Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Former Arkansas Football coach Frank Broyles dead at 92: (33/156/146)

Former Arkansas Razorbacks Football coach Frank Broyles has died at 92.

92 is the reflection of 29:

Frank Broyles was the right coach for Arkansas:

Broyles has died 33 weeks after his birthday:

Razorbacks=156 and 33 shares a connection with 156.

The University of Arkansas was founded in 1871.

Which means they're in their 146th year. (2017-1871=146)

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Charlottesville death of Heather Heyer and the killer James Alex Fields: (322/224/88/111)

James Alex Fields Jr. has been identified as the driver that drove into the crowd in Charlottesville.

Like usual it has the 322/223 connection.

This happened on the 224th day of the year:

The lone casualty in the the collision was Heather Heyer:

This was at an anti-racism rally in response to the alt right rally yesterday. Think about Heinrich Himmler and how he was a leader in the Nazi party and now the lone victim here shares the same HH initials, also from the Nazi time period you had 'Heil Hitler' another HH.

 H=8, so HH=88

This happened on 8/12 or 12/8:

Also the license plate on the car sticks out:

The plate reads "GVF 1111"

The car was a Dodge Challenger:

Some other James Fields parallels:

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Glen Campbell dead at 81: (81/108/22)

Country singer Glen Campbell has died at 81.

He has birth numerology of 81:

4+22+19+36 = 81

He has died 108 days after his birthday:

Including end date it is 109 days after his birthday (Alzheimer's=109)

His age of death also connects to 108:

He has died on the 220th day of the year:

He is most known for his song "Rhinestone Cowboy"

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Jay Cutler signs with Dolphins: (101/34/38)

Ryan Tannehill is going to miss this season due to his torn ACL and with that the Dolphins decided to sign Jay Cutler.

Cutler and Tannehill both share the same name gematria of 101:

Cutler 11th pick in the draft in 2006, 11 years ago

Cutler signed a 1 year, 10 million dollar contract. (Miami, Florida=110)

Cutler is 34 years old right now and will be all this season:

Cutler and the dolphins are a sync in gematria:

His signing also comes exactly 38 weeks after his last birthday:

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Robert Hardy, Harry Potter actor dead at 91: (83/38/129/33)

Robert Hardy, known most for his acting role in Harry Potter has died at 91.

He has died on 8/3 or 3/8, he's from the UK so it would be written 3/8.

He has birth numerology of 83:

10+29+19+25 = 83

He has the right birthday, 10/29 for his name:

He also has the 33 connections like most actors do: