Saturday, December 30, 2017

2018 Rose Bowl, Georgia vs Oklahoma: (104/101/131)

2018 Rose Bowl: Georgia Bulldogs vs Oklahoma Sooners

***College and NFL are intertwined. Landry Jones has no reason to be starting for the Steelers this week but he likely is. He'll either improve to 3-2 or drop to 2-3 in the NFL after this week. Landry Jones played at Oklahoma. This is the match-up between #2 and #3.***

1+1+20+18=40 (Oklahoma=40 K-exception)
1+1+2+0+1+8=13 (Thirteen=45, Mayfield=450 Sumerian) (Sooners=405 Jewish gematria)
1+1+18=20 (Lincoln Riley=200 Francis Bacon)

This is the 104th Rose Bowl
New Year's Day=140
Oklahoma=140 reverse ordinal
Oklahoma University=104 reverse reduction
Baker Mayfield is born on the 104th day of the year.
This game is 104 days before his birthday

Mayfield=101 Francis Bacon, playing on 1/1
Kirby Smart (Georgia coach) can drop to 1-1 in Bowl games
University of Georgia=110
University of Oklahoma=110 reverse reduction

The winner of this game will improve to 13-1 and get to play in the Championship game:

*Clemson can improve to 13-1 with a win over Alabama OR Alabama can improve to 13-1 with two straight wins.

Bowl Game=33
Riley=33 (Hired at age 33)



  1. that 104 is crazy... sick decode bruh...

  2. Rose Bowl:37/44/109/107
    Georgia: 44/37
    Georgia won the Nat’l ship 37 years ago. Big clue they have been in 52**** bowl games.
    Georgia Bulldogs=251;54th Prime if they win will advance to their 53/54th postseason games.

  3. Good decode maybe georgia scarfice for falcons to go back to superbowl ?

  4. Your date numerology Gematria is perfect...notice in your NFL week 17 decode of Bills vs Dolphins you did the date numerology wrong...stay with Gematria connections in all date numerology decodes. This is why this pick is correct and why your Dolphins pick was wrong. Happy 2018

    1. except Oklahoma lost.. there is no perfect science to this apparently..