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UFC Fight Night 94 cheat sheet (9/17/2016)

Fight Night 94 Cheat sheet:

I'm going to call this fight night the revelation card; it's called 'Fight Night 94' a reflection of 49 (Revelation 49 R)

Event info:

Hidalgo 119 E 336 Sum. 56 O 38 R
Texas 906 E 414 Sum. 69 O 15 R 24 S-exception
Hidalgo, Texas 1025 E 750 Sum. 125 O 53 R 62 S-exception
Area code 956
State farm arena 790 E 142 O 52 R 61 S-exception
State farm 103 O 31 R 40 S-exception
Address is 2600 N. Tenth st, this fight is on 9/17, 9+17=26 a lot like 2600
September Seventeenth 240 O 1440 Sum. 87 R 105 S-exception
September Seventeenth is the 261st day of the year and leaves 105 days left in the year.



Morales is fighting 106 days after his last fight (prophecy) and 3 months 14 days.
Morales is fighting 250 days before his next birthday, he's 25 years old atm.
Perez fighting 5 months 7 days after last fight, 57 is a number associated with championships also.
Perez is fighting 16 days before his birthday, if Morales loses he becomes 6-1 a reflection of 16.
**I like Morales in this one, but definitely not a definite


On the ufc page, Montano is 8-3 a reflection of 38 (death) if he wins he'd be 9-3 (saturn/propaganda) according to ufc records.
Montano has a 11-20 birthday a lot like 112, an important number for the next few months.
Brown is coming off a loss, so another for him wouldn't be good.
Montano is on a 3 fight win streak, I could see him losing this one.
Brown is fighting 5 months 2 days after his last fight (prophecy).
State farm arena 52 R
**Torn on this fight I could see it going either way


On ufc page Quinonez is 5-2 (prophecy), if he wins, both would have 6-2 records
Quinonez fighting 52 days (prophecy) after his birthday, or 1 month 21 days (revelation)
State farm arena 52 R
Quinonez also fighting 10 months 12 days before his next birthday, 112 is a key number this year and especially since this card takes place in Texas.
**Numbers favor quinonez but Gomez is 6-1 with pure knockout power, finishing all his wins, I like Quinonez based on numerology but in a normal fight Gomez would merk this dude.

Carlos Junior-Augusto Leleco:

Leleco comes into the fight 11-2, fight happening in Texas.
Leleco is fighting 5 months 2 days after his birthday (prophecy)
Leleco = 52 O
His birthday is April 15, the 106th day of the year in leap years
Leleco last fought on feb 21, the 52nd day of the year.
State farm arena 52 R
Junior is 6-2 and this fight comes 6 months 2 days after his birthday.
If Junior loses he becomes 6-3 in 2016, 1-63 added up = 2016
**I Like Leleco in this fight over Carlos Jr.


Two Montano's are fighting on this card, both from Mexico, not related but key point for both fights.
Montano is fighting 38 days before his birthday (death).
Montano is fighting 1 year 3 months 5 days after last fight, a rescrambling of 15-3 what his record will be if he loses.
State farm arena 790 E
Muhammad has a 7/9 birthday champion = 79, I think Belal may have a bright future in the ufc.
Muhammad's nickname, 'remember the name' = 73 R, fight comes 73 days after his last one.
**Muhammad should win this fight

Benitez- Sicilia:

Only connection I see is Sicilia is 15-6 and Benitez is born 6/15
Sam Sicilia = 95
Benitez fighting 95 days or 3 months 3 days after his last birthday.
Not including Benitez is fighting 94 days after his birthday on fight night 94
Least coded fight on the card.
*Not enough to judge a winner, maybe Benitez wins

Main Card:


I'm calling this the revelation card since it's an inversion of 49, so it's important to note Skelly is the only fighter to have fought on fight night 49 and will be fighting on fight night 94. He also won on the 49 card. Skelly is from Texas where the card is taking place, so maybe the ufc also gives him a home-state victory
Skelly is 15-2 overall and 4-2 in the ufc, if he wins he'll be 5-2 in the ufc (prophecy 52) (state farm arena 52 R
Skelly fighting 4 months 6 days after his birthday (sacrifice)
Skelly is fighting 129 days after last fight, his nickname 'the scrapper' =129
Maxi is fighting 11 months 2 days after last birthday, and he's fighting in Texas
**I like Skelly to get the win in this fight, since he's the only Texas fighter on the card


If Wade wins, they both would have 12-2 records.
If Makhachev wins he becomes 13-1 like championship
Wade fighting 4 months 9 days after last fight (revelation 49)
**Another tough fight to judge, not much to go off of, could go either way


Carneiro=83, this is his first fight at age 38
Carneiro is 20-10, he's fighting 210 days after his last fight, going for win #21
Carneiro has a 6/2 birthday which leaves 154 days left in the year, Robertson is 15-4
Carneiro last fought on Feb 21st, the 52nd day of the year
Carneiro fighting 107 days after his birthday and he's fighting in the 170 lb division
Robertson fighting 216 days after his birthday, a lot like 2016
Robertson could become 16-3 with a win, 1-63 added up = 2016
**I like Carneiro in this one


Evan Dunham = 103, State Farm = 103
Dunham fighting 93 days before birthday, Rick Glenn = 93
If Glenn wins he becomes 19-3 and Dunham would be 16-7 the 39th prime a reflection of 93
Glenn is also a 'backup supervisor' = 216 at costco
Glenn has a 4/12 birthday, 103rd day of the year, State Farm = 103
**I think Glenn could very well get the upset here over ED especially if Dunham goes limp mid-fight :P


Hall fighting 49 days after birthday (revelation)
Hall fights out of New York =39 and is fighting 309 days after his last fight.
Hall is born 7/31 which leaves 153 days left in the year, Brunson is 15-3
Brunson can become 16-3 with a win, 1-63 added up = 2016
'Derek Brunson' = 146 O, if Brunson loses Hall becomes 14-6
Out of all the weigh-ins Brunson seemed the most confident and hall looked like he wanted to get the fight over with, doesn't guarantee anything but is important to take note off.
**I see Hall pulling the upset even with Brunson seeming more confident during weigh-ins


Johnson is 8-6 in the ufc, if he loses he'd be 8-7, Dustin = 87 R, Dustin poirier = 87 S-exception
Poirier is fighting 105 days after last fight, September Seventeenth 240 O (he's 20-4) 87 R* 105* S-exception
September Seventeenth is the 261st day of the year and leaves 105 days left in the year.
Including end date Poirier is fighting 106 days after last fight (prophecy)
Poirier is fighting 124 days before birthday, a rescrambling of 21-4 what his record could be with a win, this is also 4 months 2 days before his birthday, this number is coded on black athletes throughout history, Johnson is affected by it here, it's also 4 months 3 days including end date (champion = 43) Poirier looks good for a win here
Poirier has a 1/19 birthday, Hidalgo = 119 E
Johnson has the 6/4 birthday so he has the prophecy code also, coming 106 days after his birthday.
**Other than his prophecy from birthday Johnson has nothing going for him, I like Poirier but if Johnson wins it proves the birthday prophecy code beats all other numbers.


Likely will win:
Muhammad, Leleco, Quinonez

Should win but maybe not: 
Glenn, Morales, Carneiro, Skelly, Hall, Poirier

Montano-Brown, Benitez-Sicilia and Wade-Makhachev.
If I had to pick I'd pick Brown, Benitez and Wade

Saturday, September 10, 2016

UFC 203 Cheat Sheet (9/10/2016)

UFC 203 cheat sheet:



Thing that stands out right away is Gonzalez's record, he's 10-2, with a win he'd be 11-2, September 10th leaves 112 days left in the year
Although Gonzalez is fighting 3 months 8 days after his last fight.
Gonzalez's last fight on 6/3 was that span (3 months 8 days), but that day leaves 211 days left in the year a flip of 112.
From the fight to Dober's next bday is 39 days or 1 month 9 days, this fight is on 9/10 a flip of 19.
Dober's last fight was on 1/2 from then to the fight is 253 days, Sept. is usually 253rd day of the year, but it's 254 in leap years.
*Since it's not the 253rd day this year I think Gonzalez upsets here due to his 112 connections.


Medeiros last fought 5/14, this is 135th day of the year, if he loses Spencer becomes 13-5.
Spencer last fought 2/6, which is 7 months 4 days ago, 74 is a heavily coded number.


If Dollaway wins he is 16-8 while Barroso would be 18-6 a rescrambling of numbers.
If Barroso wins he is 19-5 while Dollaway is 15-9 another rescrambling.
Barroso is fighting 195 days after his bday, could be 19-5 with win.
Dollaway has lost 3 in a row if he loses again he'll likely be cut from the ufc
this may be reaching but Barroso fought ryan jimmo a few fights back and jimmo passed away and finished with a record of 19-5, Barroso can match this record with a win.
**Apparently Dollaway either got hurt/popped for steroids and fight is off, cerrone offered to fight for him, doubt dana lets him though, would be funny though CB subbed out for Cow-Boy


Lentz is fighting 267 days after last fight, he's 26-7 on sherdog but 28-7 on
Lentz's last fight was on 12/19 emphasis on the 19, now he's fighting on 9/10
Mcbride can become 9-1 with a win on 9/10
Mcbride was born 3/9 written 9/3 in most countries, remember flight 93 was one of the hijacked planes on 9/11, it crashed in the PA field, maybe he crashes in this fight
Mcbride's 3/9 birthday leaves 297 days left in the year if Lentz beats him he becomes 29-7
**Lentz is a big favorite and I don't see him losing, Mcbride is an outsider and doesn't have any strong connections**


Tavares is fighting 490 days after his last fight (revelation 49 R)
Tavares is fighting 102 days before his birthday if Tavares loses Magalhaes becomes 10-2
If Magalhaes loses he becomes 9-3 like propaganda,saturn and flight 93 on 9/11


Correia is nicknamed pitbull, remember a lot of mma fighters with this nickname have been losing, patricio friere in bellator 2 weeks ago and arlovski in the ufc last week.
Eye is fighting 46 days after her birthday (sacrifice 46 R)
Correia could become if she loses 9-3 like propaganda,saturn and flight 93 on 9/11
*I like Eye to win

Main card:


Andrade fighting 15 days before her birthday, looking for her 15th win.
Calderwood would be 11-2 if she loses, 9/10 leaves 112 days left in the year.
Calderwood fighting 84 days (2 months 23 days) after last fight
**I see andrade winning


Rivera is nicknamed "El terror" and fighting on 9/11 already a good sign for him
Rivera is 19-1 which has 9/11 in it
Faber is fighting 3 months 7 days after his last fight, he's 37 years old
**another loss for faber likely pushes him to retirement but i'm leaning towards rivera honestly


Punk fighting 46 days before his birthday (sacrifice 46 R)
Punk didn't shake Gall's hand today and it pissed off Gall and then CM Punk was smiling once Gall got off his stage, reminded me of what Perry did a few weeks back not shaking his opponent's hand, we remember how that worked out lol


Werdum is 20-6, if he wins he's 21-6, a lot like 216, cleveland's area code.
Werdum is fighting 43 days (champion = 43) after his birthday, and 1 month 12 days after, september 10 leaves 112 days left in the year.
Werdum is also fighting 10 months 21 days before his next birthday, 121 = revelation
it makes sense for Werdum to win and get a rematch with Cain Velazquez and the  winner will get a title fight, Werdum won the first time by submission against Cain
Werdum will pop mr. Rousey or put em to sleep, Ronda isn't the only one who will be slapping Browne tomorrow.

Overeem fighting 126 days (a number slightly connected to prophecy) after last fight and also 4 months 3 days (champion 43)
Overeem would get his belt on his 42nd win, a number they code across black athletes would be fitting by their standards

Pretty sure will win:
CM Punk(more for narrative), Andrade, Eye, Werdum

Should win:
Lentz, Gonzalez,Rivera, Overeem (narrative, remember miocic is from cleveland, if he loses it'll be like how the cavs beat GS in GS from a 3-1 deficit, watch overeem start slow tomorrow and come back to win)

Not sure:
Tavares/Magalhaes fight and Medeiros/spencer fight

Not much here, wasn't much there, but from what I can tell the spans aren't as important for this card, it seems to rely more on gematria and storylines surrounding the fighters. <--- this video of the weigh-ins reassures my Eye,Overeem, and CM Punk picks, Eye is feisty and ready, CM Punk is a crowd-pleaser and seems on point for the moment, and miocic looks ready to take an L to Overeem whose pumped up with his first title fight.

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Just want to point out Garoppolo has a 11/2 birthday,  a lot like 112. We are coming up on the 112th world series and the super bowl in Houston 112. Another sign the pats will win their first game against the cardinals.

From his last birthday 11/2/15 to the game is 314 days like Pi, representing cycle and circles and in this case the pats being able to substitute out Brady with no problem like they did with Matt Cassel back in 2008.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

UFC Fight Night 93 cheat sheet

Fight Night 93 Cheat Sheet:

I'm gonna start doing these more often, seem to be helpful when placing bets early or last minute, gives a quick synopsis of the major themes.
These are just points about the fights, doesn't guarantee a win just things I find Important;



Khabilov fighing 9 months 30 days after his birthday (fight night 93 on 9/3)
September 3rd leaves 119 days left in year, Khabilov fighting 119 days after last fight.
My biggest favorite to win is Khabilov^
*Massive favorite so not worth the risk betting straight on him, wise thing would be to parlay fight or bet on early finish/decision
Unlikely but a draw may happen ufc has both listed at 19-3 even though silva is 19-4, if they draw on 9/3 they both keep their 19-3 record, may be worth a $1 if you bet on a finish/decision to cover your ass since draws are +6000 so you'd get $60 on a $1 bet, wont happen but good to  cover your ass in betting.


Askham fighting 101 days  after birthday (3 months 9 days, an inversion of 93)
Hermansson fighting 106 days after last fight (prophecy 106)
Fight seems like a toss up, I like Askham to win, but maybe Hermansson wins on prophecy, but if he loses he becomes 13-3 and Askham becomes 15-2 emphasis on the 5-2, tricky fight could go either way.


Colombo fighing 126 days 'one hundred and twenty six' = 106 before next birthday but it is also 4 months 4 days before it too, (kill 44)
Not much stands out in this fight, Colombo may win just so they have an Underdog win, plus he has the initials CC (33) like Christopher Columbus, his name sounds similar also Christian Colombo


Lapilus is from Paris, France
Lapilus is fighting 148 days after his birthday of 4/8
Lapilus with a win becomes 11-2 like Houston/112th world series
Lapilus has a streak in his record, he wins 5 in a row and then loses 1, he just lost so maybe he wins this and 4 more and loses again we'll see
*Lapilus should win, not definite though

Evans-Smith vs Macedo:

If Evans-Smith wins then they both have records of 5-1 like conspiracy
'Blue and Yellow = 151, like 5-1, colors of their clothes that pop out
Evans-smith is fighting 309 days before her next birthday, an inversion of 93 and it is also 10 months 6 days before her next birthday (prophecy 106)
Macedo is fighting 309 days after her last birthday, a flip of 93
Macedo is fighting 57 days after her last fight and 57 days before her birthday, 57 is an important number 'fifty seven' = 131 the championship number
plus she's fighting smack dab in the middle of her last fight and next birthday
I can see it going either way here
Evans-Smith has beaten a tranny before so I think she can beat this girl lol. Maybe someone else can see if they think from these numbers if it favors Mercado.
I would not be surprised either way

*Lapilus-Issa and Evans-smith are wearing blue (Lapilus/Evans-smith) and yellow (Issa/Mercado) trunks only blue/yellow matchups.  Kind of wrong since evans smith is wearing black trunks  but she has a blue reebok logo on em and has a blue ufc logo on her fight bra, so it looks the same visually to me and in the ufc fight card picture.


Sobotta is fighting 131 days before his next birthday (4 months 9 days revelation=49) 131 again the championship number
Dalby fighting 75 days or  2 months 14 days before next birthday, loss would make him 14-2
Red and black = 75, matches span before birthday
Dalby in black and Sobotta in red
*Not a lot here, but slight edge goes to Sobotta?


Wallhead moves to 30-9 with a win, a flip of 93 (date/card number)
Wallhead fighting 193 days before next birthday (6 months 12 days, flip of 216 like the year)
Wallhead's nickname is also "Judo" which is pronounced "Jewdo" so another reason he's a pretty good fighter and may win today
Wallhead in red against ayari in black
Ayari is 15-3 with a win can become 16-3, 1-63 added up = 2016
*Again not much, but Wallhead's been saying he'll win, has red shorts and some favorable numbers, so should win

*Red is a key color of trunks today,Red faces black 5 times, Barnett,Blachowicz,Colombo, Wallhead, and Sobotta all in red (Alrovski,gustafsson,Danho,ayari,dalby in black)
Red versus black = 52 R (prophecy)

Main Card:


Bang fighting 142 days after birthday, if Hein wins then Hein is 14-2
Bang has a scripted career, won 5, then lost 2, won 5, lost 2,since then he has swapped wins and losses every other fight, he is coming off a win so a loss would fit the record
Hein fighting 133 days after birthday, loss would make him 13-3
Hein fighting 344 days after last fight, main point is it's been 11 months 9 days, a flip of 9/11 and more importantly today, 9/3 leaves 119 days left in the year
Hein in red shorts, but Bang is in white so it's not black vs red, but red could be big winners today
*Hein should win easily, but Bang has the 133 (possible 13-3) against Hein other than that it all favors Hein


Latifi has initials IL I=9 L=12, 1+2 breaks down to 3 so his initials can be read 9-3 like the date and fight card number
Latifi has won 3 in a row 3 times in his career, lost the fourth both times, this is his 3rd attempt at winning four in a row, if Latifi loses he fits the streak he has throughout his career
Latifi is fighting 38 days after his birthday (death = 38) conor has won with 38 before but Latifi isnt conor;
Latifi is fighting 10 months 25 days before his next birthday, loss makes him 12-5 on sherdog anyway, which is more accurate but the ufc uses different records for a reason;
Latifi is #12 in rankings and Bader is #4, mind you Latifi is 12-4 (on sherdog, not on ufc)
By ufc records, Bader is 21-5 a loss makes him, 21-6 like the year 2016
Bader doesnt have any connecting positively/negatively
Only thing i see for Ryan Bader is his initials are RB, and red vs black trunks is a big part of today's card.
I think Latifi is meant to be on this card to lose, but maybe Bader loses


A=1 and  G=7, gustafsson is going for 17th win
Blachowicz fighting 193 days after birthday on 9/3 and on fight night 93
Blachowicz is fighting 174 days before his birthday, with a win Gustafsson is 17-4
Pulled from full decode, Gustafsson's last win was march 8th 2014 3/8 (Germany =38) (ALG = 38) this fight if you include end date was 911 days ago, in total it was 2 years 5 months 27 days, the years and months are a lot like prophecy 52
My full decode favored Gustafsson and I still think he'll win, but Blachowicz has such good odds it makes me wonder if blachowicz gets the upset.

Barnett has lost 2 of last 3, he's only lost 2 of 3 one other time in his career, that time he merked 8 dudes in a row afterwards lol, so if trend continues he'll at least win today
Barnett in red against arlovski in black
Arlovski also has a streak, lost 2 in a row after winning 6 in a row, this happened another time in his career, won 6, lost 2 then won again, so arlovski could win today and keep up the pattern
Arlovski last fought 5/8, if Barnett wins he is 35-8 emphasis on the 5-8
Also Arlovski has a 2/4 birthday which is the 35th day of the year, if barnett wins he has 35 wins
But from 5/8 to today is 119 days and today leaves 119 days left in the year
And remember bellator last week, benson henderson beat the pitbull of bellator Patricio Freire due to Freire faking an injury and quitting the fight *in my opinion he faked it*, could be a sacrifice for UFC's pitbull Arlovski to win today
Arlovski is also fighting 155 days or 5 months 2 days (prophecy 52) before his next birthday

Summary of this summary :p

Pretty Sure will win;
Khabilov, Lapilus,Wallhead

Should win but maybe not:
Askham, Colombo(anything can happen in HW fights, and Danho looks like a bad mofo but still like CC) ,Sobotta,Hein,Bader, Gustafsson

Not sure either way:
Evans-smith versus Macedo, both have favorables but due to what you guys said I'm now leaning towards Macedo and she's a +215 last I checked

Arlovski versus Barnett, both have date spans that coincide and I am leaning towards Arlovski even though I think red is a big thing today, barnett and Blachowicz will likely be connected today either blachowicz takes an L for Barnett or both win/lose, they have same trunks color and same initials

This card will be dependent on initials like JB and Red versus Black, these will decide the winners imo.