Monday, March 20, 2017

David Rockefeller dead at 101: (111/39/84/282)

David Rockefeller has passed at 101. The dude who had 7 heart transplants too many is finally reported as dead at least. Truly one of the worst people to ever live.

The thing that stands out right away is the age of passing, 101.

101 and 110 are the same since 0's don't count in numerology.

He is from New York the 11th state:

Birth numerology:

6+12+19+15 = 52
6+12+1+9+1+5 = 34
6+1+2+1+9+1+5 = 25
6+12+15 = 33 (New York=33 Reverse Reduced) (New York City has elevation of 33')

Death numerology:

3+20+20+17 = 60 (New York City=60)
3+20+2+0+1+7 = 33 (New York=33 Reverse Reduced) (New York City has elevation of 33')
3+2+0+2+0+1+7 = 15 (Born in 1915') (NYC=15) (Wall St=15) (David Rockefeller=150)
3+20+17 = 40 (New York is on the 40th parallel, Rockefeller dead 40 weeks after his birthday)

Rockefeller was a banker which is a fitting job for a person from New York:

New York was founded on a day with 39 numerology:

7+2+6+1+7+8+8 = 39

Rockefeller is dead on 'March twentieth':

167 is the 39th prime.

He was also a philanthropist:

Rockefeller is dead 84 days before his next birthday:

Note the 2 months 23 days (Masonic=223)

Also note the 12 weeks:

His initials are 'DR':

New York City has a population of 8.4 million

Rockefeller is also dead 282 days after his last birthday:

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pi Day lesson: (16/80/69)

If you look up the origins of Pi on Wikipedia you get this:

It was the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet, that's interesting due to Pi's gematria:

Every year PiDay comes 16 days after 2/27, 22/7=3.14 like Pi.

It also says Pi=80 in Greek numerals:

We have the day for Pi called PiDay:

It says Pi is from Greece and the Greek alphabet and it has gematria ties to both:

TV show Billions: (53/34/38)

Someone on All4Truth asked me to look into the TV show Billions, it's a showtime show and it has a lot of connections between the main characters and the name of the show.

The Main characters in the show are Chuck Rhoades and Bobby Axelrod:

Both main characters have syncs in gematria:

The show takes place in New York:

163 is the 38th prime number:

The First episode for the Show came out on 1/1/2016:


The first episode of season 2 came out on 2/19/2017:


The Main characters have reverse reduced gematria of 38:

The show was also just renewed for a 3rd season on 3/8/2017.

House of Cards in depth comparison to Trump and Washington D.C. (187/199/130/44/50)

I decided to look into House of Cards deeply and found a lot of parallels with the Trump administration and also just how the show connects to Washington, D.C.

First off the show is known for it's upside down flag as it's logo:

The main character who becomes the president is Frank Underwood who is from South Carolina:

The First President in the show is Garrett Walker:

Garrett Allan Walker birth numerology:

7/18/1962 = 106 (Prophecy=106)
7/18/1962 = 43 (Colorado=43, Election=43, Underwood=43 in reverse reduced)
7/18/1962 = 34 (Democrat=34)
7/18/1962 = 87 (The Democratic Party=87)

Walker was 50 years old when he took office as president in the show:

Note the 7/18 birthday:

July 18 is the 199th day of the year which connects to Walker:

Trump started his Republican Convention on 7/18, which was 187 days before inauguration day.

Walker's initials GW remind of George W. Bush, George Washington, Etc.

Walker served 647 days as president:

Note the 1 year 9 month 9 days:

647 is also the 118th prime number:

Walker served 647 as president connecting to 118 and Donald Trump just won the election on 11/8.

Frank Underwood became president after Walker in a Nixon-Ford pardon fashion.

Underwood became the 46th president, but only the 45th person to be president.

The full second season released on 2/14/2014, the 45th day of the year.

The Episode he became president in was 'Chapter 26'

Washington, D.C. is on the 77th meridian.

Frank Underwood replaced Garrett Walker:

Frank Underwood is a fitting name for the president:

Frank Underwood birth numerology:

11/5/1959 = 94
11/5/1959 = 40
11/5/1959 = 31
11/5/1959 = 75

Note the 11/5 birthday:

Trump took office with the 115th congress.

November 5th leaves 56 days left in the year:

President=56 S-exception

Francis J. Underwood took office on 10/30/2014:

10/30 is a lot like 130:

10/30/2014 = 74 (Masonic=74, Jewish=74, Occult=74, Frank Underwood=74 reverse reduced)
10/30/2014 = 47 (President=47) (Underwood=47) (Democrat=47 reverse reduced)
10/30/2014 = 11
10/30/2014 = 54 (He was 54 years old at time of taking office)

October 30th is the 303rd day of the year (33).

Frank Underwood is played by Kevin Spacey who was likely chosen because of his name gematria:

Underwood has an assassination attempt on him in Season 4 Episode 4 of House of Cards (44)

Underwood's secret service nickname is 'Little John':

The Vice President for Frank Underwood in the show is Donald Blythe:

The name Donald Blythe reminds of Donald Trump and Bill Blythe, Bill Clinton's real name.

It says Donald Blythe is the 50th Vice President:

The new season of House of Cards comes out on 5/30/2017:

House of Cards like most movies and high budget Hollywood productions is coded heavily.