Monday, January 1, 2018

Taking a break...

In short, I'm taking a break:

I've been considering this the last few weeks, but I wanted to finish out the NFL regular season before deciding. I've put in the work, wasted my time, been aggravated and in the process seen others do much worse yet seemingly get more praise. There's real snakes in the grass in this community, until they're weeded out I'd rather not come back. Doing this work can make you bitter and I want to take a step back for a while and focus my attention elsewhere. For those criticizing do it yourself, I guarantee you won't hit at a much higher clip. Thanks to everyone who's read the blog the last year and a half. My goal when I started the blog was to share the info I found and build a dialogue and I think I've achieved that.

Also for those asking, my Super Bowl pick is this:

Steelers win the Super Bowl, probably over the Saints.

Roethlisberger can win his 151st game in the Super Bowl and keep Brees on 151 wins if he makes it to the Super Bowl, Pittsburgh Steelers=1051 Jewish gematria

New York sports coaches and why everything in New York connects to 39/111

I've had this post done for a while and didn't want it to go to waste so putting it out before my next post.

Pretty much all New York coaches connect to the number 39.

New York was founded on a date with 39 numerology:


The Yankees new manager Aaron Boone is born on 3/9:

The Bills coach is Sean McDermott:

Look what date McDermott was hired, he was hired on 1/11:

The Giants interim coach (possibly holds onto the job) is Steve Spagnuolo:

The Jets coach is Todd Bowles:

167 is the 39th prime.

The Knicks coach is Jeff Hornacek:

The New York Rangers coach is Alain Vigneault which is just a bullshit name so you know damn well it matches New York perfectly:

The Buffalo Sabres coach is Phil Housley, who shares a birthday with Aaron Boone, another coincidence I'm sure.

The same coding even goes for Soccer teams in New York:

The Red Bulls coach is Jesse Marsch:

Using the S-exception which is relevant because S is the only letter you have to reduce twice to make it a single digit, red bulls equals thirty nine:

Marsch has 39/111 birth numerology also:


New York City FC's coach is Patrick Vieira:

Again 167 is the 39th prime, but if that's not enough for you...

He was hired on 11/9/2015 at age 39 also:

Also another reason for Head Coaches in New York/sports in general being connected to 39:

Again this is not complicated and I'm not using 50 ciphers or connecting it to the first full moon in 1772 to make my point. New York is all about 39, I mean look at all these coaches connected to 39 in New York. The only teams that didn't make the list are the Islanders/Nets/Mets (So 9/12 teams in NY connect to 39 what are the odds of that in a non orchestrated way?)

Saturday, December 30, 2017

2018 Rose Bowl, Georgia vs Oklahoma: (104/101/131)

2018 Rose Bowl: Georgia Bulldogs vs Oklahoma Sooners

***College and NFL are intertwined. Landry Jones has no reason to be starting for the Steelers this week but he likely is. He'll either improve to 3-2 or drop to 2-3 in the NFL after this week. Landry Jones played at Oklahoma. This is the match-up between #2 and #3.***

1+1+20+18=40 (Oklahoma=40 K-exception)
1+1+2+0+1+8=13 (Thirteen=45, Mayfield=450 Sumerian) (Sooners=405 Jewish gematria)
1+1+18=20 (Lincoln Riley=200 Francis Bacon)

This is the 104th Rose Bowl
New Year's Day=140
Oklahoma=140 reverse ordinal
Oklahoma University=104 reverse reduction
Baker Mayfield is born on the 104th day of the year.
This game is 104 days before his birthday

Mayfield=101 Francis Bacon, playing on 1/1
Kirby Smart (Georgia coach) can drop to 1-1 in Bowl games
University of Georgia=110
University of Oklahoma=110 reverse reduction

The winner of this game will improve to 13-1 and get to play in the Championship game:

*Clemson can improve to 13-1 with a win over Alabama OR Alabama can improve to 13-1 with two straight wins.

Bowl Game=33
Riley=33 (Hired at age 33)


NFL Week 17 Previews: (16/61/43/133/79/115)

Jets @ Patriots

12+31+2+0+1+7=53 (Jets could stay on 53 wins against the Patriots)
12+31+17=60 (Patriots could stay on 60 wins against the Jets)

Date numerology of 53, 53 is the 16th prime.
Bryce Petty drops to 1-6 with a loss

Bill Belichick can pick up his 239th overall win with the Patriots, 239 is the 52nd prime. Would be a perfect total to close out the 52nd season with (Or he could lose this game and pick up that win in the divisional round and lose the AFC Championship game)


Bengals @ Ravens


Dalton can stay on 61 wins
Bengals can drop to 6-10
Joe Flacco can get his 61st all-time home win
Joe Flacco can stay on 61 regular season losses

The Bengals could improve to 7-9 over the Ravens=79 with a win.

I like the Ravens to make the playoffs and winning this game makes it a lot easier for them, so they should win this game.


Cowboys @ Eagles

12+31+2+0+1+7=53 (Jason Garrett can stay on 53 losses) (Pennsylvania=53) (Dak Prescott=503 Jewish gematria)
1+2+3+1+2+0+1+7=17 (Foles can get his 17th regular season loss)

12+31=43 (Dallas Cowboys=43) (The game is 43 days after their last match-up)

Eagles can drop to 13-3, the same record Dallas had last year when they won the division.
313 is the 65th prime, Philadelphia=65

Jason Garrett can become 8-8 on the year 88 days before his birthday.
Jason Garrett=888 Sumerian

Dak Prescott can get his 22nd win against the Eagles=22
Philadelphia Eagles=202 Francis Bacon

Dallas would be 9-7 on the season with a win, 97 is the 25th prime, Philadelphia=205 Jewish gematria


Bears @ Vikings

12+31+17=60 (Vikings can get their 60th win against the Bears)

This is the 113th regular season game between the two teams and Keenum can become 11-3 with the Vikings

Minnesota can improve to 13-3
Minnesota=133 reverse ordinal
John Fox can stay on 133 wins.
Mitch Trubisky is playing 133 days after his birthday

John Fox would also get his 123rd loss against the Minnesota Vikings=1230 Jewish gematria

If by chance the Bears win they'd be 6-10, Mitch Trubisky=61
It would be the Bears 750th regular season win, Minnesota Vikings=75

If the Vikings/Patriots/Steelers all win and the Eagles lose, the top 4 seeds will all be 13-3 which is the record to have this year. The Vikings could lose to set up the narrative should Bridgewater or Keenum start in the playoffs, but I think Keenum will bomb in the playoffs and then have that narrative for the offseason.


Buffalo @ Miami

12+31+20+17=80 (Cutler could get his 80th overall loss) (McDermott's birthday is 80 days away)
1+2+3+1+2+0+1+7=17 (Gase can get his 17th win)
12+31+17=60 (Dolphins can get 60th win against the Bills)

12+31=43, Dolphins=43, Miami Dolphins=430 English gematria

Like I said last week, Miami would be 7-9 if they win one of their final two games and they lost last week which I said is more likely than them losing this week.

Cutler can finish the season (and likely his career) with 79 overall losses. OR Cutler could get his 79th regular season loss.
Miami=79 Jewish gematria
Miami Dolphins=79 S-exception
Miami, Florida=79 reverse reduction

If Buffalo wins they would improve to 9-7 over the Dolphins=97

Buffalo could win this game and still not make the playoffs which would antagonize fans even more but I like Miami's coding to end their season at 7-9.


49ers @ Rams

12+31+20+17=80 (Mannion=80)
12+31+17=60 (Garoppolo playing 60 days after his birthday)

Jimmy Garoppolo would be 5-0 with San Francisco=50 with a win.
And 7-0 overall, Jimmy Garoppolo=77, Jimmy G=77, G=7

Rams can become 11-5 against Garoppolo=115
The Rams are starting Sean Mannion who is playing 115 days before his birthday.

The rams are resting three key players so this should be an easy win for the 49ers.


Picks ranked from strongest to weakest:

1. Patriots
2. 49ers
3. Ravens
4. Vikings
5. Cowboys
6. Dolphins

Side Notes:

Browns @ Steelers

***Landry Jones will likely be starting the game even though there's no reason for him to start since home field advantage is still on the line this week.***

Browns could close out on 509 regular season wins for the year.
59 is the 17th prime, this is 17'. Date numerology of 17.

Remember when the Lions went 0-16 the Steelers won the Super Bowl that year and have a good chance to win it this year. Cleveland ends their season against the Steelers. Also the numerology of the years are the same, 2+0+0+8=10, 2+0+1+7=10

The Browns are the perfect team to go 0-16
Landry Jones=160 reverse ordinal
Sixteen=33, Cleveland=33, Kizer=33
Landry Jones=137, 137 is the 33rd prime

The Steelers are going for their 619th regular season win this week, 619 is the 114th prime, Cleveland Browns=1014 Sumerian

DeShone Kizer would be 1-14 with a win, again Cleveland Browns=1014 Sumerian.
Landry Jones was the 115th pick in the draft, Browns can become 1-15

Landry Jones would be 2-3 in the NFL with a loss, Jones went to Oklahoma
#2 Oklahoma is playing #3 Georgia this week.
Hue Jackson would be 2-30 with a win.

Redskins @ Giants

Eli could finish his Giants career with 111 regular season wins with a win this week, New York=111 and 119 overall wins, New York and 911, All seeing eye=119, Star of David=119

On the other hand Washington could finish 8-8 with a win, Trump=88

Chiefs @ Broncos

12+31+20+17=80 (Andy Reid=80) (Patrick Mahomes II=80)
12+31+2+0+1+7=53 (Paxton Lynch=53) (Andy Reid can get his 53rd win with the Chiefs)
1+2+3+1+2+0+1+7=17 (Vance Joseph=170 Francis Bacon) (Patrick Mahomes II=170)
12+31+17=60 (Chiefs can stay on 60 wins against the Broncos)

Chiefs can become 10-6
Patrick Mahomes is starting 106 days after his birthday

Raiders @ Chargers

12+31+20+17=80 (Los Angeles Chargers=80) (Philip Rivers=80)
12+31+17=60 (Oakland Raiders=60)

Raiders can get 430th all-time loss
Jack Del Rio=43

The Raiders could improve to 7-9 over the Chargers=79

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Giants hire Dave Gettleman as GM + Why Giants upset Patriots in Super Bowl 42 (181/42)

The New York Giants have hired Dave Gettleman as their new GM today.

Today is 56 days before his birthday:

Giants=34 S-exception

Remember Super Bowl 42 was the first Super Bowl between the Patriots and the Giants, the Patriots were coming into the game undefeated at 18-0, they lost and became 18-1 against the Giants

181 is the 42nd prime

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

12 Strong movie coming out on 1/19: (119/911/58/93)

A movie about the aftermath of 9/11 and going into Afghanistan for a mission is coming out early next year, like most war films it's heavily coded.

It's coming out on 1/19/2018, notice the 1/19

911 is 119 backwards, but more so:

119 is one of the most important numbers in this study:

The movie comes out on a date with 58 numerology:


This movie is pure propaganda, we should of never been in Afghanistan to begin with:

Remember the 93' WTC bombing?

Remember the second plane hit the WTC at 9:03 AM

Flight 93 crashed into a field on 9/11.

'One World Trade Center' replaced the WTC after 9/11:

This movie is another example of movies being coded by the numbers.