 seconds later hes in unbearable pain. Then they had the team hold up towels so noone could see anything

  9. mariota and carr both break their fibulas on the same day? that alone is suspicious to me...

  10. Just found your blog, cool site will keep an eye on it.

    Yes they changed the script because we exposed too much.

  11. Looks like they "called an audible" - that means like any good defense we were prepared - 85' Bears stylee - We have a lot to be proud of.