Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Why Trump won 306 electoral votes (2017/306)

I mentioned this in an older Trump post, but wanted to highlight it again since it is significant.

Trump won the election with 306 electoral college votes

He finished with this amount of electoral votes for a reason:

2017 is the 306th prime

He will be inaugurated in 2017 so 306 votes was the number he won with.

Clinton also lost to the 45th president with a fitting number:

232 is a rescrambling of 223 (Masonic=223) and 322 (The number of skull and bones)
The divisors sum up to 450 a lot like 45.

How Seasons are coded (89/24/93)

Spring 38 R/47 S-exception 83 O (Seasons=20 R/47 S-exceptions)
Seasons=366 Jewish gematria, 366 days in a leap year

From the start of Spring to the start of Summer is 93 days (Saturn=93, think about how seasons are based around the sun, especially summer)


Summer 26 R/35 S-exception 89 O (Same as Winter) (89 is 24th prime, 24 hours in a day, four seasons, 'Four'=24 R)

Again the span is 93 days in between, further proof that the calendar and seasons are based around gematria and in specific Saturn
Or 3 months 1 day til Fall starts (Fall=31 O)


Fall 13 R 31 O (Fall=47 Jewish gematria, Seasons=47 S-exception, Spring=47 S-exception)

From the start of Fall to Winter is 13 weeks (Fall=13 R)
Not including the end date it is 90 days (Sun=9 R, sunlight becoming less during fall, moving into winter)


Winter 35 R 89 O (Same as Summer) (89 is 24th prime, 24 hours in a day, four seasons, 'Four'=24 R)

From the start of Winter to the start of Spring is 89 days
Or 2 months 27 days connecting back to Pi, 22/7=3.14
Including end date it would be 90 days, (Sun=9 R, think about the sun emerging after the long winter)

This illustrates how even season changes are coded around date spans and numerology, so for anyone to say 'how do they do this?' is illogical. They have 99% of everything already coded so all they do is plug and play for each news story, sports game, etc. They've already done the hard work coding out the language, now all they need to do is make fake names/stories based around their agenda, which could easily be done with some program on a computer.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mac Miller & Donald Trump (45/33/119/88/44)

I came across a song titled 'Donald Trump' the other day by Mac Miller, so I decided to look into it to see if there were any gematria ties and found quite a few;

Click the link below to listen to the song;

The date the song came out is a bit hazy, on Wikipedia it says 2/8/2011 and 3/17/2011 for digital release, so I'm gonna stick with the version up top since it's the earliest version I could find.

As the title of the video reads:
'Mac Miller - Donald Trump'=89 R (The label that produced the song is called 'Rostrum Records'=71/89 R/S-exception)

**Notice the length of the song, 2 minutes and 45 seconds long, Trump became 45th president

This song also came off the album 'Best Day ever'=45 R
It's also in the genre of 'Hip Hop'=45 R
H=8 so Hip-Hop, HH=88 (Trump=88 O)
The video came out 5 years 8 months before Trump was elected the 58th term president

2077 (277) days between the video coming out and Trump being elected, 277 is the 59th prime, and from February 8th the official release to his election is exactly 5 years 9 months (Kill=59 Jewish gematria)

The video came out on 3/3/2011 (33) (March 3rd also leaves 303 days left in the year) (Miller=33)

3/3/2011 = 3+3+20+11=37 (Malcolm McCormick=157, 157 is 37th prime)
3/3/2011 = 3+3+2+0+1+1=10 (Ten=39, Trump from 'New York'=39 R)
3/3/2011 = 3+3+11=17 (Trump will be inaugurated in 17')

Just to document, here's the official release date numerology;
2/8/2011 = 41 (Mac Miller=41 R) (Born on date with 41 numerology)
2/8/2011 = 14
2/8/2011 = 21
February 8th is the 39th day of the year, (New York=39 R)

Mac Miller is likely part of the gang, notice he has their symbol on his left middle finger.

Star of David =119 O
Donald=119 Jewish gematria
Trump elected on 11/9
His birthday is 1/19

19+92=111 (New York=111, where Trump is from)

1/19/1992 = 1+19+19+92=131
1/19/1992 = 1+19+1+9+9+2=41 (Mac Miller=41 R)
1/19/1992 = 1+1+9+1+9+9+2=32
1/19/1992 = 1+19+92=112

His full name is Malcolm James McCormick:

Malcolm 24 R 69 O (Miller=69 O)
James 12 R 48 O (Donald Trump=48 R)
McCormick 43 R 88 O (Trump=88 O)
Malcolm McCormick 67 R 157 O
Malcolm James McCormick 79 R/88 S-exception 205 O (Trump=88, Israel=205 Jewish gematria)

Mac 8 R 17 O (Trump inaugurated in 17')
Miller = 33 R 69 O (Malcolm=69 O)
Mac Miller = 41 R 86 O
He will be 25 by inauguration day, 'Twenty Five'=50 R (Fifty states, America=50)

In both his stage name and real name he has the initials MM, M=4, so MM=44
Marilyn Manson (MM, 44) had a video about Trump recently and Mac Miller has this video from 5 years ago about him.

Fisherman = 93 O (Saturn=93 O, propaganda=93 O)
Fisherman = 48 R (Donald Trump=48 R)

Monday, November 28, 2016

Ohio State Football/Campus lockdown (24/33/911/156/411)

The shooter's name is 'Abdul Razak Ali Artan' 173 O, 65 R
173 is the 40th prime
'Abdul' 40 O (Ohio State=40 R
Gotta love the 'AR' in abdul Razak, likely will come out he had an AR for the shooting.

He's supposedly a 'Somali refugee'=64 R/73 S-exception
and he's 'eighteen'=73 O

And his full initials in reduction form has 9-1-1 attached to it;

A (1) ----> R (9) A (1) A (1) a lot like 9-1-1, 911 is the 156th prime and thirty-three=156 O, today leaves 33 days left in the year, 'Somali=33 S-exception

Razak=21 R, date num of 21 (1+1+2+8+2+0+1+6=21)
his last name 'Artan'=18 R, they say he is 18.

They're saying over 65,000 students are enrolled at Ohio State, 'Abdul Razak Ali Artan'=65 R

They play at 'Ohio Stadium'= 53 R (62 S-exception, mason=62, this comes 62 days after Jesuit order's birthday)
'Cyber Monday'=53 R
'Columbus, Ohio'=153 O

This made me laugh when I saw it, the address of the stadium is 411 Woody Hayes Drive.
'Assassin'=411 Jewish gematria

Their saying is '#GoBucks'=24 R/33 S-exception, Muslim=24/33, Somali=24/33, 33 days left in the year.
Ohio State is looking for championship #9 this year, nine=24

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Jill Stein recount (33/44/38/59/133)

Jill Stein wants a recount in three key swing states, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

11/23/2016=70*/43/16/50* (Trump is 70 years old) (America=50, 50 states, Stein born in 50')

Recount=33 R 96 O (Freemason=96 O)
Voting=33 R
Clinton=33 R

She cites potential 'Hacking' as the reason
'Hacking'=35 R/44 K-exception, Stein's decision to start this fundraiser came 193 days after her birthday, 193 is the 44th prime.
It is also 6 months 9 days after her birthday, (Hillary is 69 years old)

The decision also comes 173 days before her next birthday, 173 is the 40th prime, (Hillary=40 R)
Or 5 months 22 days before her next birthday, 5 x 22 = 110 (President=110 O)

'Wisconsin'= 44 R (Hacking=44 K-exception)
'Pennsylvania'= 53 R (Hacking 53 O)

If it does confirm hacking took place, the Russians will be blamed no doubt.

Russia=87 O (Clinton=87 O)
Russia=24 R/42 S-exception (#Recount2016 is the hashtag being used, Recount=33 R+2+0+1+6=42)
'Russian interference'= 97 R/115 S-exception 223 O (115th congress coming in, Trump's book came out 1/15) (Masonic=223)
Russians=30 R/57 S-exceptions
Green Party = 57 R

'Election fraud'=133 O
'Government'=133 O
'White house'=133 O

Jill Stein = 110 O 38 R 47 S-exception
President=110 47 R

Jill Ellen Stein = 59 R
She is 66 years old, 'Sixty Six'=41 R/59 S-exception
This decision comes 59 days before inauguration day.

Jill is born on 5/14, which leaves 231 days left in the year, 'Hillary Rodham Clinton'=231 O

5/14/1950 = 88*/34/25*/69* (Trump=88) (She is raising 2.5 million for the recount) (Hillary is 69 years old) (#Recount2016 is the hashtag, recount=33 R+20+16=69)
5x14=70 (Trump's age)

November 23rd, the day this campaign for the recount started, left 38 days left in the year (Jill Stein=38 R) (Election=38 R)

I doubt this recount will change anything, but it is going to happen. She reached her goal, thus allowing her to file for the recount. Just another thing to extend this election cycle.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Vegas Golden Knights (113/31/115/47)

The NHL has a new expansion team, the 'Vegas Golden Knights'

This was announced on 11/22/2016, a day with 33 numerology (11+22=33)
'Expansion Team'=156 O. 'Thirty Three'=156 O

Date numerology: 11/22/2016=69/42/15/49

The team's hashtag is #BoldinGold=49 R (Date num of 49, 11+22+16=49)

NHL=34 O
Knights=34 R

The NHL last added expansion teams on 6/25/1997, it added the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Minnesota Wild.

Not including the end date it was 7090 days (79), the reflection of 97 the year they added those teams. Including the end date it was a span of 1013 weeks (113) (Mainstream=113, Dishonest=113) since the NHL last added a new team.

'Las Vegas Nevada'=43 R/79 V-exception/97 V&S-exceptions (like the span of 7090 days and 97 like the year the last time an NHL team was added.

Their team name announcement tweet below was sent at 6:25 PST (Vegas local time)

6:25 PM, 6+25=31
Hockey=31 R
The golden knights are the 31st team in the league.
They will be playing in the 'T-Mobile'=31 arena
Owner's birthday is 12/14 which is 3 weeks 1 day away from this announcement.

Las Vegas, Nevada is on the 115th meridian;
'T-Mobile Arena'=115 O

They're going to be in the pacific division:
'Pacific Division'=85 R/94 S-exception (#BoldinGold=94)
Pacific=47 O 38 R
Nevada=47 O 20 R 38 V-exception

There was 7 teams in the pacific division, but now there is eight;
'Eight' 31 R (Hockey=31,31st team, etc.) 49 O (Date num of 49)

Nevada=47, 47 is the 15th prime (Date num. of 15, 1+1+2+2+2+0+1+6=15)

Sin City=36 R/45 S-exception
Vegas=18 R 45 V&S-exceptions
Expansion=45 R 54 S-exception
Vegas=54 O

Knights=34 R 43 S-exception
Las Vegas, Nevada=43 R

Golden knights=390 Jewish gematria, November 22nd leaves 39 days left in the year, Eighth team in the pacific division (Eighth=39 R)
Golden knights=870 Jewish gematria, 'National Hockey League'=87 R
They're technically only the 'Vegas golden knights', but 'Las Vegas Golden knights'=87 R

Knights=88 O
'Pacific division'=888 English gematria

'NHL'=68 Jewish gematria
The owner is 'William P. Foley'=68 R

Las Vegas=86 O
'William P. Foley II'=86 R

This team was coded thoroughly, both in terms of when this team would be added and the naming/location of it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Bruce Arena hired as Men's soccer coach (65/34/62/39)

Bruce Arena will be the next Men's soccer coach replacing Jurgen Klinsmann.

The thing I find interesting about Arena straight away is how similar his name is to the Arizona cardinals coach Bruce Arians who went to the hospital late Sunday night/early Monday morning. This Arians story may have a prerequisite to the hiring of Arena, and essentially a ritual for the hiring.

B (2) A (1) a lot like 21, Arena=21 R 39 O (From New York 39 R) (Hired on the day that leaves 39 days left in the year)

Birth numerology of 9/21/1951=100/46/28/81

Hired 11/22/2016=69*/42/15*/49* (His former team lost in the playoffs to the Colorado Rapids=69 R 150 O)

He is 65 at the time of his hiring, 'Sixty five'=139 O, 139 is the 34th prime, he has 304 wins as a head coach. (His former team, the galaxy play 34 regular season games per year)
Bruce=49 O, 'Sixty Five'=49 R (Revelation=49 R) (Date num. of 49, 11+22+16=49)

Arena has been hired 62 days after his birthday, coming over from the 'Los Angeles Galaxy'=62 R
Or a total span of 63 days, 1-63 added up = 2016, it is also 2 months 2 days a lot like 22, 'Bruce'=22

He's also been hired 303 (33) days before his next birthday. (Hired on 11/22, 11+22=33)
It is also 9 months 30 days before his next birthday (Saturn=93)

Arena's team lost in the conference semifinals Nov 6th, 16/17 days ago.
'Sixteen'=33 R 96 O (Three hundred three=96 R)
'Seventeen'=37 R 109 O (Los Angeles = 37 R 109 O)

Jürgen Klinsmann fired from US Men's National Soccer Team (162/52/30)

Jurgen Klinsmann has been fired from the Men's national soccer team after two lackluster team performances, losing to Mexico and Costa Rica.

Born 7/30/1964=120/57/30/101

Klinsmann was fired 114,115 days after his birthday, 115 is a big number as of late, 115th congress coming in, Trump's book came out that date

This was also 3 months 22 days from his birthday like 322, the masonic number.
Notice the 16 weeks 2 days, (United States Men's National Soccer Team=126 R/162 S-exception)
Including end date 16 weeks 3 days, 1-63 added up=2016, 163 is the 38th prime (Germany=38 R, where he is from)

^ He was also fired 251 days before his next birthday, 251 is the 54th prime (Fifty four=126 O, United States Men's National Soccer Team=126 R)
It's also a total span of 36 weeks (Soccer=27 R/36 S-exception)
It's 8 months 9 days before his next birthday, his final loss with the team was to 'Costa Rica'=89 O

J (10) + K (11)=21 O, fired on the 21st of the month.

'Klinsmann'=35 R, he was the 35th Men's soccer coach for the US (Final game vs 'Costa Rica'=35 R)
Hired on 7/29/2011=67/40*/22/47* (Fired on Nov, 21 which leaves 40 days left in the year)(His final loss was to Costa Rica, and they lost 4-0 a lot like 40)
He was hired 47 years after being born if you include end date

He coached 47 competition matches for the Men's soccer team.
He also had 51 friendly matches manages 'West Germany'=51 R

'Coach'=30 O
'Jurgen'=30 R
Birth num. of 30, 7+3+0+1+9+6+4=30

Was fired on 11/21/2016=68/41/14/48
Klinsmann is 52 years old at the time of his firing (Prophecy=52 R)
His town in Germany is called "Goppingen'=52* R 88 O (Trump=88 O)

False Reality (48,21,23)

Some key words that represent a false reality.

Illusion 39 R 48 with S-exception
Hoax 48 O

Myth 21 R
Hoax 21 R
Sleep 21 R

Dream 23 R
Fantasy 23 R
Fake 23 O
Donald 23 R and the three above summarize him well.

Monday, November 21, 2016

US Coins (41/13)

The dollar currencies add up to 188 like bavarian illuminati, the coins have an interesting total also;

If you look at the current coin currency you have the penny(.01), nickel(.05), dime (.10), and quarter (.25).
1+5+10+25=41, 41 is the 13th prime, 13 colonies, 13 stripes on the flag. Coin=41

Super bowl 51, (112, 613, 51)

613 is the 112th prime, in the first few games of the season the colts found themselves down 6-13 which is when i noted this prime number parallel.

Andrew Luck=112, Houston=112, Horseshoe=112, if Manning & Luck match-up in the super bowl it'll be 10 vs 12 a lot like 112 (Manning vs Brady would be 10 vs 12 also)

613-112=501 a lot like 51, the current super bowl number.

'Super Bowl fifty one'=87 R
Luck's number 'Twelve'=87 O
8+7=15 a reflection of 51
Divisors of 87 add up to 120 a lot like 12

The 1986-19*87* nfl season ended with the giants beating the broncos 39-20 in the super bowl, Luck and the colts have parallels with the broncos, so maybe we see the colts-giants this year.
(This was also Super bowl 21, a reflection of 12, Luck's number)

Trump 777, 343, 122

I pointed this out in a post a week or so back, but Trump also has a 1/22 connection;

His Trump Tower in NY has a zip code of 10022
Pope Francis=122
The giants saying is #GiantsPride=122, why I think Trump winning may be a good sign for the giants (Trump Tower is also 68 stories high, #GiantsPride=59 R/68 S-exception)

Jan 22nd, 2017 also has 40 date num.  1+22+17=40 (Abortion=40) (Jan 22nd leaves 343 days left in the year, 343's divisors add up to 400 a lot like 40)

343 is also 7x7x7, Trump will be 70 years old, 7 months 7 days at time of inauguration.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Trump riddle with former assassinated presidents (2791,115,138,70)

One other key why Trump may be fake assassinated is this;

There have 4 presidents killed in office to date, Lincoln, Garfield, Mckinley, and JFK;
They were presidents 16,20,25, and 35. If you add them up 16+20+25+35=96 like freemason,

Add in Trump at 45, then you get 141 which is insignificant but then -3 since 25,35, and 45 were after grover cleveland who took up two terms and you're at 138. (Donald Trump=138)

Also if you look at the singular date of the presidents killed, they died on the 15th, 19th, 14th, and 22nd, 15+19+14+22=70 like trump's age.

If Zach's prediction is right about the 18th of May, then 70+18=88 (Trump=88)

Also if that is the date it happens from November 22nd, 1963 (JFK's assassination) to May 18th, 2017 is exactly 2791 weeks;
2791 is the 406th prime (46) (Sacrifice=46 R)

Plus 27+91=118 a lot like 11/8 the day he was elected. (And 2+7+9+1=19, POTUS=19)

Also the date numerology of JFK's assassination syncs up with Trump, 11+22+19+63=115, Trump's book came out 1/15, he comes in with 115th congress.

And for the Washington tie-in, GW died on 12/14/1799, from that date to 5/18/2017 is 217 years, 5 months 5 days, point being a lot like 2017. (Plus 217+5+5=227 connecting back to PI)

Friday, November 18, 2016

Trump & Eisenhower (65/34/114/189/45)

Slide 313 was the important slide in the JFK assassination, 313* is the 65th prime and Trump is coded with 65's.

Trump was born in 1946, 19+46=65
He went to 'Fordham'=65
His book 'The America we deserve' came out 605 days before 9/11 happened
'President elect'=65 R
He was elected on 11/8, which is the 313th* day of the year in leap years, 313* is the 65th prime number
'Sixty five'=49 R 58 S-exception 139 O(Revelation=49) (Freemasonry=58, trump is 58th term president)
'Sixty Five'=1619 in Jewish gematria, 16+19=35, JFK was the 35th president

This may be a stretch, but in regards to 'sixty five'=139 which is the 34th prime it makes me think back to the 34th president, Eisenhower. He came before JFK and JFK was assassinated right after and Eisenhower has some ties to the current presidential numbers. D (4) E (5) a lot like 45 like the current president number and 'Eisenhower'=58 R like the current term number.
Eisenhower also has a 10/14 birthday. (World war=114, Eisenhower served in both world wars) (Trump card=114, President of the united states=114, 411 assassin, inverted)
Also Eisenhower's numerology=114, 10+14+90=114
Eisenhower born in 1890 (189) (The America we deserve=189)(Trump became president 189 days after becoming the republican presumptive nominee) ((Donald J trump = 1189 Jewish gematria)
Eisenhower died in 1969, 19+69=88 (Trump=88)
The day he died was 3/28/1969, 3+28+19+69=119 (Donald=119, officially announced president on 11/9)

*The clincher for me is this though 'Dwight David Eisenhower'=115 R (Trump's book came out that date 1/15, coming in with the 115th congress, became president 511 days after starting campaign.

Also when Eisenhower died on 3/28/1969 Trump was exactly 1189 weeks old;

Eisenhower born in 1890 (189) (The America we deserve=189)(Trump became president 189 days after becoming the republican presumptive nominee) ((Donald J trump = 1189 Jewish gematria)

And he was exactly 8323 days old, 83+23=106 (prophecy=106)
or 22 years 9 months 14 days (22+9+14=45, he is gonna be the 45th president)

If you look at Eisenhower's death year and Trump's birth year it even adds more to this theory of these two being connected through numerology. 

69-46=23 Donald=23
69+46=115 (Trump coming in with 115th congress, book on 1/15)

To me it seems Eisenhower is connected to Trump and was possibly even sacrificed in 1969 for the future Trump presidency, and since Eisenhower came right before the JFK assassination maybe this is the sign that Trump will also possibly suffer the same fate as JFK. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kellyanne Conway & possible Super Bowl riddle

Why Kellyanne Conway was the Trump campaign manager and why the giants look better to make the super bowl with Trump as president;

Kellyanne Conway was definitely the right person to lead the Trump campaign:

Her birthday is inauguration day, on inauguration day she will be 50 years old (America=50) (Donald=50)
Her birth numerology is 1/20*/1967=107/44*/26/88* (Kill=44) (Trump=88) (Twenty=107)

Kellyanne 99 O 36* R 45 K-exception (45th president) (2017 is the 306th prime) (he is going to finish with 306 electoral votes)
Elizabeth 43 R (New Jersey=43 R) 88 O (Trump=88)
Conway 81 O 27 R
Kellyanne Conway 180 O 63 R (1-63=2016)
Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway 268 O 106 R 115 K-exception (his book published 1/15, comes in with 115th congress) (Prophecy=106)
KC   K (11) C (3) 113 like dishonest/mainstream in Ordinal form;
in Reduction K (2) C (3) like 23, 'Donald'=23
'KEC'=19 O (POTUS=19 R)

She is from 'Camden, New Jersey'=65 R (Trump born in 1946, 19+46=65, went to 'fordham'=65, 'President Elect'=65 R) (He was elected on 11/8, which is the 313th day of the year in leap years, 313 is the 65th prime number) (Washington DC=56 R/65 S-exception)
Camden, New Jersey=74 S-exception, inauguration day/her birthday will be 74 days after the election

She went to 'George Washington University'=349 O, 349 is the 70th prime, Trump will be 70 at time of inauguration (January Twentieth=70 R) (Seventy=110, President=110) (another Washington connection to Trump)
Trump will be 70 years, 7 months 7 days on inauguration day to be exact, 70+7+7=84 (United States of America=84, his birthday is 6/14, 6x14=84)

Screenshots were taken around 1:30 am EST so this time may vary during the day but still found it interesting and the mileage will be the same no matter the time:

11 hours and 2 minutes to get from Trump tower to the colts stadium:
(Houston=112, colts=112, Andrew Luck=112)

25 minutes, super bowl is on 2/5. (Giants=25 R) (Trump=25 R) (Super bowl=41/50, Donald=50)
9.7 miles, 97th NFL season, 97 is the 25th prime.
'Metlife stadium'=58, Trump is 58th term president, freemasonry=58, Trump towers is 58 floors high. 'Metlife'=70, Trump is 70 and will be 70 at the time of the super bowl. (Giants=70)
Trump Tower=52 R (Prophecy=52 R) (New Jersey=43 R/52 S-exception, giants play in New Jersey)
NRG Stadium=45, we just had the election for the 45th president
Trump Tower has a zip code of 10022, the giants twitter hashtag is #GiantsPride=122 O, Trump Tower is also 68 stories high, #GiantsPride=59 R/68 S-exception

The NFC Championship game is on 1/22 like #GiantsPride and Trump Tower's Zip code.

Giants have been in 1 super bowl since being moved to Metlife stadium, that was super bowl 46 against the pats;
if they make it this year they will have been in 46 and 51, 46+51=97 like the current NFL year.

In regards to the colts, their Hashtag is #ForTheShoe=119 O, Donald=119, elected on 11/9
Vikings is #SKOL=12 R/21 S-exception, NRG=21 R (Minnesota Vikings=201 O)

Just a side note to show how campaigns are run on gematria based ideas;

Border Wall=110 O 47 R
President=110 O 47 R

Monday, November 14, 2016

Trump's predicted victory that was missed: (65/110/119)

Trump was born in 1946, 19+46=65
He went to 'Fordham'=65
His book 'The America we deserve' came out 605 days before 9/11 happened, and his book hinted at Osama bin Laden perpetrating the attack in the future;
'President elect'=65 R

President=110 (Fordham University=110 V-exception) (Seventy=110 O)
Republican=101 O, (Fordham University 101 S-exception)

The book came out exactly 888 weeks before he will be inaugurated, (Trump=88 O) (Donald J Trump=888 Jewish gematria) (Elected on 11/8, 11x8=88)
Donald John Trump=1110 (New York=111) (9/11 leaves 111 days left in the year and he predicted it pretty much since he's in the know)

Wiki picture above ^
The picture has date numerology of 119, 6+30+19+64=119
Trump elected on 11/9
Donald=119 (Jewish gematria)
Fordham University=119 with V/S-exceptions (92 R)

'Forty fifth president'=108/117 R/S-exception
'The america we deserve'=108 V-exception and 117 with V/S-exception

Trump became president 511 days after starting his campaign (Saturn=511 Jewish gematria)
He became the republican presumptive nominee on May 3rd, 5/3 to 11/8 (election day) is 189 days (The america we deserve)=189 (Donald J trump = 1189 Jewish gematria)
Trump accepted the republican nomination on 7/21, 7/21 to 11/8 is 110 days (president=110, Seventy=110) or a span of 111 days (New York=111)
Also even the date of his acceptance is like his inauguration year, 7/21 or 21/7 in most parts of the world and he will take office in 2017 a rescrambling of the numbers.
From 7/21 to inauguration day is also 5 months 30 days a lot like 5/3 the day he became the presumptive nominee, nov 8 also left 53 days left on the year
July 21 was the 203rd day of the year this year, Donald=23

January Twentieth=214 O (The Republican Party=214 O) 70 R (Trump will be 70 years old)
Trump carried 1,441 primary delegates and 306 electoral votes in the general election;
1441+306=1747, 1+7+4+7=19 (POTUS=19)

He will be president #45, 'forty five'=126 O, his convention started 7/18, 7x18=126 (Hillary's birthday is 10/26) (Trump's birthday is 6/14, 6x14=84, United States of America=84)

Should Trump serve his first time fully which I think he will personally he would be a one term president I think. He would be replaced on January 20th, 2021.
He would be 74 years old, 7 months and 7 days old at that time, 74+7+7=88 (Trump=88)

Janet Reno's birthday is 7/21, the same day Trump's convention ended and he accepted the republican nomination. So she was the sacrifice for Trump it seems.

Janet Reno=612 English gematria, reflection of 216, like the year and Cleveland where Trump held his convention
Her initials J (10) R (18), a lot like 11/8 the day of the election.

Serta commercial:

In regards to the serta commercial Trump says 'looking good number nine'=239 o (52nd prime, prophecy, country was 239 years old this year) 113 R (Mainstream/dishonest=113)The sheep says 'welcome to room nine'=214 O (The Republican party=214 O) 88 R (Trump=88)
The sheep also says 'Where's your dignity'=101 R/110 S-exception
President=110 (Fordham University=110 V-exception) (Seventy=110 O)
Republican=101 O, (Fordham University=101 S-exception)