Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Michael Parks dead at 77: (77/33/51)

Character actor Michael Parks has died at age 77.

Of course in general he was a regular actor, a fitting role for a 'Michael':

Parks has died 16 days after his last birthday:

Parks is died on 5/10, a lot like 51:

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Christopher Boykin dead on 5/9: (59/42/31)

Christopher Boykin, known for his show 'Rob & Big" has died on 5/9.

59 is the number coded across black celebrities:

Boykin is dead at age 45:

His nickname was "Big Black":

Boykin's co-star in the show he is most known for is Rob Dyrdek who is 42 years old right now the other number stamped across black celebrities.

Their show Rob & Big ran for 31 episodes:

James Comey Fired on 5/9: (59/109/133)

James Comey has been fired by Trump today on 5/9.

Today's date can be written 5/9 or 9/5:

59 is the 17th prime:

Gematria Club has a good tweet on why Comey was the FBI Director to begin with and why he was fired today:

There is a gematria tie between the FBI and the government.

Comey was fired by the 45th President:

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Emmanuel Macron wins French election: (535/33/119/64)

Emmanuel Macron has won the French election.

Macron has birth numerology of 110:


Macron also has birth numerology of 57 and has won the election on 5/7:


The date of the election 5/7 is written 7/5 in France:

France is home to the 33 dialing code:

Macron's birthday is 12/21 which is 12+21=33

Macron has won the election 137 days after his last birthday:

137 is the 33rd prime:

Macron has won the 2017 election:

Macron's birthday is December 21st which is written 21/12 in France.

Macron's party is called the En Marche! party:

Macron will take office 1 year 1 month 9 days after his party was founded:

It was also 404 days after his party was founded.

The party was established on April 6th written 6/4 in France.

France is on the 46th parallel:

Monday, May 1, 2017

Paul Pierce ends 19 year career: (19/191/39/113)

The Clippers lost by 13 points:

Paul Pierce ended his 19 year career against the Utah Jazz.

Pierce finished out his career in Los Angeles:

The Clippers scored 91 points the reflection of 19.

Pierce is retiring at age 39:

Pierce's last game was against the team from Utah:

Pierce's final game in the NBA came 167 days before his next birthday:

167 is the 39th prime:

Last year Kobe Bryant retired against the Utah Jazz also.

Paul Pierce has a 10/13 birthday (113).

April 30th is the 120th day of the year:

Just want to add a couple other things about Pierce to the end of this post:

Los Angeles is on the 34th Parallel, Paul Pierce wears #34:

Also note Los Angeles is on the 118th Meridian:

Paul Pierce is most famous for his time with the Celtics where he started his career and he ended his career with the Clippers: