Saturday, December 9, 2017

Giancarlo Stanton traded to the Yankees (129/39/22/118/111)

Giancarlo Stanton has been traded from the Marlins (Who are now owned by Derek Jeter) to the Yankees.

Let's keep it simple:

Today is 12/9

12/9 breaks down to 3/9 and what's the New York number again?

What's the birthday of their new manager?

Today leaves 22 days left in the year:

Next year will be the Yankees 118th overall season, they got the right player for it:

ESPN tweeted out this pic about Stanton and Judge's home runs last year:


The Bronx Bombers are gonna be in full swing next year:

NFL Week 14 Previews: (111/39/31/49/137/27/88/85/121/103)

Just as a heads up most of my picks this week are based on playoff contention, certain teams can't lose this week if they want to have any shot of making the playoffs.

Cowboys @ Giants

Game is on 12/10, Giants can become 2-11.

Dak Prescott can become 20-10 overall with a win, Eli Manning=201 Jewish gematria, just had his 210 game streak snapped and the Giants became 2-10 last week.
Prescott would also be 20-9 in the regular season, cowboy=29, football=29

Eli Manning can stay on 118 wins overall against the team from Dallas, Texas=118 and get his 105th overall loss, Eli Manning=150 Francis Bacon, against the team from Texas=15

This will be the 111th regular season match-up between the two teams, that's why it's in New York=111

Eli Manning is still looking for his 111th win in the regular season, does he get it in the 111th match-up between the division rival?

Jason Garrett is on 64 wins and he could stay on that total against the New York Giants=64
The Cowboys are going for their 64th win against the New York Giants=64
Garrett is on 52 losses and could get #53 against Eli Manning=53, Dak Prescott=503 Jewish gematria

Spagnuolo coaching 11 days before his birthday, can get his 11th win as a coach, NY the 11th state, or Eli can stay on 110 regular season wins.

Spagnuolo can also get his 39th loss this week in New York=39, Spagnuolo=39, his record would read 10-39, Ten=39

*Also as an aside, don't be surprised if Spagnuolo holds onto the head coach job after this season because of his coded connections to New York ^.

This is a tough game, it's coded for both, but the cowboys need this game and I don't see much changing for the Giants with a new coach. I'm picking the cowboys, but this isn't a lock by any means.


49ers @ Texans

This game is the most interesting game of the week to me in terms of coding. It could go either way, but overall I like the 49ers narrative better.

12+10+17=39 (Game is 39 days after Garoppolo's birthday) (Garoppolo wears #10, Ten=39)

The game is on 12/10

Garoppolo born on 11/2, Houston=112, 49ers would be 2-11 with a loss.

With a win the 49ers become 3-10, Houston=31, can take a 3-1 series lead over the Texans with a win.
Tom Savage=31/103
Bill O'Brien can stay on 31 wins
Texans would become 4-9 against the 49ers with a loss.
Bill O'Brien coaching 49 days after his birthday.

Garoppolo would be 3-1 with a loss.

O'Brien would be 31-30 with a loss, 313 is the 65th prime, San Francisco 49ers=65
Kyle Shanahan=47, if the 49ers lose they become 2-11, 211 is the 47th prime.

Texans can get win #111 in the regular season, Jimmy Garoppolo=1110 Sumerian
Or the Texans can get loss #147 all-time, Jimmy Garoppolo=1447 Jewish gematria

Tom Savage=103, 103 is the 27th prime.
Tom Savage is 27 years old, if he loses this game, he becomes 2-7

There are a few minor things pointing to a Texans win, but the 31/49/27 coding is a big sign the 49ers will win this game.


Packers @ Browns


12/10, Maybe the Browns improve to 1-12?

The Packers lead the series 11-7, 12-7 including playoffs, with a packers win it would be 13-7.
137 is the 33rd prime, Cleveland=33, Kizer=33

DeShone Kizer=67
Hundley=677 Jewish gematria
Packers would be 6-7 with a loss.
McCarthy can stay on 67 losses with a win.

Kizer is born on 1/3, the browns can become 0-13
Hundley's birthday is 179 days before the game, 179 is the 41st prime, 41 is the 13th prime.

I'm picking the Packers mainly because Aaron Rodgers is only coming back if the team is in the hunt, this game is one that the Packers can't lose.


Bears @ Bengals

Andy Dalton can get his 61st win against Mitch Trubisky=61
Game is 61 days before John Fox's birthday.
61 is the 18th prime, Fox=18, Bears=18
and stay on 46 losses against Chicago=46

Mitch Trubisky would be 2-7 with a loss
Mitchell Trubisky=72/207
Fox=270 Sumerian
Bears=27 S-exception

John Fox could stay on 121 regular season losses on 12/10
If he wins though he would have 13 wins in 45 games with Chicago, thirteen=45

Or if Fox loses it would be #122, Cincinnati=122 Francis Bacon
It would be his 129th loss overall, Dalton born on 10/29, Bengals=129 reverse ordinal.

Bengals should win this one, seemingly straight forward.


Raiders @ Chiefs

12+10+2+0+1+7=32 (Kansas City=32) (Chiefs=32)
12+10+17=39 (Alex Smith=39)

Chiefs going for their 61st regular season win against the raiders, their last match-up was a sum of 61 points.

Chiefs=121 Jewish gematria, playing on 12/10
Andy Reid could get his 121st regular season loss.
Or he could stay on 132 all-time losses, Oakland Raiders=132

Reid can get his 50th win with the Chiefs=50.
At home in Kansas City=50 S-exception

The Chiefs can improve to 7-6, Chiefs=76 Francis Bacon

Alex Smith can get his 88th career win against the team from California=88
Jack Del Rio=88

Alex Smith can get his 48th regular season home win
Alex Smith=48 S-exception
Andy Reid=480 Sumerian
Raiders can get their 408th all-time loss in the regular season.

Derek Carr can get his 31st loss, Chief=31 reduction/ordinal/Jewish gematria

Andy Reid getting his 121st loss on 12/10 is concerning, but if the Chiefs drop this one they're done for the season so I'm picking them again, hopefully they don't burn me again.


Redskins @ Chargers

1+2+1+0+2+0+1+7=14 (Philip Rivers can get his 104th win in the regular season)

The Redskins lead the series 7-3, if the Chargers win it'll be 7-4
LA Chargers=47
Chargers=47 reverse reduction

Redskins can become 5-8, Trump won 58th election.
Redskins could get their 580th regular season loss.
Washington=58 S-exception
Washington Redskins=85
Jay Gruden is coaching 85 days before his birthday.
Philip Rivers can stay on 85 regular season losses.

Jay Gruden can get his 34th loss against the chargers=43/34 English gematria
L.A. is on the 34th parallel.
The Redskins play in Maryland=34

Chargers can keep the division race close with a win and they play Kansas City next week in a game that could be for the division lead.


Ravens @ Steelers

12+10+20+17=59 (December Tenth=59) (John Harbaugh=59) (Mike Tomlin could stay on 59 regular season losses)
12+10+2+0+1+7=32 (Roethlisberger born on 3/2)
1+2+1+0+2+0+1+7=14 (Pittsburgh=140)
12+10+17=39 (Harbaugh=39) (Ravens could stay on 167 overall losses, 167 is the 39th prime) (Baltimore is on the 39th parallel)

Their last match-up was on 10/1, Joe Flacco is going for his 101st win this week.
That game was 70 days ago and Roethlisberger could get his 70th career loss this week and it would end the 7 game win streak for the Steelers.

The game is on 12/10

Baltimore=121 Francis Bacon
Mike Tomlin=121
Mike Tomlin can stay on 121 overall wins (And 113 regular season wins, John Harbaugh=113, Joseph Flacco=113)

The Steelers could be 10-3 with a loss.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania=103
Pittsburgh=130 reverse ordinal
Flacco=103 English gematria
John Harbaugh can get his 103rd overall win.
103 is the 27th prime, Roethlisberger can get his 27th home loss.

The Ravens could improve to 8-5
The Steelers are in their 85th season
National Football League=85
AFC North=85

The Steelers could get their 576th all-time loss against the team from Maryland=576 Jewish gematria

Pittsburgh's win streak could end at seven=840 Jewish gematria
Pittsburgh=840 Sumerian

As for a case for the Steelers:

December Tenth=617 English gematria, the Steelers are going for their 617th win in the regular season, 617 is the 113th prime, John Harbaugh=113, Joseph Flacco=113

Joe Flacco could become 100-66 all-time with a loss, Pittsburgh=166 Francis Bacon

If the Ravens lose they would be 7-6, Baltimore is on the 76th meridian.

This is a game that could also go either way, but keep in mind the Steelers are missing a few of their key players now, Juju Smith-Schuster is suspended, Shazier is injured, this is a type of game the ravens could win and people wouldn't be too surprised. There's a reason this is the pick I'm most unsure of, you got Patriots vs Steelers next week, do you want either team coming off a loss, I would think not, but the Ravens have a good chance this week.


Picks ranked from strongest to weakest:

1. Bengals
2. Chiefs
3. Cowboys
4. 49ers
5. Packers
6. Chargers
7. Ravens

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ryan Shazier's spine injury, a Super Bowl update & Sashi Brown's firing: (63/84/41/50/24)

I was gonna put this out a few days ago when it happened, but the initial updates were making out like he might only be out a few games. Now it's being reported his season is done and he may not play again like they said about Teddy Bridgewater.

When I watched the play it didn't look that serious to me, but if it was real it's not implausible to think the elites have the power to make something like that happen.

Some related words which I found recently:

All Seeing Eye=119, Star of David=119

It was 63 days before the Super Bowl.

It was a spine injury:

Also from Shazier's last birthday to the Super Bowl is 151 days:

Keep in mind the Super Bowl logo just came out:

Now look at the Steelers logo, notice any similarities?

If the star isn't for Pittsburgh I can think of another team who has the star connections, their best player is suspended currently and he has the 151 gematria also:

Remember the Steelers owner died last year at age 84 right after the Steelers 84th season ended:

Ryan Dean Shazier=84 reverse reduction

Remember Dan Rooney died 98 days before his birthday and this is the 98th NFL season this year.

Ryan Shazier wears #50, the big Pittsburgh number.

Steelers=50 reverse reduction

He was injured against the Bengals who are in their 50th season

They were also speculating that he could be Paralyzed initially, although it seems like that isn't the case now, Paralyze=41

41 is the 13th prime:

Paralyze=130 Francis Bacon

This injury was on 12/4 and the upcoming Super Bowl is Super Bowl 52

The date of the Super Bowl is 2/4 connecting to spine:

With this tribute It moves up Pittsburgh to my #1 team in the AFC, there's a bunch of connections for them to make it to the Super Bowl.

The Steelers or the Patriots will represent the AFC, whoever loses the regular season match-up will likely win the AFC Championship game rematch between the two teams, usually the loser wins the rematch.

I also want to touch on the firing of Sashi Brown since I'm gonna be decoding that game between the Packers and the Browns:

Notice people are talking about the Rooney Rule (named after Dan Rooney, it stipulates teams must interview minorities for positions) today because the Browns hired a new GM within a day.

He was fired today on 12/7 after going 1-27 with the team.

The Packers lead the Browns 11-7 in Head 2 Head match-ups, with a chance to take the 12-7 lead this week.

It's interesting he was fired this week and not next week considering his name gematria.

Browns would've been 1-28 this week in all likelihood, so does his firing mean the Browns win this week? I'm not convinced it does and you'll see why in my decode of the game.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

NFL Week 13 Previews: (84/93/13/48/210)

Vikings @ Falcons

12+3+2+0+1+7=25 (Falcons=25) (Zimmer can get 25th loss)
1+2+3+2+0+1+7=16 (Keenum can stay on 16 wins)

Atlanta can improve to 8-4, Atlanta is on the 84th meridian, Ryan=84 Francis Bacon, Zimmer=84
Minnesota could fall to 9-3, Minneapolis, Minnesota=93, Minneapolis is on the 93rd meridian.
Keenum=93 reverse ordinal
Matt Ryan can get his 93rd regular season win.

Or the Falcons could fall to 7-5 against the Minnesota Vikings=75

Minnesota Vikings=1230 Jewish gematria, playing on 12/3

Only way Vikings win is if the Falcons are supposed to melt down the last few weeks of the season and not make the playoffs.


Chiefs @ Jets

New York Jets=48, can drop to 4-8
Josh McCown=48 reverse reduction

McCown can get 50th loss against the Chiefs=50

Chiefs skid has to end at some point and this seems like the perfect game for it to end.


Browns @ Chargers

Browns=91, 91 is the 13th triangular, It's week 13.
Philip Rivers can get his 103rd regular season win

Browns can get 502nd all-time loss on day with 52 numerology.

The series is 15-9 in favor of LA, if LA wins it will be 16-9, Cleveland Browns=169


Giants @ Raiders

The Giants could've been 3-9, New York=39, but won't happen with a backup starting.

Eli Manning's start streak is going to end at 210 games with Geno Smith starting.
This signals the giants are going to be 2-10.


Picks ranked from strongest to weakest:

1. Chiefs
2. Raiders
3. Chargers
4. Falcons

A couple other things that could happen in games:

Baltimore Ravens=66, they can become 6-6 if they lose to the lions or the Lions could become 6-6 with a loss.

Brady is on 54 regular season losses and could stay on 54 against the Bills=54, the Patriots are still looking for their 405th loss all-time, it'll likely come this game against the Buffalo Bills=45 in week thirteen=45 or next game against Miami=45.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Aaron Boone hired as Yankees Manager: (39)

Aaron Boone has been hired as the Yankees manager, this is another simple example of job selection by gematria.

Boone has a 3/9 birthday: