Monday, July 18, 2016

UFC 201-Rose Namajunas vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz

A straw-weight ufc match will be happening at ufc 201 between Rose Namajunas and Karolina Kowalkiewicz and there appears to be indications of a rigged match.

Let's start with decoding their names to see what numbers are their favorable numbers:

These numbers are important when matching the location of the event and the date of the event.

I also decoded their last names separately and Rose's nickname to see what other numbers are important to each fighter.

I saw no one had broken down the Rose Namajunas - Karolina Kowalkiewicz fight so I wanted to help pitch in. 

Rose Namajunas 151(O) 43(R) 61 with S-exception
Namajunas-94(O) 22(R) 31 with S-exception
"Thug"-56(O) 20(R)

Record: 6-2 on and 5-2 on
*if she is 6-2 she may be in for a loss because she would then be 6-3 a lot like 63 and if you add up 1-63 it equals 2016
Or if she is 5-2 a loss would mean 5-3 a lot like the date 7+30+16=53*

Her birthdays:

6/29/1992   6+29+19+92=146
6/29/1992   6+29+1+9+9+2=56
6/29/1992   6+2+9+1+9+9+2=38
6/29/92         6+29+92=127

6/29/2016   6+29+20+16=71
6/29/2016   6+29+2+0+1+6=44
6/29/2016   6+2+9+2+0+1+6=26
6/29/16         6+29+16=51

She is fighting 31 days (1 month 1 Day) from her last birthday and 32 days (1 month 2 days) including the fight date. 

She is also fighting 105 days (3 months 14 days) after her last fight not including the fight date and 106 (Prophecy) days (3 months 15 days)  including the fight date.

Karolina Kowalkiewicz 229(O) 94(R)
Kowalkiewicz 148(O) 58(R)
No nickname
She is also 5'3" like the date 7/30/16     7+30+16=53

Record: 9-0 on both and
*A loss for her would mean she would be 9-1 which is an inversion of 19, one of the date's gematrias 7+3+0+2+0+1+6=19*

Her birthdays:

10/15/1985   10+15+19+85=129
10/15/1985   10+15+1+9+8+5=48
10/15/1985   1+0+1+5+1+9+8+5=30
10/15/85         10+15+85=110

10/15/2016   10+15+20+16=61
10/15/2016   10+15+2+0+1+6=34
10/15/2016   1+0+1+5+2+0+1+6=16
10/15/16         10+15+16=41

She is fighting 77 days (2 months 15 days) before her next birthday) not including her next birthday and 78 days (2 months 16 days) including her next birthday
*Key point 216 is a backhanded way of getting 666, because 6X6=36X6=216*
She is fighting 83 days after her last fight (2 months 22 days) not including the fight date and 84 days after her last fight (2 months 23 days) including the fight date
*Another key point inversion of 223 is 322 the number on the skull and bones logo*
She is definitely a puppet for her bosses but I don’t know if that means she will win the fight or not, she may be chosen to lose this one.

So in conclusion each has some interesting numbers:

Namajunas favorable numbers: fighting 106 (prophecy) days after her last fight, her original birthday 6/29/1992   6+29+19+92=146 is a lot like 46 (7+30+2+0+1+6=46)

Namajunas unfavorable numbers: Her birthday this year has one gematria of 44 (kill)  6/29/2016   6+29+2+0+1+6=44,    A loss would make her either 5-3 like the date 7/30/16     7+30+16=53 or she would be 6-3 (adding up 1-63 equals 2016)

Kowalkiewicz favorable numbers: she is 5'3" like the date 7/30/16     7+30+16=53 

Kowalkiewicz unfavorable numbers: A loss would make her 9-1 like the date  7+3+0+2+0+1+6=19*(inversion of 91)

*Another key note is Namajunas is #3 in strawweight rankings and Kowalkiewicz is #5 so it's like 35 which is an inversion of 53 a gematria for the date 7+30+16=53*

This is what I was able to find on each of these fighters I am leaning towards Namajunas, but I can't pick a clear winner so hopefully everyone can help analyze these numbers to find a clear winner. Hope this helps :)

Friday, July 15, 2016

Baseball teams gematria-Reference Point

                                              City Gematria (O,R):                 Team name Gematria (O,R):               Total (O,R):
Arizona Diamondbacks              84 (O) 39 (R)                     96 (O) 42 (R)               180 (O) 81 (R)
Atlanta Braves                          69 (O) 15 (R)                     67 (O) 22 (R)               136 (O) 37 (R)
Baltimore Orioles                       95 (O) 41 (R)                     93 (O) 39 (R)              188 (O) 80 (R)
Boston Red Sox                        85 (O) 21 (R)                     85 (O) 31 (R)              170 (O) 53 (R)
Chicago Cubs                           46 (O) 37 (R)                     45 (O) 9 (R)                 91 (O) 46 (R)
Chicago White Sox                    46 (O) 37 (R)                   123 (O) 42 (R)              169 (O) 79 (R)
Cincinnati Reds                         96 (O) 51 (R)                    46 (O) 19 (R)               142 (O) 70 (R)
Cleveland Indians                      78 (O) 33 (R)                    70 (O) 34 (R)               148 (O) 67 (R)
Colorado Rockies                      83 (O) 38 (R)                    80 (O) 35 (R)               163 (O) 73 (R)
Detroit Tigers                             91 (O) 37(R)                    78 (O) 33 (R)               169 (O) 79 (R)
Houston Astros                         112 (O) 31 (R)                   92 (O) 20 (R)               204 (O) 51 (R)
Kansas City Royals                  122 (O) 32 (R)                   90 (O) 27 (R)               212 (O) 59 (R)
Los Angeles Angels                  109 (O) 37 (R)                   58 (O) 22 (R)              167 (O) 59 (R)
Los Angeles Dodgers                109 (O) 37 (R)                   72 (O) 36 (R)              181 (O) 73 (R)
Miami Marlins                            45 (O) 27 (R)                    86 (O) 32 (R)              131 (O) 59 (R)
Milwaukee Brewers                   100 (O) 37 (R)                   90 (O) 36 (R)              190 (O) 73 (R)
Minnesota Twins                       110 (O) 38 (R)                   85 (O) 22 (R)               195 (O) 60 (R)
New York Mets                         111 (O) 39 (R)                    57 (O) 12 (R)              168 (O) 51 (R)
New York Yankees                    111 (O) 39 (R)                    80 (O) 26 (R)              191 (O) 65 (R)
Oakland Athletics                       58 (O) 22 (R)                    97 (O) 34 (R)              155 (O) 56 (R)
Philadelphia Phillies                   101 (O) 65 (R)                   90 (O) 45 (R)             191 (O) 110 (R)
Pittsburgh Pirates                       140 (O) 50 (R)                   88 (O) 34 (R)              228 (O) 84 (R)
St. Louis Cardinals                     115 (O) 25 (R)                   81 (O) 36 (R)              196 (O) 61 (R)
San Diego Padres                       74 (O) 38 (R)                    63 (O) 27 (R)              137 (O) 65 (R)
San Francisco Giants                 122 (O) 50 (R)                   70 (O) 25 (R)              192 (O) 75 (R)
Seattle Mariners                          82 (O) 19 (R)                    97 (O) 43 (R)              179 (O) 62 (R)
Tampa Bay Rays                         79 (O) 25 (R)                    63 (O) 18 (R)             142 (O) 43 (R)
Texas Rangers                            69 (O) 15 (R)                     82 (O) 37 (R)            151 (O) 52 (R)
Toronto Blue Jays                       117 (O) 36 (R)                    95 (O) 23 (R)             212 (O) 59 (R)
Washington Nationals                 130 (O) 49 (R)                   105 (O) 33 (R)            235 (O) 82 (R)

**For every letter S in a word you can add 9 to the total because of the S exception (REDUCTION FORMAT ONLY)** Example: "Diamondbacks" equals 42  in reduction format but can also be 51 so you can use either value, therefore it would be 42/51 in reduction format.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tim Tebow to speak at RNC

Tim Tebow is set to speak at the RNC which runs from July 18th to July 21st. I found this to be weird since one he is an athlete and not a politician to start and secondly he hasn't really been in the NFL for a while now, at least in terms of starting a real game.

Of course there were quite a few links between Tebow and the convention.

His last game he played in a was a preaseason game for the Philadelphia Eagles, the place of the democratic convention against the New York Jets.

Tebow has quite a few connections to the convention with his history:

Tim Tebow has the same gematria as RNC in both forms since the '0' in 107 is not counted since it is in the middle. His last team's city "philadelphia" has the same gematria as republican.

Should Tebow speak on the second day of the convention it would be interesting due to the numerology of the date.

He and his former team's city matches up with the date.

The other numerology of the date is as follows:

7/19/2016       7+19+20+16=62
7/19/2016       7+19+(2+0+1+6)=35
7/19/2016       7+1+9+2+0+1+6=26
7/19/16           7+19+16=42

"Cleveland, Ohio" the location of the convention in Reduction form has gematria of 62 also.

And along with this the second form of the date numerology equals 35 like Tebow and RNC.

It seems Tebow was picked for this event because of his name and his past.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Jimmy Garoppolo Coded Week 1 win against the Arizona Cardinals

Jimmy Garoppolo will be starting week 1 against the cardinals in place of Tom Brady who will be serving a 4 game suspension for his role in deflategate. Patriots fans should not worry at least in week 1 as it appears Jimmy Garoppolo will win due to prophecy.

The week one opener is on September 11th, 2016 in Glendale, Arizona.

The date numerology of the event is as follows:

9/11/2016         9+11+20+16=56
9/11/2016         9+11+(2+0+1+6)=29
9/11/2016         9+1+1+2+0+1+6=20
9/11/16             9+11+16=36

It's also worth mentioning the patriots won the super bowl in 2001-2002 season after 9/11/2001 as they emerged as the great team. They like the patriot act were both brought to light in the same year. It will be no surprise when they win this game during 9/11/2016 since they have a history with the date.

From the date of the game to Garoppolo's next birthday is 52 days.

Alongside this Garoppolo has a last name that has prophecy coded into it.

Garoppolo's full name also correlates with the date of the game.

This game will be on 'NBC' as the Sunday night game, there is no coincidence in this.

NBC has matching gematria with NE in both ordinal and reduction form.

Garoppolo also wears #10 and this will be his firs start so if he were to win he would be 1-0 (10).

If I were to go out on a limb I might even predict a 10-3 win for the pats. This would be ironic since garoppolo wears #10 and palmer wears #3 this would also give the thirteen in the scoreline.

Garoppolo and the Patriots are coded for a win on 9/11/16

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Boxing in Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff, Wales is hosting a night of boxing on July 16th, 2016.

On this night I foresee a stunning upset by Mzonke Fana over Terry Flanagan.

Fana is 42 years old  with a record of 38-9 while Flanagan is 27 with a record of 30-0. This upset could not be possible unless the fight is rigged. The reasons why I believe the fight will be rigged is because of Fana's "prophecy" name and the span of the fight until his next birthday.

"Mzonke Fana" equals 106 in English Ordinal System (O) like prophecy and this fight comes 106 days before his next birthday.

This fight was originally booked for July 9th as part of the undercard for Fury vs Klitschko 2 fight night but due to that fight being removed the lineup of fights were canceled. This fight was pushed back a week to July 16th, 2016 which sets up the 106 day span between the fight and Fana's next birthday. Makes you wonder if Fana was "prophesied" to win this fight because of this change. 

I also coded out the date of the event to make sure I wasn't missing anything:

7/16/2016       7+16+20+16=59
7/16/2016       7+16+(2+0+1+6)=31
7/16/2016       7+1+6+2+0+1+6=23
7/16/16           7+16+16=39

Neither fighter matched up with the date.

Another piece of info which may be important to the outcome of this fight is the number 126. When written out as "one hundred and twenty six" it equals 106 like "prophecy" in English Reduction System (R).

This number does connect to Flanagan:

The fight is coming 126 days after his last, so it is subliminal coding for prophecy, it makes me skeptical that Fana will win this fight. Both have coding of prophecy, Fana (106) has it in his name and the 106 day span of the fight until his next birthday while Flanagan is fighting 126 days later since his last performance so it is hidden coding in his fight history. I am not completely sure which prophecy will win this, but Fana has the more bold prophecy connection.

The other fights on this card also have connections to prophecy. Liam Williams and Jazza Dickens also appear to have wins forecast for them.

Liam Williams is the only favorite i have to win a fight on this date because of his Birthday connection to prophecy.

The fight comes 52 days (prophecy) after his birthday and alongside this his full names codes out to 52 also.

James 'Jazza Dickens vs Guillermo Rigondeaux is the other fight on the main card and it seems dickens may pull of the upset also. 

The fight comes 126 days after his last fight. 126 is an important number in gematria.

126 spelled out as 'one hundred and twenty six' equals 106 which is 'prophecy' and one hundred twenty six equals 96 (freemason) in gematria.

The fight also comes 96 days after his birthday. 

Maybe the freemasons will give dickens a gift for his part in the rigged system. 

if these results stand Fana and Dickens will pull off 'upsets' and Williams will win the match he is favorited in. 

UFC Fight Night 91 Mcdonald-Lineker

 UFC Fight Night 91 features Michael McDonald and John Lineker in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on Wednesday July 13th, 2016.

On this card there are three fights which have numbers to be scripted for one person, they are the Michael Mcdonald-John Lineker, Kyle Noke-Keita Nakamura, and Cortney Casey-Cristina Stanciu fights.

      Lets's start with the Mcdonald-Lineker fight, this fight does not have any numbers that stand out right away but it does have a few that favor John Lineker in this matchup. Of all three fights it has the weakest correlation between numbers, but with it being the headliner there is sure to be scripting involved. To start I looked at the fighters names/nicknames and location of the event.

Let's review what was found just from the arena name, state of the event and the fighters names and nicknames.

The name of the arena is the "Denny Sanford Premier Center" with gematria of 135 (R) in the English Reduction system (R) this matches the gematria of South Dakota which shares a 135 (O) in the English Ordinal System. This links the arena name to the state, but that's not what we're looking for. 

From these numbers there are no connections for Michael McDonald, but there is a connection for John Lineker. John Lineker has a gematria of 58 (R) and so does "Denny Sanford" the name of the arena, this links him to the stadium. 

Next I analyzed the date of the event to see the numerology of the date.
The fight is the 13th of july, 2016
so in Gematria it would be

7/13/2016   7+13+20+16=56
7/13/2016   7+13+(2+0+1+6)=29
7/13/2016   7+1+3+2+0+1+6=20
7/13/16       7+13+16=36

These do not connect to either fighter so in this case the date does not effect the outcome of the fight.  I also checked their birthday numerology to see if there was a connection which there was not. Along with this the span of the fights does not stand out for either fighter. In this particular fight the only numerology connection is John Lineker with 58 (R) and the arena name "Denny Sanford"  58 (R). If I had to pick a fighter for this fight I would go with Lineker but it would be a toss up due to the slim numerology connections. 

Other than this fight there are two fights on the card with Prophecy connections. 

"Prophecy" plays a huge role in sports as the people running these events like to write prophecy. Whenever a fighter has a Fight span of 52 or 106 days or a past/upcoming birthday of 52/106 you can almost lock them in for a win. 

On this card Cristina Stanciu and Keita Nakamura are benefactors of this Rule.

Let's look at Cristina's span from her birthday 3/29 to 7/13 (date of the fight)

This fight will be taking place 106 days after her birthday, she's likely in for a belated birthday present from the ufc due to prophecy.

Her opponent Cortney Casey is 29 years old like the numerology of the day but I don't see that boding well for her  as this her only connection to this event.

Keita Nakamura also has a "Prophecy" connection for this fight 

His fight will be happening 52 days after his birthday the 22nd of May. He will be getting a win against his opponent Kyle Noke in all likelihood. 

Noke has a few connections to the event such as him being 36 years old like the numerology of the day and the gematria of South dakota 36 (R). This links him to the event, but "prophecy" usually trumps all other gematria which is why I'm predicting a Keita Nakamura win over him.

For this event I foresee Cristina Stanciu and Keita Nakamura winning due to prophecy code.
The main headliner McDonald-Lineker is a bit harder to predict due to the lack of gematria connections, but I do have Lineker edging out McDonald in Fight Night 91.