Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Manhattan attacker Sayfullo Saipov: (29/58/111)

The driver of the truck has been identified as 29 year old Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov.

A 29 year old attacking Manhattan?

2+9=11, New York the 11th state.

Today has 58 date numerology:


New York City's mayor is Bill de Blasio:

Notice the 5/8 birthday.

His full name is Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov which connects to New York.

Tomorrow is 11/1.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Jimmy Garoppolo traded to 49ers: (77/62/64)

Jimmy Garoppolo has been traded from the Patriots to the 49ers.

He's been traded on a day with 77 numerology:


His nickname is 'Jimmy G' which also equals 77:

Last year Garoppolo filled in for Brady (and won) on September eleventh in the season opener due to Brady's suspension:

If you want to read why I said the Patriots would win the season opener with Garoppolo months before the season started here's the post:


I also noted last year how Garoppolo has a 11/2 birthday and he was starting the season for the Patriots and it ended in Houston=112
Brady #10, Garoppolo #12.
They also played Brissett=112 while Brady was suspended and Garoppolo was hurt.


Remember on September eleventh Flight 77 crashed into the 77 feet tall pentagon 77 minutes after take off on the 77th meridian.

Garoppolo was the 62nd pick in the draft a few years ago, now he's traded on the day leaving 62 days left in the year:

Patriots are 6-2 this season.
Forty Niners=62 reverse reduction.

Garoppolo turns 26 in a few days, the flip of 62.

The Patriots don't have a backup QB now. I would love for Tom Brady to get fucking nailed and see their season go into the shitter, but with them having no second string QB they have to sign someone and the 49ers just cut Brian Hoyer who was Brady's back-up for years so he'll likely resign with them now.

Gabe Kapler hired as Phillies manager: (130/42/191/54)

Gabe Kapler has been hired as the Phillies manager today.

He's been hired on 10/30:

He's been hired 13 weeks after his birthday:

He's 42 at the time of his hiring:

His name also connects to the Phillies:

He became the 54th manager for the team:

Here's the picture the Phillies should've tweeted instead:

Saturday, October 28, 2017

NFL Week 8 Previews: (35/99/129/62/13/111/87)

Bears @ Saints

Date Numerology:

10+29+2+0+1+7=49 (Brees=49)
1+0+2+9+2+0+1+7=22 (With a loss Trubisky would be 2-2, Brees=22)

Trubisky=35, the bears would be  3-5 with a loss against the saints. (Chicago=35 reverse reduction)
Saints going for 350th all-time win.

John Fox can get his 28th loss with the bears against the New Orleans Saints=208
This is the 28th match-up between the teams.

Or saints could be 4-3 with a loss and get franchise loss #430 in the regular season.

Sean Payton is going for his 99th win, Drew Brees=99, Mitchell Trubisky=99 reverse reduction.
Thirteen=45/99, New Orleans=45, Drew Brees=45, Bears=45, Fox=45

Sean Payton has 72 losses including postseason and could stay on that total against Mitchell Trubisky=72, Chicago=72 Francis Bacon gematria.

Drew Brees has 141 wins all-time, Mitch Trubisky=1041 Jewish gematria, so Brees could lose and stay on that total.

There is a small narrative for an upset, but I think the saints narrative is stronger plus they're at home.


Steelers @ Lions

Date Numerology:

10+29+2+0+1+7=49 (Mike Tomlin=49)
10+29+17=56 (Caldwell could stay on 56 regular season wins)
10+29=39 (SNF=39) (Big Ben=39) (Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger Sr=309) (James Caldwell=39)

Ben Roethlisberger is going for his 129th regular season win on 10/29.
Steelers=129 Francis Bacon gematria

Roethlisberger has 69 all-time losses and could stay on that total against the lions=69

Oct 29th is the 302nd day of the year and leaves 63 days left in the year:

Roethlisberger born on 3/2, Caldwell=603 English gematria.
This is the 32nd match-up between the teams.
Stafford could stay on 32 home wins.

Steelers are looking to improve to 6-2
Michael Tomlin=62
NFL Week Eight=62
Jim Caldwell is 62
Matt Stafford could get his 62nd regular season loss.
Matthew Stafford=62
Ben Roethlisberger could stay on 62 regular season losses with a win.

Mike Tomlin can get his 117th win all-time on SNF=117 Francis Bacon gematria in Detroit=117 Francis Bacon gematria.

Lions would drop to 3-4 with a loss, John Matthew Stafford=304 Francis Bacon gematria

Caldwell could get his 31st win with Detroit against the Steelers=31, but that's really the only thing pointing towards a lions victory.

I like the steelers to beat the lions in this one and part of that is because I like the lions to win next week against the packers to improve to 4-4, Matt Stafford=44, Detroit=44 (reverse reduction), Michigan=44 (reverse reduction), Green Bay on the 44th parallel, Wisconsin=44.


Broncos @ Chiefs

Date Numerology:

10+30+2+0+1+7=50 (Chiefs=50) (Andy Reid going for 50th win with Chiefs)
1+0+3+0+2+0+1+7=14 (Game is 140 days before Andy Reid's birthday)
10+30+17=57 (Alex Smith born on 5/7) (57 days before Siemian's birthday)

The game is on 10/30, Siemian wears #13, Joseph=99 Francis Bacon gematria, thirteen=99
Game is 41 days after Vance Joseph's birthday, 41 is the 13th prime.

Andy Reid is going for win #179 in the regular season, 179 is the 41st prime, 41 is the 13th prime.

October 30th is the 303rd day of the year, MNF=33 and leaves 62 days left in the year, Alex Smith has 62 losses and will likely stay on that total. Chiefs can improve to 6-2.

Alex Smith=111
Alex Smith had 1 TD 11 INT's in his rookie year.
Trevor Siemian would be 11-10 with a loss.
MNF=111 Francis Bacon gematria.

The Broncos will be 3-4 with a loss.

Alex Smith could stay on 86 wins against the Broncos=86

Or Smith could get win #87 on October Thirtieth on Monday Night Football:

Andy Reid could get loss #117 in the regular season on October Thirtieth=1170 Sumerian.
It would also be loss #129 including playoffs, Siemian would be 12-9 with a win.

Alex Smith can get his 48th win at home against Denver=408 (Sumerian) and Andy Reid=480
(Sumerian) The game is at Arrowhead stadium, Arrowhead=48

There is a broncos narrative, but I think the chiefs narrative is a bit stronger.


I've been ranking the picks from strongest to weakest at the bottom just so it's clear which picks have have the strongest coding behind them.

1. Steelers
2. Chiefs
3. Saints

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

TNF Preview, Dolphins @ Ravens: (43/200/97/66)

Date Numerologies:

10+26+2+0+1+7=46 (Ravens could stay on 199 franchise wins, 199 is 46th prime)

The Ravens lead the all-time series 8-6 including playoffs (6-6 in regular season):

This will be the 13th match-up in the regular season, TNF=13

Baltimore=41, the 13th prime, Miami=45 ordinal/Miami=99 English gematria, thirteen=45/99

The Dolphins could improve to 5-2 in their 52nd season, but I don't think they will.

The Dolphins will likely lose and drop to 4-3, Dolphins=43, Miami Dolphins=430 English gematria

The Ravens are going for their 200th franchise win (including playoffs) in a prime-time game.

Joseph Vincent Flacco=200

October 26th is the 299th day of the year and leaves 66 days left in the year:

Baltimore Ravens=66, Harbaugh=66, Flacco=66 Francis Bacon gematria, Moore=66

Joe Flacco will get his 97th win in the NFL against the Dolphins:

He's playing against Matthew Erickson Moore=97

Flacco is playing 83 days before his birthday, Joseph Vincent Flacco=83, Flacco=83 Jewish gematria, Football=83

Matt Moore is on 15 wins and 14 losses all-time, he'll pick up his 15th loss and stay on 15 wins against the Ravens=105 Francis Bacon and John Harbaugh=1005 Jewish gematria

They usually leaves clues in their last match-up also:

Their last game summed to 44 points, ravens looking to improve to 4-4 this week.

I like the ravens at home, a lot lines up for them this game.


Monday, October 23, 2017

Gary Rose given Medal of Honor (88/47/45)

Gary Rose was given the Medal of Honor today for his efforts in the Vietnam War.

He was in Operation Tailwind:

Today is 10/23, a lot like 123:

This year is 47 years after the event, Laos=47, Trump=470 Jewish gematria.

This Happened in 1970, a lot like 197, the 45th prime:

Trump is the 45th president.

This story seems very reminiscent of The Manchurian Candidate to me, in that movie they made up a war hero to prop someone up in the national spotlight. The movie illustrates how easy it would be to make up a heroic story and feed it to the public.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

NFL Week 7 Previews: (13/34/37/33/52/25)

Broncos @ Chargers

10+22+20+17=69 (Trevor Siemian=69)
10+22+2+0+1+7=42 (The Broncos could improve to 4-2) (Siemian=420 Sumerian)
1+0+2+2+2+0+1+7=15 (Chargers=105 Francis Bacon gematria)

The chargers are 0-3 at home this year, with a win they'll be 1-3, LA=13
Rivers playing 45 days before his birthday, thirteen=45/99
Philip Rivers has 103 overall wins and 99 regular season wins, he could stay on those totals.

Siemian wears #13

Or Rivers could stay on 88 losses in California=88.

Vance Joseph coaching 33 days after his birthday, could become 3-3.

The chargers can improve to 3-4, chargers=304 English gematria, over Siemian=34
Los Angeles is on the 34th parallel.

Week Seven=37/109
Los Angeles=37/109
Seven=91 Francis Bacon gematria
Lynn=91 Francis Bacon gematria


Ravens @ Vikings

Date Numerologies:

10+22+20+17=69 (Keenum=69)
10+22+2+0+1+7=42 (Keenum=420 English gematria) (Joe Flacco=420 Sumerian)
1+0+2+2+2+0+1+7=15 (Ravens=105 Francis Bacon gematria)(John Harbaugh=1005 Jewish gematria)

This will be their 6th all-time H2H game, the Ravens lead 3-2.

Ravens could take the 4-2 lead, Flacco=420 Sumerian, Keenum=420 English gematria, Keenum=24


The game starts at 12:00 PM local time, Keenum is going for his 12th win.

The Vikings could be 5-2 in the year of Super Bowl 52, the one they're hosting (Minnesota=52 reverse reduction).

Mike Zimmer=122, coaching on 10/22
Joe Flacco=122 Francis Bacon gematria

The Ravens could lose and become 3-4:
Case Keenum=34
Joe Flacco=34
Ravens=34 S-exception
Mike Zimmer coaching 139 days after birthday, 139 is the 34th prime.

Zimmer could get his 25th regular season loss against the ravens=25.

Flacco playing 86/87 days before his birthday, could stay on 86 regular season wins or get his 87th win

Flacco is also going for his 97th all-time win against Case Keenum=97

Week Seven=37/109

Baltimore's next win will be #200, I would think the league wants that on TNF next week and not this week.


Falcons @ Patriots

Date Numerologies:

10+22+20+17=69 (Atlanta=69) (Belichick=69 Jewish gematria)
10+22+2+0+1+7=42 (Falcons looking to improve to 4-2) (Falcons=420 Sumerian) (Dan Quinn is coaching 42 days after his birthday)
1+0+2+2+2+0+1+7=15 (Atlanta=15) (Tom Brady=150 Francis Bacon gematria)
10+22+17=49 (Patriots=490 Jewish gematria)

QB Match-up is #12 Brady vs #2 Ryan, a lot like 122 on 10/22.
Brady can get his all-time 122nd home win.

October 22nd is the 295th day of the year and the day that leaves 70 days left in the year.
New England Patriots=295 Francis Bacon gematria, Gillette Stadium=70 Jewish gematria, Falcons=70

The game is 259 days after the Super Bowl, a reshuffling of 295.

It is also 37 weeks later, Patriots=37
Week Seven=37

Matt Ryan has 88 regular season wins, and could stay on that total, Massachusetts=808 Jewish gematria, Belichick=88 Francis Bacon gematria. (Belichick=89 English gematria)

If the Falcons lose they would be 3-3, they play on the 33rd parallel.
Massachusetts=33, Sunday Night Football=303 Francis Bacon gematria.
Dan Quinn can get his 16th loss, sixteen=33
This will be Matt Ryan's 156th game, Thirty three=156

The Patriots are looking to improve to 5-2 in the year of Super Bowl 52, over the team they had the 25 point comeback against, Falcons=25

Dan Quinn could get his 25th all-time win this game in the 25 revenge game, Belichick is on 205 wins currently and could stay on that total or Belichick could get #206, 260 days after the Super Bowl.
Quinn could also get his 23rd regular season win also, against Brady=23

Brady is playing 81 days after his birthday, Sunday Night Football=81

If the Patriots lost they would be 4-3, champion=43 and it would be a nod to them being the champion last year, but I think the other narrative is stronger.


If you asked me to rank which picks I think are the strongest, I would go:

1. Chargers
2. Patriots
3. Vikings

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Chiefs @ Raiders preview: (25/52/88)

Chiefs @ Raiders

Date Numerologies:

10+19+20+17=66 (Carr=66 Francis Bacon gematria)
10+19+2+0+1+7=39 (Alex Smith=39)
10+19+17=46 (The Raiders can get all-time loss #406 on a day with 46 numerology.)

The Chiefs could fall to 5-2 or the Raiders could become 2-5.

The game is in California:

The Chiefs lead the series 60-51-2 or 62-52-2 including playoffs:

The Chiefs could win and get their 61st series win and improve to 6-1 or lose and get their 52nd loss and become 5-2.

From this game to their next match-up is 52 days.

Alex Smith can get regular season loss #58 in Oakland=58 tonight.

Alex Smith can lose this week and get his 87th win next week on Monday Night Football=87

Jack Del Rio can stay on 88 regular season losses in California=88, Jack Del Rio=88

He can also pick-up his 22nd win with Oakland in Oakland=22

Andy Reid already has 22 losses with KC so he could stay on that total.

Their last game was a sum of 34 points, the Raiders can improve to 3-4 tonight:

I didn't have time to finish this post so it's not as conclusive as they usually are, but I like the Raiders also. I can't see the Raiders dropping 5 in a row. Plus If KC loses, it makes the home field advantage race a bit tighter, which is what the league wants.


Check out Zach's post on the game here:


And Piotr's decode on the game: