Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Eli Manning's start streak ends at 210 games: (21/39/36/111)

Eli Manning's start streak is ending at 210 games this week with Geno Smith starting:

The Giants nickname is the G-Men:

Today is 11/28, a perfect date for New York news. 11+28=39

Eli wears #10, Ten=39

Today is 36 days before Manning's birthday:

He's being replaced by Geno Smith and his birth name is Eugene Cyril Smith:

Eli's current regular season record sits at 110-100 (111), he's likely done in New York and probably either goes to Jacksonville with Tom Coughlin or Denver next year.

Geno Smith's first start this year will be 54 days after his birthday:

Monday, November 27, 2017

Greg Schiano doesn't get Tennessee job+Penn state scandal: (106/61/33/114)

Greg Schiano was set to get the Tennessee job today, but after backlash Tennessee decided not to give him the job.

The backlash is because he supposedly helped cover up for Jerry Sandusky while at Penn State.

Schiano had the right numbers to be the coach for Tennessee:

Schiano is even born on 6/1 the flip of 16:

Today was the 330th day of the year:

106 is a lot like 16 (Zeros don't count in numerology):

Schiano equals 33 and the Penn State scandal was all about 33:

Using the K-exception Sandusky=33 (K=11, it doesn't have to be reduced since it's a master number)

Tennessee=137 reverse ordinal, 137 is the 33rd prime.

Joe Paterno died 33 days after his birthday

Paterno's birthday is 12/21, 12+21=33

Joe Paterno was fired on 11/9 for his role in the scandal:

Jerry Sandusky was initially indicted on 11/4 for his crimes:

Sandusky was then ultimately sentenced on 10/9:

It was 109 days before his birthday:

As far as today leaving 35 days left in the year, Tennessee is located on the 35th parallel:

Saturday, November 25, 2017

NFL Week 12 Previews: (74/47/101/35/92)

Doing quick breakdowns this week, but shouldn't be an issue since most games this week are clear reads.

A lot of teams will be going 7-4 and 4-7 this Sunday.


Falcons can go 7-4 on a day with 74 numerology
Buccaneers can go 4-7 on a day with 47 numerology.
Tampa Bay=47 reverse reduction
Ryan Fitzpatrick can get his 70th loss this week against the Falcons=70.
Or he could stay on 69 losses against Atlanta=69
Matt Ryan could stay on 91 wins against the Buccaneers=91 and get loss #62 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers=62

There is some info pointing to a Bucs win, but can't see Fitzpatrick winning three in a row for the Buccaneers, Falcons should win this game.


Eagles will beat the bears at home.
Philadelphia=101, they can improve to 10-1.
Bears could go 4-7 with a win on a day with 47 numerology, but it's not gonna happen, not with this game in Philadelphia.
Trubisky can be 2-5 with a loss, Philadelphia=205 Jewish gematria, Wentz=25


Chiefs can improve to 7-4 on a day with 74 numerology.
Kansas City, Missouri=74

Tyrod Taylor=56, bills would be 5-6 with a loss.


Miami likely covers the 17 point spread, but don't think they win against the Patriots.
Nov 26th leaves 35 days left in the year, Tom Brady=35
New England Patriots=82/217, last week they went 8-2 to start 2017, this week Brady can get his 217th all-time win.
Dolphins can be 4-7 on a day with 47 numerology.
Brady born 8/3, could be 8-3 with a loss.

If Cutler were playing maybe the Dolphins would win, but not with Matt Moore.


Seahawks can improve to 7-4 on a day with 74 numerology.


Steelers should beat the Packers.

Ben Roethlisberger=92, can become 9-2
Roethlisberger can stay on 69 losses against the Green Bay Packers=69

Hundley can drop to 1-4, Pittsburgh=140

McCarthy can stay on 129 wins, Mike McCarthy=129, Green Bay=129 Francis Bacon, against the Steelers=129 Francis Bacon.


Picks ranked from strongest to weakest:

1. Eagles
2. Chiefs
3. Steelers
4. Patriots
5. Seahawks
6. Falcons

Not official picks, but using the 74/47 logic:

Rams would be 7-4 with a loss to the Saints.

Raiders and the Broncos would both be 4-7 if the Broncos win. Derek Carr=47 (Or the Broncos drop to 3-8, Raiders=38, Colorado=38, it's the 38th state)

Panthers would be 7-4 with a loss or the Jets will be 4-7 with a loss.

Titans would be 7-4 with a win (likely will happen to keep pace with Jaguars) or Colts will be 4-7 with a win.

Jaguars would be 7-4 with a loss (Cardinals may upset, Blaine Gabbert gets revenge on his old team and keeps the AFC South race close with a Jaguars loss) or Cardinals will be 4-7 with a loss.

Bengals would be 4-7 with a loss this week, they're playing the Browns, both teams are from Ohio=47, it could happen.

Saints/Cardinals/Browns are all underdogs this week and they all have a good chance to upset.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

NFL Thanksgiving Games: (83/52/74/15/38/99/33)

Vikings @ Lions

11+23+20+17=71 (Vikings could stay on 71 wins against the Lions)
11+23+2+0+1+7=44 (Matt Stafford=44) (Detroit/Vikings=44 reverse reduction)
1+1+2+3+2+0+1+7=17 (Keenum could stay on 17 losses)

The Lions are either 36-38-2 or 37-38-2 on thanksgiving games, every site has it as one of those two.

Either way Detroit can stay on 38 losses against Minnesota=38 and drop them to 8-3.
They can pick up #37 against the Vikings=37 in Detroit=37

The Lions could be 7-4, Detroit Lions=74 reverse reduction.

Minnesota could be 8-3, Football=83, Detroit is on the 83rd meridian, Minnesota=38, US Bank Stadium=38, November 23rd leaves 38 days left in the year.
Or they could be 9-2, Keenum=290, Keenum is 29, Jewish gematria, Lions=209 Jewish gematria.

Minnesota's win streak is likely going to end at 6.
They host Super Bowl 52.
Ford Field=52
Minnesota=52 reverse reduction

Keenum could get his 16th win in the NFL against the Detroit Lions=160
Keenum will either improve to 7-9 in road games, Ford Field=79
Or drop to 6-10 in road games (Detroit Lions=61)

There's a lot of coding for both teams, but the six game win streak should end for the vikings in this game as part of the Super Bowl narrative.


Chargers @ Cowboys

11+23+17=51 (Garrett can stay on 51 regular season losses)

The cowboys are 30-18-1 in Thanksgiving games.
If they lost it would be #19, Los Angeles=109

The Cowboys lead the series 6-4:
Dallas Cowboys=74 reverse reduction
The Cowboys stadium is in Arlington=47
Chargers=47 reverse reduction
Chargers would also be 4-7 this season with a loss.

The Chargers can stay on 430 regular season wins against the Dallas Cowboys=43, Chargers=43
Rivers can stay on 43 away wins in the regular season.

Prescott can improve to 10-5 in home games against the Chargers=105 Francis Bacon, Texas=15
Philip Rivers can stay on 105 all-time wins, his birthday is 15 days after the game.

Philip Rivers could win his 102nd game in the regular season against the Cowboys=102

There a couple things that point to a Chargers win, but most of it points to a Cowboys win and I don't think the NFL wants the Cowboys out of the playoff race this early in the season.


Giants @ Redskins

11+23+17=51 (McAdoo=51)

The Redskins can go 5-6, Washington, D.C.=56


If the Giants win they would be 3-8
New York=163 Francis Bacon, 163 is the 38th prime
Giants=38 reverse reduction
Washington D.C. is on the 38th parallel.
November 23rd leaves 38 days left in the year.
The Giants play the Raiders=38 next week.

Eli Manning is on 110 wins and 99 losses in the regular season, he could stay on 99 losses against the Redskins=99, The giants can also win their 99th game against the redskins, but you would think he gets win #111 in New York=111

Jay Gruden could stay on 25 wins against the Giants=25 and get his 33rd loss, Gruden=33, New York=33 reverse reduction=33, Ben McAdoo coaching 137 days after his birthday, 137 is the 33rd prime.

Kirk Cousins is going into his 53rd game, Eli Manning=53, FedExField=53

I like the giants to either win this week or next week so their record will be 3-9, New York=39, Eli is playing for his 111th regular season win and yeah it makes sense to get it in New York=111, so this is a tough one.

If the redskins drop this game the Redskins are done this year and Gruden=33 might even be fired after this game with 33 losses, the Giants beating the Raiders is more likely, but I think the giants have better coding for this game.

I'm not picking this game because it could go either way, but if I had to pick I like the giants in this game.

Picks ranked from strongest to weakest:

1. Cowboys
2. Lions

Monday, November 20, 2017

Death of Terry Glenn+Possible Super Bowl riddle: (45/112/52/41/57/777)

Today it's being reported that Terry Glenn has died in a car accident. Terry Glenn was mainly known for being a Dallas Cowboys receiver, but he was also the first person Tom Brady threw a TD to in the NFL.

This could just be for the Cowboys to make the playoffs, but I tend to think the riddle is more for the Patriots especially with the cause of death.

From Terry Glenn's last birthday to the Super Bowl is 197 days:

197 is the 45th prime.

Glenn's birthday is the 204th day of the year and the next Super Bowl is on 2/4

With regards to Glenn dying on 11/20:

Remember last year's Super Bowl revolved around 112, Houston=112, Matt Ryan=112.

Today the Georgia Dome where the Falcons played at up until this season was demolished.

25 years of use, Falcons=25, Patriots had 25 point comeback on 2/5.

Terry Glenn has died in the year of Super Bowl 52.

Brady is going for ring #6 this year, Six=52.

Today is also the day that leaves 41 days left in the year:

Today has date numerology of 41, 11+20+2+0+1+7=41

The Patriots won 33-8 yesterday for a sum of 41 points.

Notice they won with 33 in Mexico=33

US Bank Stadium's address is 401 Chicago Avenue:

His name also has the championship connections:

Today is 77 days before the Super Bowl at US Bank Stadium:

If the Patriots do make the Super Bowl (again) remember this death.