Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Justin Timberlake gets to host Super Bowl 52 halftime show (131/24/42/93)

Justin Timberlake has the right birthday and name for a Super Bowl halftime show:

This announcement is 131 days before the Super Bowl:

It's also 239 days after Timberlake's last birthday:

Including end date it is 240 days after his birthday, Super Bowl on 2/4

239 is the 52nd prime and we're talking about Super Bowl 52's halftime show:

This is the 98th overall NFL season:
Justin Randall Timberlake=89/98 (K exception)

The Super Bowl is also 4/5 days after his birthday depending on if you include the end date, Ben Roethlisberger could end up in his 4th Super Bowl on the 4th of February.

Or Timberlake could be a clue for another Tom Brady Super Bowl:

Remember the last time Timberlake was involved in the Super Bowl halftime show it was in 2004 and it had the Janet Jackson boob controversy.

The next Super Bowl is on 2/4, a lot like 2004:

This was the Super Bowl where the Patriots beat the Panthers 32-29. It also happened to be in the same Texans stadium Brady just won his last ring at last year.

The Patriots are playing the Panthers this upcoming week also to add to the importance of this game.


Super Bowl 52 is completely centered around 38:

Timberlake is from Memphis, Tennessee:

The Roman numerals for this Super Bowl are LII:

From that halftime show to this upcoming one is exactly 14 years 4 days, which is the number for time which the elite rule by:

Timberlake's birth numerology:

1+31+19+81=132 (breaks down to 6, 1+3+2=6, Brady going for his 6th ring)
1+31+1+9+8+1=51 (breaks down to 6, 5+1=6, Brady going for his 6th ring)
1+3+1+1+9+8+1=24 (breaks down to 6, 2+4=6, Brady going for his 6th ring)

The Super Bowl is on 2/4:

The Super Bowl also has 24 date numerology:


Timberlake has 24 birth numerology:


The Super Bowl is in February:

Justin gets to host the Super Bowl 52 halftime show in Minneapolis Minnesota

The stadium is also on the 93rd meridian.


  1. Great work here! One thing I just noticed was in the 4th quarter Pats scored 19 points panthers 18. The Red Sox would win the World Series later on this year for the first time since 1918. Breaking the 86 year curse. I'm sure there is a connection.

    1. Actually the Red Sox won world series in 2013.

  2. That is correct but they won in 2004 as well ya dummy

  3. Wow nice! Very important clues right here.

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    1. Ooops this article:

    2. Saw this on the Fox News tabloid - not good at decoding personally but thought it really interesting. Did the Donald just tell us the winner of SB 52?

  5. Timber Lake going to Minnesota and now Tom Petty in life support with a broke heart. His group the Heartbreakers.