Tuesday, April 4, 2017

North Carolina beats Gonzaga 71-65: (313/65/35/71)

Gonzaga scored 35 in the first half, Catholic=35, Gonzaga=35

North Carolina beat Gonzaga 71-65 in the national championship game, both numbers stand out in terms of the catholic connections.

The game summed to 136 points and it was played in 'University of Phoenix Stadium':

Gonzaga lost with 65 points, on the Zapruder film JFK is shot on slide 313, 313 is the 65th prime number.

This game the catholic team is taken out with 65 points.

JFK was a Catholic, he was the 35th president:

North Carolina's coach is Roy Williams:

This game also came 35 weeks after Roy William's birthday:

The Tar Heels play out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina which is on the 35th parallel:

This part could be coincidental, but North Carolina gets to 'Cut the net':

North Carolina won with 71 points:


  1. UNC gets 33rd win of the season, after defeating Oregon (33rd state) keeping them on 33 wins.
    Finals were on the 33rd parallel. 33rd year of "March Madness".

    1. Game was in Glendale, Arizona:

      Glendale=33 Reduction
      Tar Heel=33 Reduction