Monday, March 6, 2017

Robert Osborne dead at 84: (38/59/36/114)

Former Actor and film historian Robert Osborne has died at age 84.

United States of America=84


His initials are RO, R=18, O=15, 18+15=33

He died on a day with 46 numerology:


His death comes 308 days after his last birthday:

His full initials are RJO:

They're saying he died from natural causes:

It is also 44 weeks after his last birthday:

From his death to his next birthday is 58 or 59 days.


Osborne had 59 birth numerology:

5/3/1932 = 59

Also notice the 8 weeks and 3 days, the reflection of 38, but also connects to what he was famous for.

Osborne was mainly known for his role with Turner Classic Movies:

TCM also connects to why he died on 3/6:

Osborne was a fitting person to work for TCM:

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  1. My mom is always watching TCM, maybe this can wake her up. Great work.