Friday, October 28, 2016

Clarence Thomas supposedly diddling...

The supreme court judge Clarence Thomas was accused of being a sexual assaulter today in another bs story;

Date the story came out was 10/27/2016=73/46*/19/53*

(she says it happened in 1999, which was 17 years ago, 'Seventeen'=46 S-exception) (Moira Smith=170 Jewish Gematria)
During a 'Truman Foundation Dinner' 108 R (Cubs connection encoded in) 270 O, (Alaska=270 English gematria)
Truman=87 O, Justice=87 O

The accuser is Moira Smith;
Moira 56 O (Clarence Thomas=56 R) (Thomas is 'Sixty eight'=56 R)
Smith 24 R 33 S-exception (Justice=33 S-exception)
Moira Smith 53 R ('Associate Justice'=53 R) (Date numerology of 53)
She is from Alaska=18 S-exception (story comes 18 weeks after Thomas's birthday)
Also 'Sexual assault'= 31 R, but 58 with the S-exception (Freemasonry=58)

Story comes 239 days before Thomas's next birthday (239 is the 52nd prime, 52=prophecy)
Thomas is from 'Pin Point Georgia'=175 O (Sexual Assault 175 O)

*Side Note* Thomas is born on 6/23 which is the 174th day of the year (Supreme court=174 O)

The funny thing is Moira Smith also shares the name with a police officer supposedly killed on 9/11. So they're getting to the point where they're mocking people reusing ridiculous names.
Police Officer=77 R
'Supreme court judge'=77 R

At the time of the alleged assault she was 23 years old, connecting to 9/11 again, NYPD=23 R, 23 NYPD officers died on 9/11, all bullshit, just shows this sexual assault story was likely made on 9/11 or before.

Just another story meant to detract people from the real issues, but contrived nonetheless.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

UFC 204

UFC 204 Cheat Sheet: (I half-assed this one, the ones I did are full but I didn't care about most fights so I skipped most of the prelims and only did the Perry fight and the main card).



Perry fighting 49 days after his last fight (revelation 49) also 1 month 18 days (death in Jewish gematria = 118)
Roberts initials 'DR' = 4+9 R like 49
If you include end date then it's 1 month 19 days, Perry fought a dude named Michael Roberts 1 year 1 month 9 days ago a lot like 119 and he won, it's also 406 days later like 46 (sacrifice 46).
Perry fighting 24 days after his birthday, a lot like UFC 204.
Perry also fighting 11 months 8 days before his next birthday
Roberts fighting 87 days after his birthday he was born in 87'
Fight is 9 months 7 days before Robert's next birthday (Roberts=97)
If Perry loses he goes to 8-1 in the UK the fight date is 8/10 a lot like 81.
(October eighth=72 R) Mike Perry = 720 Sum.
Perry wants to be 'Nine and Zero' 125 R Roberts nickname 'Hot Chocolate' = 125 O
Mike Perry 57 R if he loses he becomes 'eight and one' 57 R
Perry's nickname 'Platinum' 106 O Manchester 106 O
**Could go either way, in a non-rigged fight Perry KO's this dude, tough one to call

Main Card:


Doane fighting 10 months 6 days before his next birthday. (Russell=106) (Manchester 106)
Bektic fighting 131 days (the championship number) before his next birthday and also 4 months 9 days before his birthday. (revelation 49)
**Nothing stands out in this one, boring fight with boring numbers.


Struve is 31-8, Omeilanczuk is born 8/31 or 31/8
Omielanczuk is fighting 38 days after his birthday (death 38)
Struve = 24 R like 204
Struve last fought 5/8 and I find it funny the next fight after this one is the #5 vs the #8 LHW's maybe another sign Struve wins
'Netherlands' 720 Sum. fighting 7 months 20 days after his birthday. (October eighth=72 R)
Struve is born 2/18, October 8th is the 281st day of the year, a rescrambling of the same numbers.
This fight comes 133 days before Struve's next birthday, Heavyweight = 133 O
Struve is from the 'Netherlands' 48 R, October  leaves 84 days left in the year.
Struve fighting 153 days after his last fight, 'The Netherlands' (how it's listed on the ufc fight card) = 153 O, his nickname 'skyscraper' = 135 O
Only things I see for Omielanczuk are this;
If he wins he'd be 'twenty and five' 1008 Sum. like the date 10/8
If Struve loses he'd be 'thirty one and nine' 87 R, Omielanczuk fighting 87 days after his last fight. (Manchester Arena 870 Sum.)
**I see Struve winning this one because he has the stronger connections and is the overall better fighter, Omeilanczuk only has those 2 in his favor and they're only tied to his record.

Saint Preux-Manuwa:

Manuwa has the same birthday as Struve 2/18 and Oct 8th is the 281st day of the year.
if OSP loses he'd be 19-9 the 46th prime for sacrifice. If this happens it'll be a heavily 46 coded night, OSP will lose, then Mousasi may go to 40-6 and Hendo coded with 46 would ride off into the sunset.
If Manuwa loses he'd be 'Fifteen and three' 840 Sum. Oct 8 leaves 84 days left in the year.
'Fifteen and three' also = 140 O, OSP = 14 R
**Not much stands out in this fight, likely OSP is rewarded for losing to Jon Jones a few months back but it's not a given.


Vitor (Belfort)=84 Oct 8 leaves 84 days left in the year.
If Mousasi loses he'd be 39-7, 397 is the 78th prime, Belfort = 78 O
This is gonna be Mousasi's 50th fight' Belfort's nickname 'the phenom' = 50 R
Mousasi fighting 91 days after his last fight 'Thirty nine and seven' 91 R
Belfort fighting 6 months 8 days after his birthday Brazil = 68, Mousasi is also fighting 68 days after his birthday, 68 seems to be the key in this fight.
If Mousasi wins he'd be 40-6, a lot like 46, if Mousasi wins I think that would be a good sign for Henderson to win also. Remember how rumble Johnson had the 13 second knockout tribute in the co-main at ufc 202 like what McGregor did to Aldo, and then Mcgregor won the decision in the main event.
**I think Belfort gets it done in this matchup a lot lines up for him.


I read the fight as 1 (he has the C for champ but he's technically the #1) vs 13, so 113 which is the 30th prime, Bisping has 30 wins on UFC page, 29 on sherdog
Bisping's nickname 'The count' 106 O this fight in Manchester 106 O
Bisping is 30-7 (307 is 63rd prime, 1-63=2016)
if Bisping loses he becomes 30-8 a lot like 38 for death.
Bisping = 40 R, he wants 'Revenge' 40 R does he get it or does another 'H-bomb' 40 O happen
Both Bisping and Henderson fighting 4 months 4 days after their last fights (kill 44)
with a win he becomes 31-7 (317 is the 66th prime like the amount of books in the bible)
Bisping is 19-7 (197=45th prime) and Henderson is 9-8 in the ufc.
**Henderson can become 10-8 in the ufc on 10/8.**
'And still' 37 S-exception like Bisping's current record
UFC 100 was 2646 days ago emphasis on the 46, which tie in with Hendo
I think this fight may be a 13 ritual, Bisping is 19-7 in the ufc (197 being the 45th prime), point being 'Thirteen' = 45 R and 99 O, if Henderson loses he'd be 9-9 (like 99) in the ufc for his career.
Hendo could win though, He's 46 years old, Hendo = 46, this fight comes 46 days after his birthday, he has 46 fights total, usually 46 is a bad number to have but when you have this much lining up it can be good to have.
He's (Henderson) looking to be 'Thirty three and fourteen' = 117 R, fight comes 10 months 17 days before his next birthday.
**I'm torn on this one If Bisping loses it's because of all the 46 connections for Hendo and if Bisping wins it's because of the 226 and the 13 ritual on Hendo's part for being 9-9 in the ufc.

Main Card Picks:

Should win:

Belfort, Struve

Not Sure:

Bisping vs Hendo (Bisping should win but idk if they let another athlete ride off into the sunset then Hendo will get the win.)
Doane vs Bektic
OSP vs. Manuwa (OSP should win though)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fight Night 96

Fight Night 96 cheat sheet:


Faszholz is 31, and 3-1 atm
Fight comes 11 months 3 days before Faszholz's next birthday
'Faszholz' = 113 O
'Four and one' = 113 O
41 is also the 13th prime
'Four and one' = 50 R, Faszholz = 50 S-exception
'Fasholz' = 41 R, with a win she becomes 4-1
'USA' = 41, like what her (Faszholz) record could be
Kelly Faszholz = 53 R, Portland, Oregon has a 503 area code
Vieira's nickname 'fenomeno' = 42 R
'Six and one' 42 R
This is happening in the moda center, 'Moda' = 105 E, Six and One = 105 O
If Vieira wins, she'd be 7-0, 'Seven and zero' = 67 S-exception, Ketlen = 67 O
Vieira is from Brazil, Brazil = 32 R, maybe beats Faszholz to make her 3-2 but I think it's a flipped narrative.
**I'd be shocked if Fasholz loses this tbh, I think since we just had a Brazil card Vieira may be a sacrifice since they had big wins last week with Barao and Cyborg winning in co-main and main.


Moda Center has a height of 140', fight is 140 days before Blaydes next birthday
Blaydes last fight was 4/10 a rescrambling of 140.
Blaydes is looking to become 6-1, 'Six and one' 42 R a number coded across black athletes
'Heavyweight' = 61 R
This is happening in the moda center, 'Moda' = 105 E, Six and One = 105 O
East's last fight was 162 days ago
If East loses he becomes 'twelve and three' = 162 O
if he beats Blaydes then blaydes becomes 5-2 like prophecy, 'five and two'=47 R, cody = 47 O
if East wins he becomes 'thirteen and two' 68 R, 'the freight train'  168 O
Blaydes=68 O
**This fight seems like a toss-up to me


Cutelaba has prophecy on his side, fight comes 106 days after his last fight
Cutelaba is also 11-2 a key number this year
This is also 'Fight Night Ninety Six' 112 R
'Republic of Moldova' = 81 R, if Cutelaba loses Wilson becomes 8-1
**Not much in this one give the slight edge to Cutelaba though for the prophecy connection


McCrory has prophecy on his side, fighting 106 days after his last fight
McCrory is from New York 111 O 39 R
Marquardt's nickname 'the great' 39 R
If Marquardt wins he'd be 'thirty eight and sixteen' 111 R
Marquardt is also born 4/20 the 111th day of the year
with a win Marquardt would become 'Thirty eight and sixteen' 111 R
**Another tough one to pick, McCrory may win due to prophecy but Marquardt may beat McCrory due to him having the same numbers as NY.

Nakamura-Zaleski dos santos:

Nakamura fighting 4 months 9 days after birthday (revelation 49)
Nakamura=80 O, fighting 80 days after last fight
With a win Nakamura becomes 33-7, 337 is the 68th prime, Capoeira (Santos nickname) = 68 O, Dos santos is also from Brazil 68 O
Nakamura = 503 E same as portland's 503 area code
This is Nakamura's 43rd fight, Champion = 43
Dos Santos is fighting 5 months 16 days after last fight, with a win he becomes 16-5 a rescrambling of the same numbers
if Nakamura loses he becomes 'thirty two and eight' 91 R, October 1st leaves 91 days left in the year.
Dos Santos is fighting 42 days before his birthday, Japan = 42 O
**Nakamura should have this one, it seems dos santos has a lot of ties to lose to Nakamura


Abdurakhimov is 16-3 coming into the fight, 1-63 added up = 2016
Abdurakhimov = 53 R same as portland's 503 area code
163 is also the 38th prime (death = 38) (Oregon 38)
fight comes 5 months 8 days after last fight for Harris, if he loses he becomes 8-5
Walt Harris's initials are 13 R (5+8) a lot like the fight span
if Harris wins he'd be 'Nine and Four' 58 R
Walt = 11 R, fight is on 10/1
if Harris loses he'd be 'eight and five' 110 O
**Slight edge to Harris I'd say


Fight comes 5 months 15 days after Dias's last fight, if he beats Fili then Fili becomes 15-5
Dias is fighting 4 months 16 days after his birthday, his last fight was on 4/16
Dias is fighting 227 days (Pi 3.14) before his next birthday, 227 is the 49th prime (revelation 49)
Fili is fighting 267 days before his next birthday, 'Hacran Dias' 267 E
If Dias wins he'd be 'Twenty four and four' = 84 R HD's initials are 8+4
**These numbers seem to give a slight edge to Dias but I'm not that confident in him over Fili

Da Silva-Chistensen:

Christensen is fighting 131 days after his last fight, the championship number
his first name Joachim = 131 E
Christensen = 134 O if he loses he'd be 13-4
Christensen also = 53 R, if Da Sailva loses he becomes 'eleven and one' 53 R
Da Silva has a 9/1 birthday, 10/1 leaves 91 days left in the year.

Prelim Picks:

Should win in all likelihood:

May win:

Not sure:
Da Silva-Christensen (Da Silva should win, but joachim has some favorables)

Marquardt-McCrory (Marquardt is a big underdog and has a lot of tie-ins to NY, but McCrory has prophecy on his side so it's a tough pick)

East-Blaydes  (I like Blaydes a lot but this makes me think East may win 'five and two'=47 R, cody = 47 O, if East wins he is 'thirteen and two' 68 R, 'the freight train'  168 O Blaydes=68 O)

Main Card:


Fight comes 67 days before Moreno's birthday, Brandon Moreno = 67 R
Brandon = 68, including end date fight is 68 days before Brandon's birthday
Moreno was on 'TUF' 11 R like the fight date 10/1
Brandon = 32 R, the episode he lost in was 8/31 which was 32 days ago
if smolka wins he becomes 12-1 like revelation 121
Smolka fighting 80 days after his last fight, Moreno = 80 O
Of all the fighters at the weigh-in Smolka seemed the least interested and had a idgaf attitude.
**Not much to this one, in a non rigged fight Moreno gets demolished, but he may be able to pull off the upset here


Ottow fighting 9 months 10 days after last birthday, October 1st leaves 91 days left in the year.
Zak = 11 R like the fight date 10/1
Burkman fighting 3 days before his birthday, does he get his 30th win as an early gift?
JB Burkman's initials = 3 R like the span before his birthday
Burkman = 503 E like Portland's area code
If Burkman wins he becomes 30-13, 313 is the 65th prime
Lightweight = 65 R
If Burkman loses he becomes 29-14, 'twenty nine and fourteen' = 101 R like the fight date 10/1
**Tough one to decide, if we're looking at it as a political narrative Ottow loses, both have some coding in their favor so not conclusive either way.


Oliveira fighting 143,144 days before his birthday, with a loss he becomes 14-4
If Brooks wins he becomes 19-1, 191 is the 43rd prime, champion = 43
Brooks is looking to be 'nineteen and one' 67 R, he said Oliveira was 'unprofessional' 67 R for missing weight.
If Brooks wins he would be on a 'ten fight win streak' 209 O 83 R
'Cowboy' 83 O 29 R
Cowboy 83 O, if he loses he is 'fourteen and four' 183 O
Will Brooks 901 E, today leaves 91 days left in the year
Oliveira 91 O, today leaves 91 days left in the year.
**I see Brooks winning this one


'Lineker vs Dodson' = 69 R a flip of 96 like what fight night it is
Dodson fighting 169 days after last fight
'Fight night ninety six' = 112 R
Lineker fighting 112 days after his birthday (Lineker has initials J (10) L (12) a lot like 112
Lineker last fought 80 days ago, with a win he becomes 'twenty nine and seven' 80 R
Dodson seemed a bit more confident at weigh-ins but Lineker has the #'s so I'm picking him to win over Dodson.

Main Card Picks:

Should win in all likelihood:
Brooks, Lineker

May Win:

Not Sure:
Burkman-Ottow (I feel like Ottow could win and get the upset, i'm just concerned with Burkman getting a birthday win and becoming 30-13, 313 being the 65th prime like lightweight 65 R)