Saturday, September 23, 2017

Ravens/Jaguars, Dolphins/Jets & Buccaneers/Vikings Previews:

Ravens @ Jaguars (London):

9+24+20+17=70 (Joe Flacco=70)
9+24+2+0+1+7=43 (Jacksonville=43)
9+2+4+2+0+1+7=25 (Ravens=25)

John Harbaugh can get his 98th win (including playoffs) on the day that leaves 98 days left in the year:

John Harbaugh=59 can stay on 59 regular season losses in 'London, England'=59 against Doug Marrone=59 and Jacksonville=159

Marrone coaching 60/61 days after birthday, Flacco could stay on 60 losses or get #61.

This will be the 21st match-up between the teams, Jacksonville Jaguars=210


Dolphins @ Jets:

9+24+20+17=70 (Miami Dolphins=70)
9+24+2+0+1+7=43 (Dolphins=43)
9+2+4+2+0+1+7=25 (Cutler=25)
9+24+17=50 (Dolphins are going for 50th win against jets all-time)
This will be their 103rd match-up all-time (not including postseason), Adam Gase=103

McCown can get loss #45 against Miami=45

Cutler can get his 70th regular season win on a day with 70 numerology.


Buccaneers @ Vikings:

9+2+4+2+0+1+7=25 (Tampa Bay=25)

Buccaneers coach Dirk Koetter can improve to 11-7, Buccaneers=117, Vikings=117

Jameis Winston is looking for his 17th win as a 'Tampa Bay Buccaneers'=170 player in his 34th game against Case Keenum=34

Mike Zimmer can get his 24th regular season loss with Keenum=24 as his QB or his 25th overall loss including playoffs against Tampa Bay=25

This will be their 55th match-up, Dirk Koetter=55, the Buccaneers could lose and become 22-33 in the series, Winston=33


Friday, September 22, 2017

Andre Ward retiring at 33: (33/156)

Boxer Andre Ward has announced his retirement at age 33.

His last fight was against 'Sergey Alexandrovich Kovalev'=303 ordinal.

This announcement comes 156 days before his next birthday:

He also finishes his career with 16 KO's:

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Rams at 49ers preview: (67/69/19)

Date numerologies:

9+21+20+17=67 (Jared Thomas Goff=67) (49ers have 67 wins against Rams in regular season)
9+21+2+0+1+7=40 (TNF=40)
9+2+1+2+0+1+7=22 (Goff is 22, LA Rams=222 Jewish gematria) (Hoyer bday 22 days away)
9+21+17=47 (Kyle Shanahan=47)

Hoyer is going into his 34th game all-time in the regular season


Including the postseason this will be his 35th game all-time:


The 49ers lead the Rams in the series 67-64-3:

The game is going to be at Levi's Stadium, Levi's=67

If you include the postseason the 49ers lead 68-64-3.

Going for win #69:

Brian Hoyer=690 Sumerian
Goff=69 Jewish gematria

If the 49ers lose they would get their 65th loss in the series, San Francisco 49ers=65

Jared Goff is 0-3 on the road all-time and could become 1-3 on TNF=13

Hoyer could stay on 16 wins against the Los Angeles Rams=160 and #16 Goff

67 is the 19th prime, date numerology of 67.

Hoyer could lose and get his 19th loss all-time.
Goff could lose and become 1-9, a lot like 19.
LA Rams=19


Sunday, September 17, 2017

49ers/Seahawks, Patriots/Saints & Redskins/Rams Preview:

*This week's picks were a bit rushed just a heads up, been busy this week.

The 49ers take on the Seahawks in Seattle.

9+17+17=43 (Seattle Seahawks=43)

Russell Wilson is going for his 65th win against the 49ers:

This will also be his 82nd regular season start (not including postseason)


Pete Carroll is looking for win #71 in the regular season:

Hoyer=71 ordinal


Brady and the Patriots play the Saints in the Saints stadium:

Brady is playing 45 days after his birthday:

Thomas Brady=45
New England=45
New Orleans=45
Drew Brees=45

Don't be surprised if the game ends with a combined 45 points or 45 points for the winner.


The redskins are in LA for the rams and I think there's a good chance Washington wins the game.

This will be Gruden's 50th game as a coach.

Washington Redskins=229

229 is the 50th prime

Kirk Cousins=50
Washington=50 (reverse reduction)

This will be their 36th game in the regular season head 2 head:

Redskins=36, date numerology of 36, 9+17+2+0+1+7=36


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Texans @ Bengals Preview: (40/31/257/55)

The Texans are on the road against the Bengals. Deshaun Watson has been named the Texans QB this week.

The Bengals playing on 9/14, the reflection of 419:

9+14+20+17=60 (Bengals=60)
9+14+2+0+1+7=33 Cincinnati Bengals=156, Thirty Three=156) (Ohio=137 English gematria)
9+1+4+2+0+1+7=24 (Bengals=24)
9+14+17=40 (Dalton has 40 losses, can stay on 40) (Bill O'Brien's birthday is 40 days away)

Dalton can get home win #31 against Houston=31 and Derrick Deshaun Watson=310 (Francis Bacon)

Marvin Lewis could get loss #112 against Houston=112, their last meeting Houston won 10-12

If the Texans win they'd be 8-4 against the Bengals and Cincinnati is on the 84th meridian.

The Texans lead the all-time series 7-4 including postseason, if the Bengals win, the series will be 7-5
Cincinnati Bengals=75

Not including postseason the Texans lead the series 4-5, if the Bengals win they'll be 5-5 against them in the regular season, Marvin Lewis=55

The game is on the 257th day of the year:

257 is the 55th prime

Again the Bengals can become 5-5 against the Texans in the regular season with a win.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Actor Frank Vincent dead at 78: (78/137/33)

Actor Frank Vincent has died at 78:

Actor=78 reverse ordinal, Mafioso=78 ordinal

He has the 33 connections as well:

137 is the 33rd prime:

He mainly played in roles involving the mafia:

Mafioso=33 reduction

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Vikings win on Randy Moss night: (33/137/38)

Sum of 48 points, Forty Eight=137 reverse ordinal, 137 is 33rd prime

The Vikings beat the Saints on MNF.

The Saints scored 19 points, Sean Payton's birthday was 109 days after the game, Saints=19

This game was all about #33 like I mentioned in the preview:

The game even started out 3-3 after the initial drives.

Bradford got his 33rd win as an NFL QB against the Saints:

This was in his 16th start as a Viking, Sixteen=33

it happened on MNF:

Drew Brees lost and stayed on 137 career wins, 137 is the 33rd prime.

All night Bradford kept throwing it to #14 Diggs and #19 Thielen who just so happened to be the two receivers wearing the Randy Moss cleats on the day Moss got put into the Vikings ring of honor.

#14 + #19=33

Speaking of it being Randy Moss night: