Sunday, July 16, 2017

New York death ritual, George Romero, Bob Wolff, Martin Landau: (39/196/157/163)

Today, July 16th which can be written 16/7, 3 celebrities are being reported as dead, (even though two of them passed on the 15th) and they're all from New York.

167 is the 39th prime:

Martin Landau passed at 89.

Landau died on July 15th, the 196th day of the year:

Bob Wolff passed at 96.

He died on July 15th or 15/7, but it wasn't reported until today:

Wolff died 138 days before his birthday:

George Romero passed at 77.

He died on 7/16, 1+6=7, (77)

He died on a day with 33 numerology:


He has died 204 days before his 2/4 birthday:

He also died 163 days after his last birthday:

163 is the 38th prime:

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