Wednesday, December 27, 2017

12 Strong movie coming out on 1/19: (119/911/58/93)

A movie about the aftermath of 9/11 and going into Afghanistan for a mission is coming out early next year, like most war films it's heavily coded.

It's coming out on 1/19/2018, notice the 1/19

911 is 119 backwards, but more so:

119 is one of the most important numbers in this study:

The movie comes out on a date with 58 numerology:


This movie is pure propaganda, we should of never been in Afghanistan to begin with:

Remember the 93' WTC bombing?

Remember the second plane hit the WTC at 9:03 AM

Flight 93 crashed into a field on 9/11.

'One World Trade Center' replaced the WTC after 9/11:

This movie is another example of movies being coded by the numbers.


  1. Great finds. Funny how they rehash stories with a twist of the old story. The Bible had 12 men follow Jesus. Dirty Dozen another War movie now this.

    1. Ya, I immediately noticed the 1/19 when I saw a commercial for this the other day.. I pointed it out to people, but they didn't get it til I had to explain 119/911... LOL

    2. Oh and thanks for reminding me of those details on Silverstein leasing WTC 1 month, 19 days before 9-11-01 and Osama being "killed" exactly 119 weeks after Obama's 2009 inauguration, (Obama/Osama), on TFR last night. There are so many things, I'm guilty of not being able to remember them all!!

    3. 12 strong could also connect to Tom Brady since the Patriot Act was signed after 9/11. Robert Kraft was born on the 156th day of the year and the 156th prime is 911.

  2. Yea definitely noticed this bs as well! Great stuff in here fellas

  3. What part of RI are you from? I from their as well.

  4. Death of Tom Brady an the Pats what I see