Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Justin Timberlake gets to host Super Bowl 52 halftime show (131/24/42/93)

Justin Timberlake has the right birthday and name for a Super Bowl halftime show:

This announcement is 131 days before the Super Bowl:

It's also 239 days after Timberlake's last birthday:

Including end date it is 240 days after his birthday, Super Bowl on 2/4

239 is the 52nd prime and we're talking about Super Bowl 52's halftime show:

This is the 98th overall NFL season:
Justin Randall Timberlake=89/98 (K exception)

The Super Bowl is also 4/5 days after his birthday depending on if you include the end date, Ben Roethlisberger could end up in his 4th Super Bowl on the 4th of February.

Or Timberlake could be a clue for another Tom Brady Super Bowl:

Remember the last time Timberlake was involved in the Super Bowl halftime show it was in 2004 and it had the Janet Jackson boob controversy.

The next Super Bowl is on 2/4, a lot like 2004:

This was the Super Bowl where the Patriots beat the Panthers 32-29. It also happened to be in the same Texans stadium Brady just won his last ring at last year.

The Patriots are playing the Panthers this upcoming week also to add to the importance of this game.


Super Bowl 52 is completely centered around 38:

Timberlake is from Memphis, Tennessee:

The Roman numerals for this Super Bowl are LII:

From that halftime show to this upcoming one is exactly 14 years 4 days, which is the number for time which the elite rule by:

Timberlake's birth numerology:

1+31+19+81=132 (breaks down to 6, 1+3+2=6, Brady going for his 6th ring)
1+31+1+9+8+1=51 (breaks down to 6, 5+1=6, Brady going for his 6th ring)
1+3+1+1+9+8+1=24 (breaks down to 6, 2+4=6, Brady going for his 6th ring)

The Super Bowl is on 2/4:

The Super Bowl also has 24 date numerology:


Timberlake has 24 birth numerology:


The Super Bowl is in February:

Justin gets to host the Super Bowl 52 halftime show in Minneapolis Minnesota

The stadium is also on the 93rd meridian.

Paul Horner, man behind 'Fake news' dead at 38: (38/48/84/511)

Paul Horner was the man who started the Fake News distraction during the 2016 election and now he's dead at 38.

The story is just coming out now, but they say he died on September 18th.

This the man who went to bat for Donald Trump by creating fake news is dead 48 days before his birthday:

Also notice the 1 month 18 days, Death=118 Jewish gematria, election was on 11/8

Horner is also dead 45 weeks after the election to decide who the 45th president is:

not including end date it is 314 days, PI=3.14

You have to love that they gave him a 11/5 birthday in light of Trump's campaign lasting 511 days, the number for Saturn:

They also gave him the birth year of 1978:

He died on the day leaving 104 days left in the year:

His whole death and character is Fake News.

Bears @ Packers Preview: (41/13/91/129/44)

The bears are playing the Packers in Lambeau field for Thursday Night Football.

Date Numerologies:

9+28+2+0+1+7=47 (Rodgers could get loss #47 in the regular season)
9+2+8+2+0+1+7=29 (Glennon would be 2-9 in road games with a loss)
9+28+17=54 (Green Bay=540 Jewish gematria)
9+28=37 (Chicago=37, McCarthy=37)

Green Bay=41

41 is the 13th prime.

The bears would become 1-3 with a loss.

91 is the 13th triangular number:

Lambeau Field=91
Chicago Bears=91
Chicago=91 (English gematria)

John Fox has 129 regular season wins, he'll likely stay on that amount against

Mike McCarthy=129
Green Bay=129 (Francis Bacon gematria)

He could get his 130th win against them since Green Bay=41, the 13th prime, but I think the 129 narrative is stronger.

Glennon is going for win #7 of his career against Green Bay whose logo is the G=7

Or he could get loss #16 against the packers, Sixteen=33, G=33 (Francis Bacon gematria)

McCarthy is going into his 180th game coaching in the regular season:


If he loses he would get loss number 71 against the Bears=71 (Francis Bacon gematria)

Overall this will be his 198th game including regular season (Bears=198 English gematria)

This will be the 193rd time the teams meet in the regular season:

(One team will get their 94th regular season win in the series on the day leaving 94 days left in the year.)

Glennon is still starting and I don't think he'll get the bears their 94th regular season win in the series because Mitchell David Trubisky=94 it makes more sense for him to get the win in their later meeting this year or in the seasons to come.

193 is the 44th prime.

The game is 44 days before McCarthy's birthday

Green Bay is on the 44th meridian.

Aaron Rodgers could stay on 92 wins against John Fox=92
Or he could stay on 46 losses against Chicago=46 at 'Lambeau Field'=46
He's also going for his 56th home win in the regular season against Mike Glennon=56


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Ravens/Jaguars, Dolphins/Jets & Buccaneers/Vikings Previews:

Ravens @ Jaguars (London):

9+24+20+17=70 (Joe Flacco=70)
9+24+2+0+1+7=43 (Jacksonville=43)
9+2+4+2+0+1+7=25 (Ravens=25)

John Harbaugh can get his 98th win (including playoffs) on the day that leaves 98 days left in the year:

John Harbaugh=59 can stay on 59 regular season losses in 'London, England'=59 against Doug Marrone=59 and Jacksonville=159

Marrone coaching 60/61 days after birthday, Flacco could stay on 60 losses or get #61.

This will be the 21st match-up between the teams, Jacksonville Jaguars=210


Dolphins @ Jets:

9+24+20+17=70 (Miami Dolphins=70)
9+24+2+0+1+7=43 (Dolphins=43)
9+2+4+2+0+1+7=25 (Cutler=25)
9+24+17=50 (Dolphins are going for 50th win against jets all-time)
This will be their 103rd match-up all-time (not including postseason), Adam Gase=103

McCown can get loss #45 against Miami=45

Cutler can get his 70th regular season win on a day with 70 numerology.


Buccaneers @ Vikings:

9+2+4+2+0+1+7=25 (Tampa Bay=25)

Buccaneers coach Dirk Koetter can improve to 11-7, Buccaneers=117, Vikings=117

Jameis Winston is looking for his 17th win as a 'Tampa Bay Buccaneers'=170 player in his 34th game against Case Keenum=34

Mike Zimmer can get his 24th regular season loss with Keenum=24 as his QB or his 25th overall loss including playoffs against Tampa Bay=25

This will be their 55th match-up, Dirk Koetter=55, the Buccaneers could lose and become 22-33 in the series, Winston=33


Friday, September 22, 2017

Andre Ward retiring at 33: (33/156)

Boxer Andre Ward has announced his retirement at age 33.

His last fight was against 'Sergey Alexandrovich Kovalev'=303 ordinal.

This announcement comes 156 days before his next birthday:

He also finishes his career with 16 KO's:

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Rams at 49ers preview: (67/69/19)

Date numerologies:

9+21+20+17=67 (Jared Thomas Goff=67) (49ers have 67 wins against Rams in regular season)
9+21+2+0+1+7=40 (TNF=40)
9+2+1+2+0+1+7=22 (Goff is 22, LA Rams=222 Jewish gematria) (Hoyer bday 22 days away)
9+21+17=47 (Kyle Shanahan=47)

Hoyer is going into his 34th game all-time in the regular season


Including the postseason this will be his 35th game all-time:


The 49ers lead the Rams in the series 67-64-3:

The game is going to be at Levi's Stadium, Levi's=67

If you include the postseason the 49ers lead 68-64-3.

Going for win #69:

Brian Hoyer=690 Sumerian
Goff=69 Jewish gematria

If the 49ers lose they would get their 65th loss in the series, San Francisco 49ers=65

Jared Goff is 0-3 on the road all-time and could become 1-3 on TNF=13

Hoyer could stay on 16 wins against the Los Angeles Rams=160 and #16 Goff

67 is the 19th prime, date numerology of 67.

Hoyer could lose and get his 19th loss all-time.
Goff could lose and become 1-9, a lot like 19.
LA Rams=19


Sunday, September 17, 2017

49ers/Seahawks, Patriots/Saints & Redskins/Rams Preview:

*This week's picks were a bit rushed just a heads up, been busy this week.

The 49ers take on the Seahawks in Seattle.

9+17+17=43 (Seattle Seahawks=43)

Russell Wilson is going for his 65th win against the 49ers:

This will also be his 82nd regular season start (not including postseason)


Pete Carroll is looking for win #71 in the regular season:

Hoyer=71 ordinal


Brady and the Patriots play the Saints in the Saints stadium:

Brady is playing 45 days after his birthday:

Thomas Brady=45
New England=45
New Orleans=45
Drew Brees=45

Don't be surprised if the game ends with a combined 45 points or 45 points for the winner.


The redskins are in LA for the rams and I think there's a good chance Washington wins the game.

This will be Gruden's 50th game as a coach.

Washington Redskins=229

229 is the 50th prime

Kirk Cousins=50
Washington=50 (reverse reduction)

This will be their 36th game in the regular season head 2 head:

Redskins=36, date numerology of 36, 9+17+2+0+1+7=36