Saturday, November 11, 2017

NFL Week 10 Previews: (112/24/31/45/151/73)

Steelers @ Colts

11+12+20+17=60 (Indianapolis=60) (Chuck Pagano=600 Sumerian) (Tomlin could get 60th loss)
11+12+2+0+1+7=33 (Indianapolis=333 Jewish gematria) (Mike Tomlin=303 Jewish gematria)
1+1+1+2+2+0+1+7=15 (Colts=15)

The Steelers lead the series 17-6 (22-6 overall)
If steelers win it will be 18-6, Michael Tomlin=186 Francis Bacon

Steelers can get win #613 against Brissett=112, 613 is the 112th prime number.
Benjamin Roethlisberger=112
On 11/12
Jacoby Brissett's birthday is 12/11, the reverse of the game date.

Colts could improve to 4-6, Pagano=46

Or Roethlisberger can win and stay on 69 overall losses against the colts=69

Not much coding on either side so I'm picking the steelers plus the odds of the colts pulling off two big upsets in back to back weeks are slim to none.


Browns @ Lions

11+12+20+17=60 (Jim Caldwell can win his 60th game)
11+12+2+0+1+7=33 (Cleveland=33) (Kizer=33) (Matt Stafford can win his 33rd home game)

The game is on 11/12, 11 x 12=132, Huey Jackson=132

The Lions lead the series 15-4 (18-5 including playoffs)
This will be the 24th all-time game between the two teams, Lions=24
Hue Jackson can lose his 24th game with the Browns, on November Twelfth=240 Francis Bacon

If the Browns win the series will be 15-5, Detroit Michigan=155

If the Lions win the series will be 16-4, Detroit Lions=164 reverse ordinal, Ford Field=164 reverse ordinal, Michigan=64
And overall it would be 19-5, Matt Stafford=195, Cleveland, Ohio=915 Jewish gematria
Hue Jackson=159 Francis Bacon, Lions=95 Francis Bacon, Kizer=95 Francis Bacon

The Browns could stay on 498 all time losses in Week Ten=498 Sumerian.

Hue Jackson could become 10-31 with a win, Ford Field=131 Francis Bacon

There isn't that much pointing to an upset for the Browns this week (although the Browns have a good chance next week), so I'm picking the Lions plus Detroit has to keep pace with the Vikings.


Packers @ Bears

11+12+2+0+1+7=33 (The Packers logo 'G'=33 Francis Bacon)
1+1+1+2+2+0+1+7=15 (Green Bay Packers=150, Hundley playing 150 days after birthday)

If the Bears win the series will be tied at 94-94-6 in the regular season on the day leaving 49 days left in the year, Mitchell David Trubisky=94, November=94

Bears=45, both teams can be 4-5
Hundley=1097 English gematria, 197 is the 45th prime.

Fox can get his 13th win with the bears, thirteen=45
It's also his 41st game coaching the bears, 41 is the 13th prime.
Chicago is on the 41st parallel, Green Bay=41.

Mike McCarthy can stay on 118 wins at Soldier Field=118
Or John Fox can get loss #118.

McCarthy coaching 3 days after his birthday, Hundley can fall to 0-3.

If Green Bay does win they would be 5-4 Green Bay=540 Jewish gematria.

The only thing that points to a Green Bay win is the 54 connection, everything else points to a bears win, so I'm picking them.


Texans @ Rams

11+12+20+17=60 (Goff=60 Francis Bacon)
11+12+2+0+1+7=33 (Savage=330 Sumerian)
1+1+1+2+2+0+1+7=15 (Rams=15) (Game starts at 1:05 local time)

The game is on 11/12, has the 112 sequence, Houston=112, can stay on 112 wins all-time, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum=112.

Or the Texans could win their 113th game all-time to be symbolic of the 113th world series win over Los Angeles.

The rams lead the series 2-1, with a win they'd lead it 3-1, Houston=31 Tom Savage=31, Sean McVay=31, McVay is 31 years old.
and the Texans would be down 1-3, Tom Savage=103, Sean McVay=103, LA=13

Tom Savage can become 1-4 with a loss and it would be the Texans 140th loss in the regular season.
Tom Savage=140 reverse ordinal, Sean McVay=140 reverse ordinal.
The Texans would also stay on 109 regular season wins in Los Angeles=109 like Eli Manning stayed on 109 wins last week against the Rams.

The rams are looking to improve to 7-2 with Jared Goff=72
Goff's personal record would improve to 7-9, Goff=79 English gematria

O'Brien=36, can become 3-6, Rams=306 Sumerian, 2017 is 306th prime.

Or the rams could become 6-3 against O'Brien=63.

O'Brien is on 30 regular season wins (Game is 30 days after Goff's birthday) and 31 overall, he could get #31 in the regular season with Tom Savage=31, Houston=31, Sean McVay=31, or he could stay on 31 wins overall.

The only major thing that points to a Texans win is that they could become 4-5, Jared Goff=45, LA=13, Sean McVay=103, Tom Savage=103, Thirteen=45

There's a lot of coding on the rams side this week, so I'm picking them.


Patriots @ Broncos

The game is on 11/12, 11 x 12=132, Osweiler=132 Francis Bacon
Broncos=112 Francis Bacon

November 12th leaves 49 days left in the year, Patriots=490 Jewish gematria, "won" Super Bowl 49.

The Broncos lead the series 26-21 (30-22 including playoffs)

This will be the 48th match-up, Denver=408

Osweiler is 26
Denver Broncos=206 Francis Bacon

Brock Osweiler=207 Francis Bacon
Vance Desmond Joseph=270 Francis Bacon
Bill Belichick can stay on 207 wins with the Patriots.
Or he can get his 270th win as a coach (including playoffs)

New England can go 7-2, New England=702 English gematria

If the Pats lose it would be Bill Belichick's 118th loss in the regular season, Vance Joseph=118

New England can get loss #405
New England=45
Thomas Brady=45
Denver can go 4-5
Vance Joseph can go 4-5
Vance Joseph is 45

With a win Osweiler can be 15-10 all-time
Denver Colorado=151
New England=151 Francis Bacon
Tom Brady=150 Francis Bacon
November Twelfth Two Thousand Seventeen=151
Osweiler would be 14-9 in the regular season with a win, Bill Belichick=149 Francis Bacon

Brady can get his 64th loss, Denver Broncos=64

Brady is 7-9 against Denver all-time

He could win and become 8-9, Belichick=89 English gematria

Or lose and become 7-10, Denver Broncos=71 reverse reduction, November Twelfth=71

Brady is 3-4 at Denver in the regular season, 3-7 including playoffs
He could drop to 3-5 in the regular season (Tom Brady=35) and 3-8 all-time (Colorado=3838th state, last game Patriots won 16-3, 163 is the 38th prime)

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.=417 Francis Bacon, Broncos could remain on 417 all-time losses.

I hate picking against Brady, but I am, I'm picking the broncos. This is the riskiest pick of the week especially with Osweiler, but If I'm wrong on a game, I'd rather be wrong on an upset.


Dolphins @ Panthers

11+13+20+17=61 (Cameron Newton=61) (Newton can get his 61st win)
11+13+2+0+1+7=34 (Jay Cutler=34)
1+1+1+3+2+0+1+7=16 (Cam Newton=160 Francis Bacon) (Cameron Newton=160)
11+13+17=41 (Panthers can get 179th regular season win, 179 is the 41st prime) (Newton's birthday is 179 days after the game) (41 is 13th prime, Gase=103 Jewish gematria) (Adam Gase=103 Francis Bacon gematria)

MNF=33, Adam Gase's birthday is 137 days after the game, 137 is the 33rd prime.

The Dolphins lead the series 4-1, they'll either be ahead 5-1 or 4-2 after this game.
Adam Gase=51

November 13th is the 317th day of the year, 317 is the 66th prime, Panthers=606 Sumerian.

Miami can drop to 4-5, Miami=45
Ron Rivera can stay on 45 losses.
Carolina can improve to 7-3 in Carolina=73, Rivera=73

Cutler can stay on 73 wins all-time or Cutler can stay on 75 losses against the Carolina Panthers=75
Cutler can get his 73rd regular season win or his 75th loss against the Carolina Panthers=75

Newton can get his 58th win in the regular season against Gase=58 Francis Bacon and stay on 43 regular season losses, Dolphins=43, Miami Dolphins=430 English gematria.
Newton is also starting his 108th game all-time, Cam Newton=108

Adam Gase is 14-10 in the regular season and can become 14-11, Cameron Newton=1114 English gematria.
Gase's 11th loss could come against the Panthers=101

There's a lot of neutral coding in this which could go either way, but the connections for the panthers seem a lot stronger overall so I'm picking them.


Picks ranked from strongest to weakest:

1. Panthers
2. Rams
3. Bears
4. Steelers
5. Lions
6. Broncos

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Chris Hurst, boyfriend of Alison Parker elected to Virginia House of Delegates: (115/53/33/121/117/39)

This morning I saw that Chris Hurst won a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. Who's Chris Hurst? If you need a reminder, he worked at the same news station and was supposedly the boyfriend of Alison Parker, the woman who was supposedly killed on live TV in Virginia. Remember the shaky video where nothing adds up. If they did die he probably did it, to advance his political career, but likely just actors playing a part.

Here's the video if you want to see how badly this one was acted out:

I mean come on he shoots her point blank yet no blood, and she never goes down and keeps screaming, if you get hit a couple times from that range, you're at least going to go down.

From Television to Washington like our President, I know he's not going to Washington, but you get the point, he's still becoming a politician.

Now from that shooting to yesterday's election is 804/805 days:

United States of America=84, Alison Parker died in Moneta Virginia, Moneta=408 Sumerian.

Alison Parker=58, it happened at the Bridgewater Plaza, Bridgewater=58, Freemasonry=58
Delegate=85 Francis Bacon

Also notice the 115 weeks later:

His name connects to Virginia:

Hurst gave his victory speech from Blacksburg which connects to the shooting two years ago:

He's said that he wants to fight the NRA:

November 7th is the 311th day of the year:


He has a 7/9 birthday which means he won 121 days after his birthday:

The dude is also paid for easily, he spent a million dollars just to win a state delegation seat (granted he would've "won" either way):

If you want to learn how not to act here's his classic interview:

Also a few other things that happened in the elections yesterday:

New Jersey elected it's first Sikh mayor, a Sikh elected on 11/7:

His full first name is Ravinder=117 Francis Bacon

Virginia elected a transgender representative:

She's 33 years old at the time of her election win.

She won 39 days after her 9/30 birthday:

Virginia is the 10th state, Ten=39

This just proves to me that even the lower level elections are rigged, granted they can usually get the outcome they want with financing/voter base, but I'm sure in the case of an unwanted result, they would rig it.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Roy Halladay dead at 40 after plane crash: (38/64/54)

Roy Halladay died today in a plane crash at the age of 40.

Plane Crash is a term which matches up with death:

They're also saying it was his new 2018 model plane he died in, 20+18=38

He died in the Gulf of Mexico near Holiday, Florida, I mean what are the odds of that.

Halladay was born in Colorado=38, also the 38th state

He was a 2 time Cy Young winner:

Today is the 311th day of the year:

311 is the 64th prime:

64 connects to his name and where he died:

Today leaves 54 days left in the year, Baseball=54

White House decode and voting on election day (113/132/33)

White House=133, Government=133, President/Election=133 reverse ordinal

I was looking at something completely unrelated the other day and I got sidetracked by the White House construction date.

This is a new one to add to the 113 list

White House construction started on 10/13/1792

The house of dishonesty started construction on dishonest day.

Perfect date for an architect to start construction.

The date numerology is interesting also:

10+13+17+92=132, there's 132 rooms in the White House.

The street the White House is located on is Pennsylvania Avenue:

The person who designed the White House is James Hoban:

He died in 1831, 18+31=49, he died in Washington, D.C. where he built the White House.

Also earlier today since it's election day for most of the country I pointed out on Twitter how Election Day=113, Voting=113

The next presidential election also happens to be on 11/3

Voting=33, Masonry=33, Secrecy=33, Society=33, Order=33, you keep order by having people vote in rigged elections.

To vote is to be complicit in the rigged system. Like George Carlin said, if you vote, you have no right to complain.

Eric Bledsoe traded to Milwaukee Bucks: (33/156/117)

Eric Bledsoe has been traded to the Milwaukee Bucks today.

Today is the 311th day of the year:


Today is 33 days before Bledsoe's birthday.

He's coming over from Phoenix which is on the 33rd parallel:

Phoenix=117, makes a big trade on 11/7

The Bucks gave up Greg Monroe and draft picks to make the trade:

Traded on 11/7:

It's 156 days after Monroe's birthday:

Milwaukee Bucks=156, Thirty Three=156