Monday, March 6, 2017

Andrew Bogut injury: (98/99/36/81/65)

Andrew Bogut has supposedly been injured just two minutes into his first game with the cavs. I say supposedly because this looks like one of the fakest injuries I've seen.

I mean he barely hit the offensive player, maybe he suffered a bruise or a pulled muscle, but a fractured left tibia, I don't think so.

This injury comes 98 days after his birthday:

Also notice the 3 months 6 days and he's been injured on 3/6.

The 14 weeks also stands out:

This injury likely ends his Cavaliers career.

The injury is also a span of 99 days after his birthday:

They were playing Miami:

The injury they're reporting he has also stands out for a couple reasons.

They say he has suffered a Fractured Left Tibia on 3/6.

Cleveland is on the 81st meridian:

This part could be coincidence but the injury came against the team from Miami, Florida:

March 6th is the 65th day of the year:

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  1. Bogut = Bogus. Last week Durant faked an injury where he was barely touched! Did you notice how the sports shows didn't show the Durant highlight over & over - there was no justifying the "injury".

    What do these fake injuries mean? Do both the Cavs & Warriors miss the Finals? I don't think they both make it.